Tatiana Karunnaya - the new owner of MindArk

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. Nice night for a walk, eh ?
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    I think you are right.
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    So. I truly wonder. After this blatant attempt by MA senoir management to cash in on the misinfiormation that they have been committing for 2 decades. Which included them "transferring" "ownership" to a pawn.

    Does anyone have any faith left in MA right now? Management is hoping to cash in. That typically indicates rats leaving the ship, and let's face it, it;'s not as if they are competent and would find anywhere else to go.

    How did thir IPO work? What is MA as a company worth nowadays according to this "ipo"? What is the share distribution nowadays? Did the Swedish clownsquad manage to cash in on their bullshit or do they still own a majority share?

    To compare, here are some numbers from my former employer. They started in 2004 (AFTER PE started). Actual IPO realized in 2020 on NYSE. Opening at 65 USD. Currently trading at 165. Symbol: NYSE:U. MA realized jack shit compared. Any potential investor should ask about MAU, ARPU, etc. MA doesn't publishj or have to publish those numbers, because despite their claims, their stock is NOT officially regulated. Their "IPO" went through some niche bogus site. Literally the only intention is to peddle the worthless MA stock to poor unsuspecting idiots.

    Pretty much like every recent "investment opportunity". I struggle to figure out how this is legal. So on paper, you transfer the majorirty share to someone employed by you, and that means you are free to do an IPO?

    This whole thing is a fucking joke. And anyone buying into it is exactly on the same level as those who bought ComPet deeds.

    I wonder if the "exchange" MAS is listed on now is liable for thia blatant oversight. Surely they fuc ked up in their due diligence. Which says a lot about their credibility. I guess there's a reason MA went with them.
  4. Addicited lost souls with phat wallets, that claim to be clever,
    taking the money from other addicted souls with phat wallets...that also believe they are clever.

    Thats how Entropia works.

    None of the big scam/investors, the high rollers, the sick gamblers will ever agree with you NotAdmin !
    They have invested too much by now and dont want to loose it all.
    Hence they continue, begging for more...whatever more means in this special case.

    I admit, Mindark is working hard on loosing credibility...but the psyche of the adidcted is stronger.
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    Do we know anyhting about the "exchange" this IPO took place on? I read up on some very basic stuff before, and the entire way it is set up seems it is targetting either start-ups and mliking them for their money, cashing in for shit executives, or as a plain money laundring site. MA != startup. I'm almost certain this is Timkranss and SimmonSS trying to pull out whatever they can and disappear into the night.

    Tghere is no way in hell either of them are capable of running a chicken farm, let alone anything more challenging. They NEED this for their pension, or they will be stuck in a cardboard box, as clearly they have no skills and no viable experience whatsoever. And for any potential employers performing a Google search, I am happy to talk to you about the merits of David Simmonds, Jan Welter Timkrans, or Kim Welter Timkrans.

    No, I never employed them, nor did I work with them. But they have shown numerous cases of utter contempt topards their customers. I'd not hire these people if they were my only option. I prefer hiring competent people who value MY customers, thank you so much.
  6. Lets wait and SEE...
  7. Why do you say that? Sold her shares or?
  8. We will SEE... xD
  9. Yup, Transfered to McCormick. Time to update the "BIG SHIT" a.k.a "I collected whatever info I hear and dont even confirm its true. I just like puzzles and made one".
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  11. *bump* :)
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  13. Funny how Karunna sounds a bit like Krona which is the Swedish currency, and MA o.c is based in Sweden.
  14. It is her...

    Never forget how a "haircare woman" from the ukraine turned into the major shareholder of swedish company Mindark. :)
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    Jan's mail order bride.
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  17. mindark stockmarket.jpg
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  18. I have 3/4 of those people listed on my LinkedIn haha

    when are you going to release your YouTube video?
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