Tanrer's Taxi and Transport Service/Vehicle Renting

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  1. I offer multiple services for players on Planet Calypso, mostly for newer players but available to low to mid range players also. I have multiple vehicles available for different economy ranges/amounts of Passengers.

    Services I offer include
    • Taxi/Transport
    • Vehicle Renting - Offline
    • Recovery
    Prices for any transport type are based on a certain markup of fuel used. Discounts are available for multiple passengers as follows
    1. No Discount
    2. 10% Discount Each
    3. 20% Discount Each
    4. 30% Discount Each
    5. 40% Discount Each
    6. 50% Discount Each
    7. 75% Discount Each
    I also will negotiate better discounts for beginners and I accept harvested goods as payment.

    Prices of Transport

    • MKI Explorer (Truck) - 3 Passengers - 0.05 Oil/KM - 46.8 km/h - 1950 Durability - 350% markup on fuel
    • Pitbull Mk I (APC) - 7 Passengers - 1.25 Oil/KM - 51.1 km/h - 2950 Durability - 150% markup on fuel
    • Sleipnir Mk1 (VTOL) - 1 Passengers - 0.55 Oil/KM - 57.6 km/h - 2900 Durability - 200% markup on fuel
    • Gungnir Mk1 (Chopper) - 5 Passengers - 1.05 Oil/KM - 54 km/h - 2900 Durability - 135% markup on fuel
    • Quad-Wing Interceptor (Fighter) - 7 Passengers - 0.9 Oil/KM - 104.4 km/h - 3600 Durability - 165% markup on fuel
    I will transport from any point to any point on Planet Calypso, if transporting a hunting group or similar I may charge for repair if any major damage is done eg. the APC is totaled.

    If you are stuck I recommend you call the Calypso Recovery Team, heck they are free, but if cant get hold of them and need a evac or maybe even some fuel dropped off or a vehicle repair gimme a call and when I can I will come as quickly and cheaply as possible.

    • I can arrange special prices for groups or scheduled transport eg. a hunting group who want APC transport once a week.
    • As i said for beginners I can also arrange better prices and I will accept harvested goods.
    • I will also can arrange better prices for TP tours if needed
    To en-quire about these services simply PM me of message me in-game at Tanrer 'Ghost' Goldeleafe

    See you on Calypso
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