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Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by FendrelRowan, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. OK, I have about 500 bottles of sweat. How much on average will this sell for? Should I sell it now, or wait. I really want to buy a Sollomate Opalo and start hunting.
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  2. Burgerman

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    I'm not sure what the current sweat price is, but as a rough guess I think .5 pec per bottle was a good basic price a while ago. ( =2.5 ped for 500 bottles ).
    If you watch the trade chat at Port Atlantis or Swamp Camp, you can get a reasonable feel for what the general price is now. Beware of people wanting to buy your sweat for too low a price, there is no need to feel rushed, wait until you feel that you are selling at a good price.

    I don't think the sweat price fluctuates all that much or that quickly, so unless you had massive amounts of sweat I doubt the tiny price changes would make much difference to selling now or later.
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  3. Find one of us [ called serious of course] in game and we will give you an Opalo
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  4. Where is swamp camp at?

    :D Thanks! Where will you guys be? Swamp Camp?
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  5. OK, found Swamp Camp, now, when will you guys be there?
    I will be around there so if you see me, get my attention.
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  6. Now that would be to easy :)
    A bit of detective work and a bit of intuition and we can be located :D
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  7. Lol, yeah! Tomorrow though, I will be on tomorrow.
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  8. What should I hunt, when I get the Opalo?
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  9. Combibo regenerate so i would stick to small snables etc ;)
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  10. I will be on for sure at 3:30 PM (Eastern time -5 hours) please, if you can, be on so I can possibly start to hunt today :) thanks guys :)

    DARNIT, sorry i couldn't make it. I will try again some other time, like about 4:00 PM in the week (Eastern Time again)

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  11. You are not trying very hard to find/contact us , take a picture of yourself outside Morningtear Castle or you saying hello to a Falxangius :Dand i will meet you ingame , please use game time as a reference .
    Tip most of the Forum Members are in our in game Friend's List ;)
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