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Entropia Support News: Summer Mayhem Postponed Due To Technical Issues

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Summer Mayhem has been postponed due to technical issues. The team is working on resolving these issues. The event will be restarted as soon as possible once the issues are fixed. Due to this all scores and progress will ...

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  2. What else can I say, unless may be Congratulations "Mind"Ark for the same 15 years way to release features and accuse the players who are paying...

    "the swedish tradition of excellence" and "a very high bar for quality"...


    01 What-A-Joke.

    Summer Mayhem progression paused

    I dream or exactly the same bugs and exploits were the cause of the previous event to be (so called) "fixed" ?

    Helena #16


    Forgo #24


    Noone will be compensated as usual,
    all ways to gather easy money are welcomed,
    they know all perfect reciepies since over 15 years.

    Seem there is no police nor honnest government organisation in sweden...

    So, see ya at next event.

    Hey Mr Rimmer you are very good to insult people in the back who are telling the truth,
    too bad we never hear your super comments on those threads...
    But true, you are directly affected, honnesty is not a family concept.
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  4. ~4 hours later... That was fast, good to read EP lol :)

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  5. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

  6. Alt accounts are forbidden, but 1 player is creating accounts for all his family members, so like this son is not partner = can play.

    RULES = A BIG JOKE... Typical scammers behaviour.

    for the "there is no such thing" : I had a Mindark email answer once, where 1 of their member who apparently left their organigram (seem there is many moves at MA) was assuring me "there is no such thing"... may be one day i'll post this email.... so everyone can read how people can be such fucking liars....
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  7. * Btw, mindark are not blind, different accounts but same IP, they know everything.
    So the rules apply for who they want, nothing new.
    And when you are rich, and particularily inserting a lot of money, you can have tons of ava, cheat all time, use exploits, all is fine.
    Plus you will be rewarded with prizes and ATH...
    And if you are all above + swedish, lol...
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  8. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I believe his son is a teenager, though. In any case, old enough to have his own account.

    Sometimes the most obvious conclusion can actually be the right one ;)

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