Summary of the story "Deathifier VS. Entropia" at Court (2013-2019)

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. Liu


    Same with and Mc ! Was wondering where is my old pal...what a world! Feels like 2004 was yesterday....more or less
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  2. Entropia is an online experience that I will never ever forget. Especially those times 16 years ago.
    Lovely little details, a great sci-fi storyline and a mature community.

    Great to have people like you still around, Liu. We grew up together in here.

    Mindark did their part, I did mine. You choose. Not worth my time anymore.
    I got better things to do.

    Because why would I waste my time on a toxic, envy community, with greedy, sick addicted gamblers ?
    A community that keeps scamming each other, again and again and again.

    "Phat wallets" that simply get scammed by the developer for the dozens time by now.
    "This is their life, it doesnt get any better than this." (SEE video)

    Messing with the disability of sick gamblers, delivering sh!t in return.
    This is the way it is.

    On top of it, the payed "avatars" all claiming it is their best online experience ever ?

    Deathifier not responding ? Guess why ? :)


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  3. 10 Years later we see how you used another 10 years for crying about MindArk.
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  4. Liu


    Good to see you're still around ! Even though not playing, nor do I since last year.
    Funny thing ? Since I gave up on alcohol, I even less feel like playing this game. I more and more think those kind of addictions really like to work in bands. I wonder how healthy are the heavy spenders, physically as much as psychologically. Most are probably in very critical condition, as show their respective interventions on forums and their ability to have discussions without flaming, insultin or blaming.

    Blah, I still wonder how and if they will ever be shut down by court decision or if those money palpers will be able to keep it rolling until their retirement...

    Anyway, be well and let's be there again in a few years to see if a new milestone has been set !

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  5. Just occupied doing litigating things.
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  6. Man, I really hope all this time "wasted" is worth it in the end and wish you all the best with these thugs.

    Good luck man, you'll need it.
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  7. Liu


    No time wasted will ever be worth anything.
    Nonetheless, law can't be raped unpunished endlessly.
  8. Would this part of Mindarks annual report 2022 be connected to this mess ? Or who went bankrupt ?

  9. Yea deathifier lost and is ruined financially.
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