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    Arkadia <-> Calypso

    Starfinder XXIV is one of the few warp-ships in the Universe which is crewed and Running 24 hours a day.

    If you haven't heard about us Starfinder XXIV is one of 2 ships run by


    Our business model revolves around filling the needs of new and veteran players alike.

    Here are some of the features that set us aside from the other services being offered.

    1. If you can not afford to pay for a flight, it doesn't matter, anyone who wants can travel with us for FREE. For free flights we travel sub-warp which means that it takes about 2-2.5 hours to get from Calypso to Arkadia. This takes considerable dedication from our crews to maintain this sort of service, so if you are able to donate a few PED for their time it is always appreciated.
    2. We offer VIP warps 24/7. This means that even if you play during times that the scheduled services are not running, you still have the opportunity to transport your goods safely and at your own convenience as opposed to on someone else's schedule.
    3. No Subscriptions! You only pay (or ride free) on flights you want to take, no worrying about what you might be doing 3 weeks from now.
    4. Warp Flight costs are split by each person paying, so the more people fly the cheaper the flight will be. (we often refund VIP passengers when more people arrive for a flight that has already been paid for)
    Starfinder XXIV typically services passengers traveling between Arkadia and Calypso but is always available for trips to other Planets on request. (we often do flights to both Cyrene and Next Island)

    Repair Skilling is always FREE on our ships, so if you are looking for a cheap way to increase your crafting skills, this is a good opportunity to come hang out with the crew and have some fun.


    Everything you need to know can be found on our website

    Lizzy XXIV MacReady manages the ship, so if you wish to be added to the guest list for flights, hunts, or to do some repair skilling, please add her to your friendlist and PM her when you see her online.

    If you are in a hurry for a flight, or want to be added, or have any questions at all, feel free to stop by the webchat on our site and ask the crew. They are standing by and willing to help out with whatever is needed.

    For information about The Mothership MacReady and our services to Rocktropia please see this thread.

    (Pirates not allowed)
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    24/7 even on Easter day!
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