Star In A Next Island Promo Video!

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  1. Next Island will be shooting a promo video on Wednesday, May 23rd, at 4PM, EST (New York time!) We’d love to have you involved! If you’d like to participate, please meet our virtual film crew at Thebes Amphitheater teleporter (36639, 20948), at 4PM, wearing your best Athenian tunics and Hoplite armor! We’ll be hunting cyclops, so bring a labrys, falcata, herb box, or whatever else you’d take on a cyclops hunt.
    See you there!

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  2. This is a nice initiative :)

    Just a small remark: As you might want to address an international audience (coming from every part of the world), it would probably be better, for future events, that you indicate MA time (which is our common reference) instead of New-York time ;)
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  3. Cool. Just some advice, you might get a better show out if you did this on the weekend
  4. Be a really good idea to do this on a weekend and post this a few days if not weeks before you plan it. As well, you really need to put in MA time and not your time.

    Good luck..sorry that I'll be missing it. :(
  5. flying in now XD
  6. aia


    I would have loved to come, but I just heared about this, and it looks impossible to make it from calypso in time.

    Two out of three ships I'm listed on my contact person is offline, and the third ship is between two planets (probably skilling).

    Space sucks when you really need to go somewhere :(
  7. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Thanks to everyone who showed up! If you couldn't make it, don't worry, we'll be making more videos in the future.
  8. I heard about this from from Wisty , just an hour before the event.

    Would have loved to join in, BUT I had JUST THAT SECOND RE-IMPLANTED MY MINDFORCE CHIP(which was unimplanted by previous trip to Greece as usual) and had not had chance to even use it once.

    A 4 PED toll (the cost-of re-implanting the chip) fpor each visirt to Greece is bad enough, without doubling it to 8 PED...for what? ti hellp you promote the place? :D

    Do take Oz's advice. Advertise early, quote MA time not local time ...and fix the bleedin implant problem first. RT handles that one nicely, on The Thing. they just grey out all your MF chips so you can't use them, same as weps, but they leave the implant alone. Why oh why, can't NI do the same?
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