Star Citizen [WIP] Review, development direction & progress

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  1. Wistrel

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    Thanks I hadn't seen the DC version of the spaceship advert. Were Origin Jumpworks in Wing Comander? The name rings a bell...

    I'd not heard of voice porting. That is very cool. The best effects were when he was at the end of the corridor with the reverb and so forth also the muffling though the door. I haven't heard anything use occlusion in years!
  2. EwoK

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    Origin (Systems) were the company that did the Wing Commander games.
  3. Hey Viper!! I got the Constellation ship and the freelancer, so I guess you can not get rid of me :D
    see you around
    Obi kent
  4. EwoK

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    Havent looked at this for a while and still to download and try the Arena Commander module......need to look at what next ship i was planning to get too......
  5. Hey guys,

    I have let this project rest. I am dealing with CHF at the moment which is sapping most of my energy each day.

    I have passed on the Battle Pack I purchased to a friend for his birthday present of which he was over the moon about :bigsmile:

    I will obtain a whole lot of ships once the final WIP Alpha of Star Citizen has come to the end of the Beta phase, or within the first few months of gold release.

    For now I casually play Entropia, ESO and EQ Next (Landmark) along with several other smaller games like Planet Explorers, Cities XL etc and ofc upcoming titles I have on pre-order Witcher 3 and Dragon Age 3.

    Priority though is working through the issues CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) is presenting for me day to day.
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  6. Keeping up with the latest ... well who said everything I post has to be serious :biggrin:

    Here is one to have a laugh at :laugh:

    New Chair-man
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  7. The realism of space-walking to ship boarding actions :biggrin:

    More to come later.
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  9. RAZER

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    Like the author of that piece I wonder how long it will take for this game to finally be released.
  10. Wistrel

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    Give it to Mindark. Judging by that video of the ship boarding, they'd call it a finished product ;)
  11. Wistrel

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    at 2:13 "This is Commercial Vessel Calypso"
    That CAN'T be a coincidence surely???

  12. AxeMurderer

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    It seems all game designers are reading the same old greek book
  13. Wistrel

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    yeh but "commercial"...
  14. Depending on the Constellation variant it could be a commercial freighter. I think it has little to do with Entropia Universe unless one of the developers played EU and wanted to kick Mindark in the face for the not even half-assed thing they developed and call space. It would be like kicking someone when they are down and I just don't see Star Citizen developers doing that. I think they are just concentrating on making a kick ass persistent universe and making more crowd funding dollars.

    When I see Mindark selling re-skinned quads for $5000.00 I can't help but wonder what the hell they are thinking. They had all the building blocks to make EU space 100 times better than what it is but they lacked the vision. They should be masters at CryEngine but Star Citizen with all its bugs and only Arena Commander release has already lapped EU.
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    I think CryEngine simply isn't really fit for MMOs. Apart from that, I get the impression that MA tried porting as much existing code as possible, without considering whether or not the code

    a) Suited the engine
    b) Worked properly to beign with

    EU is run a collection of spaghetti code by coders who it seems simply aren't up to deal with it. It certainly explains why bugs keep reappearing and why they simply fail to get the game to perform.

    Top that off with gameplay being nothing but repetition, a lack of amusement, and it being far too expensive, and suddenly the sheer desperation of the press releases mmakes sense. There's simply nothing better to report. It also explains the sale of these ships; regular gameplay fails to bring in the necessary money, so a quick cash injection is needed to keep the company afloat for another few months. Once the money is gone, they'll try something new again, and just hope it'll last long enough to think of the next sucker-bet.
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    btw don't you think that SC is closer to EU than to EVE or to ED. And if there is game closest to EU it is SC if we don't count the withdrawall part. I am focusing on the staff you can do.
  17. Wistrel

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    hmmm maybe.... guess we will have to wait and see. Also Elite is a staged release game. Part one is space.
  18. AxeMurderer

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    After 7 years waiting for taming it's good to see you still can wait :bigsmile:
  19. Jamira

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    OMG! Who the hell waited for taming stupid animals! It's like adopting children in Skyrim. No! Better kill and sizzle animals. THAT makes sense :-) ... and smells better!
  20. Some new info about the game:
    Trailer for single player, GARY OLDMAN, MARK HAMILL, JOHN RHYS DAVIES and GILLIAN ANDERSON in the cast:
    Demo for single player:
    Demo for MMO:
    Multi crew demo:

    Also there is 2 weeks of free flight in Star Citizen, October 25th:
    1) Register on official site:
    2) Enter free flight code "CITCONFLIGHT2K15" here:
    3) If you want 5$ on you account use my referral code "STAR-CGBY-3TK6" with new account registration. You can spend them ONLY on weapons and decorations.
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