Star Citizen [WIP] Review, development direction & progress

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    This ship commercial is my favourite, posted it multiple times already, but hey, it's a piece of art, and maybe you don't know the slightly different director's cut yet:

    The buildings mentioned above, as well as an early version of the player character ground movement can be seen there:

    I haven't backed SC so far but I'm very interested. I have to admit I find dogfighting in space somewhat strange, I hope the ground gameplay will get a little more attention (but please no mutants, laser swords, magic "mindforce", etc). Also, when they are asking me for money to fund their vision I can't really get rid of the producer's point of view and that triggers too many questions (all the production in USA/UK doesn't really sound efficient, why the self-limiting anti-console attitude, why your vision and not rather the potential customers' vision, etc etc)
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  2. awesome.jpg

    Thanks Tass,

    I have been leaving a lot of material for others to post about the game to get them more involved in the conversation on SC here on EP :)

    Still lots out there folks, please post your favourites.
    And I am really glad to see you post here Tass on Star Citizen!

    It is all about involvement and a collective approach to enjoying such games at the end of the day!
    I am hoping to add this to EP/Sister forum site on other games down the track :naughty:
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  3. Please do, something small at least anyway hey! It is so worth it .. just sayin'
    Hard to comment on the rest, but hey fact remains and i agree about the limitations of consoles.
    I guess I am too used to spending a fair bit on each PC system I buy (Inc visuals & sound).

    About the Dog Fighting Module, it is still in its concept stages, not even pre-alpha, so at this point I am just watching the progress on its development for now :)
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  4. In keeping my finger on the pulse;

    Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the stories that are starting to form in the verse of Star Citzen ...

    Read on here >

    This writer is one of my favourites from the featured article above:


    Next up is the ongoing and epic tale of The Retaliator. Backer Kazee has been writing these amazing stories for months now and we eagerly await the release of each and every chapter. I could describe it but I will let Kazee do it himself, “What follows is the ongoing voyage of a uniquely modified Retaliator and her extraordinary crew as they endeavor to unravel their personal mysteries and survive the Verse”. Get ready for some reading each part is long but when you’re reading a good book time seems to stop working, it’s a weird and magical phenomenon.

    Link to the series on, The Retaliator!
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  5. Well my fellow starved Entropians, I hope your enjoying this nourishing gaming information (food) on SC.

    (starved Entropians and their development gods demons, MindArk)
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  6. <removed> will wait for new ships to arrive :)
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  7. One of the upcoming ships that I am looking forward to once it is completed can be found in the above video.
    Still in its very early development stages ofc ... But here is a happy snap! Whooosh!

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    i really like the look of that one in the top right. I think I might hold off after I get the Hornet F7C and see what comes next before I purchase another.

    Also, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to fly with you Viper.
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  9. Sounds good and likewise :)
  10. One of the technologies, other than the OR VR headset, that I am looking forward to being integrated into Star Citizen is "Voice Porting". This will bring a whole new level of immersion to playing Star Citizen.

    It is not a new technology, though it has come a long way over the last several years.

    Here is a sample of "Voice Porting" hearing others in real time in the game world, with the game world having various effects on your voice. eg. Distance, objects, echo & reverb in large empty metal structures, etc.

    Example of "Voice Porting" from a 2008 game, Starting @ 12:40

    It is not on the roadmap yet,
    However it is being considered and is being asked for by the backers supporting SC.
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  11. Low-profile version:
    More info here, which I am watching with interest.
    Link, early access >

    I will draw some comparisons at later date and in another thread :)

    Overview of what ISM is about >
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    omg that voice porting sounds incredible!!!!
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  13. Yep :) Chris is considering it atm too. So fingers crossed.
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  14. Hi Ewok,
    I will keep in contact, for now, I have decided to allow this forum to die gracefully as an Entropia based forum.
    More info in the other thread :)
  15. EwoK

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    No worries mate. Can look me up on Skype or whatever too if/when you like.
  16. EwoK

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  17. Hi ya Ewok, Viperstrike asked me to pass a message for him.
    " Hi Ewok, Feel free to remove your details, I have them already :) Cheers bud and I will be in contact soon.
    in case your memory falters ;)"
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  18. EwoK

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    ah yes...cheers Calli
  19. No problem :)
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