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Discussion in 'MindArk' started by RAZER, May 21, 2011.

  1. RAZER

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    So, I was at Twin peaks tonight, minding my own business talking to some people when all of a sudden an MA official showed up (was around 23:00 MA time). After a few words he showed one of the Medium Fighters V (L) and a Space VTOL IV [not L]. He was flying around with them a bit and the took of of with the VTOL strait up some people followed him (as did I) and at around 1000 meter altitude there was a blueish cloud and he vanished. Not sure what happened, but he might have gone into space.

    I did take some screenshots

    Entropia 2011-05-21 01-08-09-89.jpg Entropia 2011-05-21 01-08-12-17.jpg Entropia 2011-05-21 01-08-14-26.jpg Entropia 2011-05-21 01-10-24-24.jpg Entropia 2011-05-21 01-10-27-69.jpg Entropia 2011-05-21 01-10-33-07.jpg Entropia 2011-05-21 01-10-38-25.jpg

    from the looks of it he took Starfinder (not 'the' starfinder, but a different one)up in his VTOL.
  2. Those were SOOOOOOO cool!!!!
    I want to see more soon! Very exciting
  3. NotAdmin

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    Odd that the VTOL description does state it is Limited, but this does not reflect in the item's name.

    Other than that, cool. I want one of them fighters. Let's see if Skalman is as bullet-proof as claimed :D
  4. MindStar9

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    LOL ... just LOL ... I saw him at PA not that long ago (maybe about a week or two), and having a nice chat with the locals. Hadn't seen him around in a while, so it was a bit of a surprise. Maybe you can hook up with him there sometime after acquiring you one of those fighters. :D
  5. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    I am soo ready for space!!:) My only concern is that going from calypso to space and returning to calypso from space is a tp effect.. :(
  6. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

  7. Just uploaded my space video to youtube.. or well.. i just woke up after uploading it.. so here it is.. :)
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  8. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Damn you beat me to it, i was just copying the URL to you video :)
    Looks like the MA official told you some nice info there to.
    And at the very end the text "You can not enter deep space" sound interesting to.
  9. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    some other interesting stuff he said

    On your question "SPACE BATTLES!", he answered
    "yes indeed we'll have some"

    "And we'll be able to steer using a joystick as well"

    Brainsquid - "The biggest of those is actually the size of 3 of one of those big shop centers stacked on each other"

    "You are gonna have NPC space ships attacking you as well"

    Revival terminal - "you wanna keep that well guarded if you get boarded, you don't wanna get that thing destroy"
    starfinder: "it can be destroyed"
    MA person: "sure, it is like a fort"

    "18 gunner posts"

    One thing that I noticed is that you could still see local chat from Twin Peaks. I guess that will still need some work.
  10. Yes. The chat was something they need to fix. But "technically" the only thing that was messed up was that some of the windows on the mothership dident have glass in them, so you could step out into space. Also we spoke a little about that mothership and the gunner seats.

    It takes those 18 people to fill all seats for the guns and he said that some of the big mobs (3 x mall buildings) would requiere all 18 guns to be used. But whats more.. 18 seats + pilot + MAINTINANCE crew and ENGINE crew (I also have some video of the engine compartment.. thats big)... So i think (he dident say this) that you could repair the ship while it was in battle with another ship.

    This means that you need at least 25-35 people to operate the ship for it to be battle ready... That is finally something that requieres a big and dedicated soc.... :)
  11. Also, another thig. That fighter he showed off in Tinwpeaks.. There were a couple, 3-4 of them, docked inside the mothership. Fully armed with missils THAT looked awesome. :)
  12. Yeah there is two of them in the mothership(untextured ones) the one in twin had textures already.

    Also a black VTOL but all of the ones the the mother ships are just props for display not real atm =(

    It's nice of MA to setup a preview like this though. I'm still in the mothership Kim left me up there lol.
  13. Thorn

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    Thanks for sharing Starfinder! It`s great to see this in a video!
  14. Yay. What happen if the mother ship gets destroyed?
  15. it decays I guess and for the moment it respawns where it is. In the future i guess it'll be flying junk waiting for repair or just respawns at the place it started from :) Love the way space looks too :D want a mothership :)
  16. Thedarksnw

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    Autopilot engaged, warping to Calypso stargate.
  17. Penny Dreadful

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    "We're sorry, but you are the victim of a transporter... um sorry, teleporter accident and are currently adrift in lower orbit. Someone will be by to pick you up when we remember about it."

    From reading the posts in various threads, you definitely don't want to get stuck out there lol. I just hope some of these smaller space vehicles are actually going to be affordable without needing to mortgage the neighbour's house (again).

    I think there's going to be a lot of nifty stuff happening with space. Gives the new Spanish PP time for the kinks to be worked out before their release :D
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