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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Tom thebuzz Christensen, Jul 26, 2010.

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    That's what i meant :D
    But i use to few words..

    And i believe it is not down, but only updated once every month..
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    The tracker is down. Wizzszz was the coder for it and when he was removed from staff, i also disabled what he worked on. We have reached an agreement on some of the products, others were rebuilt by me, but the tracker is something i just have not touched so far.

    We are working quote hard behond the scenes and i do hope that soon we at least can start offering some statistics on global data again but for tge time being i cannot give any eta on anything. Sorry.
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    I am still with the OP on the matter. A few more frequent globals and more often sure wouldnt be misplaced or out of order for the depositing active gamers, if only if its to prolong gametime and funfactor. We are all fans of the most expensive game in history and definetelly all swirly-junkies.
  4. Regardless how things are at the moment - quite a few people SEEM to be having great returns.

    But to me thats only when I look at the HOF lists. 30k and 17k and whatever all over the line. The top 5 HOFS in the lists always seems to be over 2k ped or higher.

    Then the experienced gamer in EU will know its absolutely not like that...

    MindArk has a whole load of milkingcows and that is us.

    Majority of my skills are in hunting, but I now started to do only mining until the migration is over at least. And the last couple of days I did 2x 100ped bomb runs around the planet with an OA-101 slapped on Ziplex 220 (I think its named)..

    How my absolutely n00b mining skills can allow me to make micro profit while my combat skills can't amazes me.. Im maybe 98% combat skills and 1% crafting and 1% mining - yet I survive better on what I'm n00b at.

    Is this proof that n00b skills matters? I think so... :confused:
  5. narfi

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    Or more likely that you are doing the right profession at the right time. When everyone else is hunting chances are that mining will be better :)

    MU has always been easier to attain mining than hunting anyways esp at lower levels.
  6. Ok quick run down of things proposed here -- since the thread seems to be wandering all over the place at this point:

    • HOF size is too big. This results in a handful of mega HOF's awarded and lots of losses.
    • MA insiders might have information we dont, and thus have an advantage during hunting.
    • Noob skills give more returns than non noob skills
    • MA seems to be able to shut down a persons ability to obtain returns if MA disapproves of their statements.
    • This is a giant casino
    • Monkeys can and do sometimes fly out of my butt.
    Does that about cover all of the conspiracy theories being discussed here? Did I miss one?


    Bringing this thread back to constructive discussion:

    1) HOF size argument: This makes sense. Smaller awards mean more people being awarded out of the same pot, which means losses should be the same across the board, but overall less severe for the individual. It could increase fun --- but I dont work for MA so what do I know? :confused:

    2) MA insiders, etc: Does this particular argument sound like a bunch of whispers in the back room? If so, its easily resolved by some transparent and clear policies on MA's end. What are the limits of employees who work for MA? What do they know, if anything? What are they allowed to do with that information? Im not saying there is any conspiracy, but for those who are partial to this argument -- why not throw them some information in the form of MA legal policy?

    3) Noob skills, etc: This argument is just another twist on the Noob HOF theory, that noobs are favored over non noobs. As a noob who lost alot, I can already tell you this theory is hogwash. But it persists because people need something to blame. Tell you what. Let's blame this entire problem on Mexicans. Those Mexicans are coming across the US border into Arizona stealing jobs. The jobs stolen mean less money spent in EU, which mean less loot in the pool, which mean less HOFs. So you see, its all Mexicos fault.

    4) MA can shut down your HOF's: Maybe. They can also shut down your account. How many of you have seen Randy Big Dick Johnson or whatever his name is get a nice fat HOF? Or how about team "Eat Shit MA?" Or something to either effect? Youd figure MA would go after these guys first for having names that break the spirit of the code of conduct. If MA is really behaving like server police, penalizing those who jeopardize their community and rewarding those who tow the line then I suppose Randy Big Dick Johnson must be a pretty awesome guy! MA must love him! Maybe his avatar is being considered for an ad.

    "Hi. My name is Randy Big Dick Johnson. Im Randy. I have a Big Dick. And my Johnson is 100% pure Entropian gold. And yours can be too. Join me on Planet Calypso...."


    5) This is a giant casino. Yeah. So is going outside of your house, crossing the street, buying stock, eating red meat, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, and playing baccarat. Whats your point? If you dont like gambling, theres only one sure thing in life. Death. Choose your poison and get down to business. Otherwise learn to enjoy what you cannot control. Try smiling.

    6) Monkeys fly out of my butt. I admit it. This one is 100% true. :hug: I love monkeys. And they love my butt! But only for aerial purposes. Nothing sexual. :viking:
  7. Hee Hee,

    Use the google, most investment agencys list MinkArk in the gaming industry. Shrug.
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