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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Tom thebuzz Christensen, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. MistressArwen

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    :alcohol:Dont we all know this feelin huh ? :bandit:

    Well....back to mining detail....again.
  2. To be honest I had my share of 5 digit loots and thats not at all what I ask for here. I don't click and blindly craft on condition and doing ore-amps. I see no challenge in opening my wallet over a sink and wave goodbye to my IRL money.

    I'm a slow grinder, hoping for enough peds for the next run and maybe loot anything with a markup of some sort. +130% ... Maybe if Im super lucky an unlimited thing.

    Meaning.. My expectations aren't that large - I don't need 5-6 digit hofs.. I wish these never were implemented in the game - and if they should be here they should be super rare like once in a month for 5 digits and once in a year for 6 digits.

    Instead MA could return 90% of the ammo/decay used back in loot instead of current ratio with maybe 50% because they have to take peds to save up for at least one 5 digit hof a day... IMO thats whats fucks up the game loot database atm...

    I'll be overly happy if MA realizes that the IRL has hit a financial depression 2 years ago, and that this game also becomes more careful still increasing loot... Tell me - are MindArk or FPC plain insane or what since they don't realize this?

    I tell you what... The problem basically is they do NOT allow their workers to play EntropiaUniverse, cause if they did - they would be able to walk right up to the head of company and tell them theres something wrong.... :argue:
  3. MistressArwen

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    DamniT! I depod again:( Over 1K peds. Well at least I have a new Tik 400 and Z25 to mine with and somethin else I never thought I get myself. A Humvee. Wonderfull to have if you have like 25 + claims to extract LOL:cheer:

    Tho I should point out, not one single global even grrrrrrr. Not greedy, just like to keep goin on and on mining thats all. I just like like mining.:boxer:
  4. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    or they might have a legitimate mortal fear for getting fired.:handjob:
  5. I was under the impression MA employees were allowed and encouraged to play EU.

    Where did you see that this was not allowed?
  6. narfi

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    I know I have run into at least 2 and maybe 3 employees of Rocktropia Ive been there there and they don't seem to be making much of a secret of who they work for.

    Kind of nice really, I think.

  7. NotAdmin

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    Fixed it for you...

    I think they do play. However, the way they play is most likely fundamentally different from how every other player experiences the game.

    Case in point would be the way the whole planet worked right after CE2 release, where large parts of the game (mountains) were unclimbable. Sure, they've been running around in there, but they never conducted any proper testing. "Can I walk on the road? Ok, are passed the test" is probably their idea of a unit test.

    I can imagine they all play on state of the art machines with only an EU installation, using the local high-speed network on a server without any participants, equipped with 1 shot-kill guns that do not decay, and figuring their game is just hunky-dory. Ignore all those participants on forums. What on earth do THEY know?
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    I once worked for a Casino, partime over weekends and fulltime in the hollidays. What I did was fix slots comparitors.I wore a Uniform, walkie-talkie, moonbag with some tools and a bunch of keys. And I would be called via the radio to fix one-armed bandits on the casino floor.

    Employees and family of employees are NOT allowed to gamble and play outside of workhours in the same casino. They have inside knowledge that gives them an edge. Also after I stopped working there I was not allowed to gamble and play for another 3 months after that.

    I know for a fact that there are Mindark employees playin EU without official company avas. I can name names but for security reasons refrain from doing so. A specific ava, son of a female MA employee HOFS a lot on CND, no coincidence. They do have an edge above the rest of us.

    There is something fundamentally wrong and corrupt about this and I for one am opposed to the phenomenon outright.
  9. I have a problem not so much in believing that MA affiliated avatars play, Its probably true, but in believing that that they are programmed in some specific advanage.

    I tend to believe, rather, that we offer ourselves these types of scenarios and their logical outcomes to absolve ourselves of fault. The simple fact of the matter is this: If I believed without a shred of doubt that this were how the game worked I would not play it. If you believe such a thing to be absolutely true I suggest you state this truth completely, and publicly, and cash out. To do anything less is to do yourself and the community a disservice.
  10. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    Never said "programmed" LOL They have an edge in knowing things we dont. I can confirm, as do others, that Mindark employees and affiliates do play this game as a fact. It is no coincidence that they have rare, uber and top of the line gear too. I refuse to take your suggestion to cash out. The disservice is not done by me but rather that MA employees play the game with inside info and thats a disservice to all their depositing clients.

    How does it actually make you feel, knowing that certain rare uber items drop onto MA-affiliated avatars instead of a continually depositing clients avatar? A depoing hunter could used a foeripper more frequently and effectivelly than a mindark employee or MA employee family member. A depoing miner have more vallue and use for a UL-mining amp than a Mindark employee or any affiliate.

    besides, MA does read this forum. Ever since I bitched and voiced my dissatidfaction with MA here, I havent had one single HOF or Globie. Coincidence? I dont think so at all, not with all the money I wasted since. Today I depo 1K again cos the money I depod yesterday is gone and I am at rockbottom again. Just another ugly face of MA.

  11. This would be mainly paranoia in my opinion, sounds like a 9/11 conspiracy all over again.
    I don't bitch about my loot, and still it sucks for me.
    However, in my society the general idea is to complain as much as possible because it raises the chance of a hof, this is all an inside joke though.
    For example, if my soc-leader is on a hunt and it goes terrible (Most of the time it does :P) she makes sure everyone knows.
    And when she globals she thanks the fact that she complained.
    So pretty much everyone is doing it.. But me, during my hunts I generally do something else as well and therefor don't have time to chat..
    Maybe that's the reason things are going bad for me!? I have to complain more?

    But seriously, all money you put into the game is bound to be lost, It's up to you to make it last long, It's very silly and well.. Rather funny to see you complain about this, considdering you've worked at a casino.
    You of all people should know that you can go into a casino and either make your 100$ last all night, or instantly put it all on 4 on the roulette.

    On the other hand.. You might just have been kidding but in that case just nevermind this! :D
  12. NotAdmin

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    I voiced my dissatisfaction with the loot distribution many times over the past few years, and still get plenty of globals.

    Why not just name them? You pretty much said enough as it is. Just state their names, who their inside connection is, and how you think these people manage to achieve such results or get favoured by the loot distribution system somehow.

    And if you really, truly believe this is the case, or even have proof, by all means, post it. If there's such stuff going on, let's take it to the media and every possible gaming site that is tapped into by MindArk whenever they release something new, and ensure that such unscrupulous behaviour stops, and the company behind it is forced to either cut out this cancer, or put out of business forever, with a large enough amount of peolpe in the know to ensure that anyone who willingly took part in fraudulent behaviour will never work in a regular company ever again.

    Heck, if I had such proof, I would definitly make sure everybody and their grandmother who play the game knew it. But most of all, I would not continue feeding the beast. The disservice you do is knowing about certain things, and yet refusing to show them by the only way they care (your money, and by failing to inform others about the seriousness of the allegations you make, other people's money as well) that you will not tolerate such behaviour.
  13. MistressArwen

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    Account updated with 1K peds:cheer: Will log in soon and I shall be back on mining detail. Wish me luck :)

    And about everything else....NO COMMENT.
  14. No comment? :(
    Did we win?
  15. MistressArwen

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    Was I in competition with anyone? i realy did not know I was supposed to win. FPC always wins, I lose, we all lose, you lose. So what? LOL
  16. To be perfectly honest, youve got 10 hunting globals, 59 mining globals, and 3 crafting globals on your tracker thus far.

    Is this tracker refreshed monthly like Entropia Tracker? If so, youre way ahead of me! Even if this is last months data, youre still ahead of me. My best month I pulled in 9 globals hunting, 0 mining, and 10 in crafting. Youve had 59 globals, presumably over a 30 day period.

    Given these numbers it can be said that from my perspective you are one of the rewarded players, and I am the one who is suffering. Yet my attitude regarding this seems to be exactly the opposite of yours.

    Why is this?
  17. khaos

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    These are the lifetime globals ;)
  18. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Actually they are globals from the lifetime of the EP tracker which I believe was a few months, but is down for now. (I might be wrong though)

  19. It was just all so sudden darling.
    Never been in a discussion where one part has said "Wont respond anyMOAR!"
    I was kind of stunned.
  20. MindStar9

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    Personally ... (and with all due respect) ... it's a shit or get off the pot moment for you MsArwen, because ... as others have said (in so many words) ... if you truly have proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that what you are reporting is indeed fact, then you need to support that statement with facts and post it, rather than continuing what I see as purely opinion-based content that is doing you more of a disservice than those you're spreading allegations about.

    Loot is a relative thing ... some are disgruntled, and some aren't having an issue with it, and perhaps, it all has to do with playing style. I don't know what to believe with all that comes at us from the multitude of theories and speculations that get posted, so I don't get too involved with it, because loot doesn't matter to me any more based on my changed style of play.

    However ... the important thing here is, that facts are posted, or your content is purely opinion-based. It's like the pic, or it didn't happen scenario.

    Sorry about your frustrations Tom.
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