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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Tom thebuzz Christensen, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. John BD

    John BD Subwoofers rock.

    so true just bought online through steam a silly game for 4 euros and i been havin fun all day with it and still not half way, now what could i do with 40 ped? :D

    i just got fed up by entropia and taken a brake from srious play till they either fix or make it worth it.
  2. khaos

    khaos DnB'addict

    Same here.. instead of playing EU 5 hours a day, I now play WoW for 4 hours and 1 hour of EU.
  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Something else to consider in all of this,

    I am overly optimistic.
    Arwin is overly pessimistic.
    Tom is frustrated.
    Magyar has gone from pissed off to realistic.
    Admin seems to look at both sides of the coin.

    I see all the good and fun that is possible in this game.
    Arwin sees all that is bad and evil.
    Tom has had fun but now sees bad.
    Magyar has fought with an entire community in his frustration and then re-evaluated himself and can have fun now. (even with losses)
    Admin has had both good and bad times and has put his energy into something rewarding. (this forum)

    We are all playing the same game, but we each see it through a different set of glasses warped by our own personalities. There is truth in it all, but none of them are accurate.

    Anything done purely for self-gratification will in time lead to misery. That is the problem with greed, there is nothing wrong with money or what it can accomplish for you, but the single-minded pursuit of it will destroy a person.

    The same is true for any thing that consumes us, which here can be skilling, chasing the big hof, showing off the awesome gear you own, etc...

    I think Magyar is a good example of someone who has seemingly gone from angry with unrealistic expectations to someone who is finding pleasure in the game by helping others. My opinion of him has greatly elevated in recent weeks.

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  4. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    A working strategy, not so long ago, did work and I never depod astronomical amounts of money. Care to elaborate on those other strategies? bare in mind I am a full-on miner ingame and thats what I love to do. I will try to see what I can do differently at my next depo.
  5. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    Understand Uncle Peter, I wont let myself get too emotionally involved. I honestly havent a clue about any EF/MA relationship at all and I stated as much, other than that would not surprize me at all or very telling indeed. I neither got religious or political in this forum at all, and my appologies should I perhaps have led you to believe otherwise.

    But for the record, neomaven/711 is NOT in MA/FPCs pocket according to you right?
  6. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    LOL Narfi! So funny. I needed this mirror shoved in my face. Its like a wet slap of gold water. Thankyou and Hugz:)
  7. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Apologies accepted.

    And I never stated the latter. I merely stated that unless there's proof, any discussion is pretty much moot, as gutfeelings do not hold up to anything.

  8. I feel a little molested, sister.
    While other considder molested to be of sexuall nature, I feel molested when people put words in my mouth.

    I provided noone with facts, EU has no powerfull hold on me.
    Sure MA advertises the game as a "virtual reality" or whatever, but in the end.
    It's just a fancier name for a game with money.

    And yes, EU is infact a game, Apple advertises their new iPhone4 screen as a "retina" screen, but is retina a technical term? No, It's a name they gave to their screen with higher resolution than the last one.

    Because a company advertises something in a certain way doesn't change the product at all. As a sister you should know that.
    "Anti-aging" cream is really just a cream made to create an allergic reaction, in order for the skin to swell up and look less wrinkly.

    They gave a cream a name, but It's still just a cream.
    See the logic?

    Anyway, I see the game as it is, a game.
    Poker is also a game, but some people live on it, football to!

    And because I've had great times and bad times here I don't get upset really, the game is built to make you lose your money.
    Instead of paying a subscription you pay by deposit.
    Therefor, I don't get pissed when I lose my money, all money I deposit is never seen as an investment anyway, I pay for some entertainment.
  9. Honestly I play at a loss. Its that simple. When I started I always compared myself to others, even others at my level, who were globalling significantly more (read -- me with none and them with up to 7 globals per day). I didnt think it was right. I still dont. But I dont think alot is right in the world, and I can sure make arguments to improve things. My arguments and $4.50 will get me a urine sample sized cup of Starbucks swill, though -- in short, my opinion and concerns are inconsequential.

    Then I realized I wasnt playing the game as an MMO. I was playing the game as a slot machine. Since then I essentially disregarded all global messages, even my own, and accepted that the game costs money to enjoy --- and that I had full control over how I spent my money, and how much of it I spent.

    Knowing that I had control over one aspect of the game, and that I had complete control over that, I simply adjusted my gaming to match. When my PED card is low I socialize. I find groups with common cause to me and support them. I focused on my guild, rather than myself. My Entropian job now isnt hunter. Its professional people mover. I get people involved in Club Calypto parties at swamp camp. I move newbies out to remote areas where team hunting is good and manageable with a profit. When my PED card is high I hunt alongside them. When my PED card is very high I share the wealth, and hunt big mobs with low level players.

    There's no profit in any of that for me. How could there be? The difference is instead of MA telling me I will not profit, I tell MA that I dont give a damn about their handouts. I play Entropia to have fun, and honestly in that regard its probably one of the best MMO's out on the market.

    Will I profit? One day I probably will. But not from MA. Ive dived head on into the social aspect, registered some domains, and am working on social media projects as they relate to EU.

    So my alternative strategy is:

    • Stop chasing globals. Heroin Junkies do something called "chasing the Dragon." This means every time they get high they look for the feeling of euphoria they got the first time. They never get it. I took a lesson from some unfortunate friends in my time here, identified globals as Entropias version of "the dragon," and looked away. I intend to never look back. No matter how many times I hear how great the dragon was for someone else.
    • Be flexible in what I do. I sling my sword, shoot my CB5, fool around with mindforce, chat at Sweat Camp, host events for new players, have small contests, and in general just chill out.
    • Become involved with the community. Actively help others to understand whats going on. By teaching others you learn a surprising amount yourself. Information ends up becoming a two way street very quickly and your students become your peers. Sometimes even your teachers.
  10. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    thankyou. And fascinating hon:)
  11. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    no hard feelings sis, I just got carried away a little. Its that time of the month for me :(
  12. It's ok. <3
    I can't stay mad.. (I was never mad though) at a fellow EP'er!

    We have to share the love, sing campsongs together and show other the EP way.
    I'm off to play some hello kitty online!

    (And you're lucky you can use your week as an excuse :( We men have to stay awesome all the time or else we just look like douchebags.)
  13. MistressArwen

    MistressArwen Smile, makes someones day

    LOL you sure had me goin there for a bit when you started with sister and gall power, thinking youre a girl too. Mmm another damn blond moment.
  14. Yeah :P Gotta love sending mixed signals.
    And I somehow figured you thought I was one as well, when you called me sis ;D
  15. My point of this thread was to ask other people what their opinions was and maybe relate this thread to a few MA sources so they can see whats fucked up.

    Yes we are all playing the same game - or at least we used to be. I wants us all to continue playing the same game, but as you see - loads of people changed over to other games like for example WoW (That you cant even mention on EntropiaForum), and I'm therefore loosing very dear friends in game due to MindArk fucking things up... Which again is why I made this thread - to hear how bad things has been fucked up.

    Honestly it seems to be even way more worse than I thought - and now Im even personally considering changing to cheaper alternatives like World of Warcraft (See I mentioned it again) :P
  16. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    A bit more mature alternative could be LOTRO, which is due to turn true free-to-play soon. I liked lotro, just never had the time for it. It has a very wow-ish feeling to it bug minus all the ganking.
  17. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Someone in EU told me the other day, that changing LOTRO into 'free to play' actually DID make it more expensive. Now you have to pay extra for the little things you want instead ... A little like EU if you try look at it that way; It's also free to play, but if you won't want settled with the free sweat, stones, fruit and dung, and if you can't get enough money from selling that, you will have to deposit too ...

    I know we didn't try the free version yet, and perhaps we have an advantage from being 'VIP' members of LOTRO, but still ...
  18. khaos

    khaos DnB'addict

    It's only because i can play it for free ;) Otherwise i would play counter strike or half life or something like that.. maybe even the very first age of empires games ^^
  19. Ive been looking at LOTRO as a second game. I like to think myself well informed on games and the gaming world, and to be honest there really isnt anything I want to play coming out in the near future. Star Wars: The Old Republic looks like WoW with lightsabers, Darkfall was severely lacking (so much so that though I loved the open world and pvp nature I couldnt stand the game as a whole), Mortal Online is just a scam, and Final Fantasy XIV is shaping up to be one giant themepark ride complete with invisible walls and big "you cant do that" signs.

    That being said Ive looked to the past for some games, and LOTRO seems like it could be fun. I played the beta long ago, and it was a cool game --- just too beefy for my computer then. Ive also got a thing for Turbines products. Asheron's Call 1 and 2 were two of my favorite MMOs ever produced. Free to play, for me, has provided a chance for me to look at LOTRO again. As long as its not a heavily instanced game like DDO I might just enjoy it as a freebie.
  20. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Well, both Peter and I enjoyed playing LOTRO (also because we both love Tolkien) - it's a fun (and cute :D) game - and can be challeging. What I dislike is, that it reminds me too much of WoW - one quest after each other kill 25 mobs, 50 mobs, 100 mobs (at least not 1k or 10K mobs though :D) - you also know in advance what you will gain and in loot you will not see something very rare and unique like you will in EU...

    BUT you know for sure you wont loose your money because when you craft, you actually craft something always (no failures) and there's not the same 'slot mashine' over it ;) Which I like ...

    BUT I'm also a gambler, and I do like slot mashines and I do like the fact that you never know if the next click is THE click (which is why I'm still here, I suppose)
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