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Some recent events of mine in EU.

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by goodgrief999, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. I have totally run out of ped, after you look thru' the pictures, you may see why :) So, am sorting my swirlies and videos, - the following stand out, first is a clip of leaving Caly for NI, and the usual happens....he got about 25pecs loot :)

    BUT, on the way back I decide to take revenge LOL......

    (sorry it's a bit long, it's a total of over 200ped of loot with MU, only I realised I'd have to smuggle it back to get the MU :/ lmao)

    Then, I decided to go hunting to Arkadia after my HOF in Hell, posted already :)

    Scorias have been HOFfing a lot, so I did big ones, for about 5 or 6 hours and got this -> 1.1global_scoria_dominant_20120328_19_27_53_883.
    and that was it, so my hunt cost me about 750ped :/

    I had had enough by now and was determined not to stop playing til I HOFfed, even if it meant going without sleep.....so in no particular order -> about 14 hours of crafting ->
    1.1380pedHofenuniv-2012-03-29-06-49-49. global_beacin_laser_sight_20120329_05_30_26_882. global_mining_excavator_speed_enhancer_iii_20120329_12_45_56_926. global_transformer_t-104_20120329_06_25_36_683. global_weapon_accuracy_enhancer_i_20120329_04_35_33_581. global_weapon_accuracy_enhancer_i_20120329_07_33_22_175. global_weapon_damage_enhancer_i_20120329_06_55_33_199. global_weapon_damage_enhancer_i_20120329_06_56_06_939. global_weapon_damage_enhancer_i_20120329_08_53_16_729. global_weapon_damage_enhancer_i_20120329_08_58_07_878. global_weapon_damage_enhancer_ii_20120329_14_23_46_984. global_weapon_damage_enhancer_ii_20120329_14_25_52_611. hof_weapon_accuracy_enhancer_i_20120329_04_10_54_839. hof_weapon_accuracy_enhancer_i_20120329_04_29_49_351. hof_weapon_damage_enhancer_i_20120329_08_37_16_590. jesterd1.
    As you can see, I had a lot of swirlies, but still lost a total of about 2k ped in 3 days :/ I made a lot of mistakes, I'm new to crafting, biggest mistake was that the beacin global was the first click, I should have stopped straight away. NVM, I'm going to practice my PVP skills for pirates with a cool trainer called 'Ace of Space' that someone posted on pcf.com. THEN I WILL have my revenge mmmmwwwooohhhhahahhhhahahah

    Edit, the 2k figure is wrong, I did 4000 clicks and got some nice (L) BPs I could sell and the skill in enhancer crafting makes it not as bad as it sounds at all.
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  2. Good luck with your training Boo :).
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  3. Hey Boo! That was a good dog fight you had there in your quad-wing :) Sry you 'got hit' first, but glad you go the pirate back :) Great clips.
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  4. Interesting. I might just have to log in and try this space stuff ;)

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