Some info from a See insider?

Discussion in 'SEE' started by NotAdmin, Oct 26, 2009.

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    Found this posted on EF, here:

    Apart from writing ND's real name "Jon" with an extra h, the bit about his arms sounds pretty accurate to me.

    Here's a list of announced releases for February. Obvious candidate seems to be the Scorchese movie, though by reading that it would rate highly for the Oscars, that's pretty much killed the idea of it being anything remotely worthy of an exciting video game.

    Also interesting to see a Kevin Smith movie in the list, with Bruce Willis, nonetheless.

    Discuss :)

    Update: here's another list. And another (Whee, new Gary Oldman movie).
  2. Taken from here

    Check his other posts, too...

    :eyecrazy: <-- another missing smiley btw ;)
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    If SEE is to deliver a movie franchise into EU, i believe it will have to meet two criteria: 1. action based. 2. not big enough to attrack a mainstream game publisher for the francise. theres a thrid factor that might come into play, high social interaction. (so a romcom-action that the girls and boys like is the best bet :kos:

    taken at face value, if you look though that list you see Wolfman and Crazies sort of fit that bill. however ND is already working on similar project in the form of rocktopia (zombies). we'll come back to ND studios.

    However, while in isolation that post from vis2020 seems reasonable and realistic, if you look at Wizziz's reference he states someone he knows at SEE. If you go back to this post he doesnt know anything about SEE... so either he's been a busy boy and in two months got involved with people there or... dont know what to make, the cynic in me is suspicious.

    back to ND studios, something people should wonder about is, does ND have the resources, expertise and managment to run all these islands? with the above suggestion of two SSE worlds, i think thats possibly 6 planets to design and run. (NextIsland, Rocktopia, Motorhead, 2 SEE, pirates... :dodge:)
    Dont get me wrong i like ND and think he is a great asset and really deeply involved, but thats a big ask i think, and can only wonder if quality will suffer. MA/FPC struggle with support of one island after 6 or so years.
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