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Discussion in 'SEE' started by RAZER, Oct 12, 2009.

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    am i the only person who doesnt see anything coming from SEE? on their site they have three franchise brands, Star Trek, Titanic and Pokemon. i really dont see they are going to get a licence to do Star Trek related game, not sure if Titanic related has the scope for game world and Pokemon is obviously not going to happen.

    So do they have another franchise rights? if so, why do we not hear anything?

    one thing i do recall reading when i looked them up was one of the shows went bust, with not enough interest and high production costs. Looking at their sites, they seem to like all the fancy flash stuff, all style over substance.
  3. Dalida

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    I totally agree with you.
  4. RAZER

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  5. I believe SEE will be the first world to fall, followed by Rocktropia and Next Island.

    All planets will most likely go bankrupt due to the platform not having enough players to sustain a viable economy to each company
  6. RAZER

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    That is indeed the one thing I fear most about all those new planets, they will need to get A LOT more players to sustain all the planets. But lets see what happens.
  7. NotAdmin

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    I believe that See will be able to pull in literally thousands. If they release a virtual world with major movie releases, and link the two, lots of people will most likely be pulled in.

    What I fear is that the great majority of these new people will feel the same thing the current players think: That the way MindArk is running their show is just too epxensive. And unlike gamers who are willing to invest time and money into building a character, the crowd that just wants to be entertained will notbe paying hundreds of dollars a month.
  8. RAZER

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    So in the end we will end up with the same players we have now spread out over lets say 6 planets.

    Lets just hope the movie companies bring with them enough money to make the game more enjoyable for none paying players or at least make it possible and enjoyable for lets say $15,00 a month or so.

    Not saying I want a monthly fee of $15,-- because I REALLY don't, but a cheap and fun way to play should be implemented for new players and the players that just wanna haven some fun playing a computer game and dont have the cash to pay a lot to do so.

    One problem with that is that we will have loads of 16 year old kids running around and annoying us 'old' people. So maybe a planet for people -18 :bigsmile:
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    im still sceptical they will deliver, let alone be first to fail. their big plans are good and interesting, but until i see an actual film franchise named and in progress i will remain unconvinced. i think something can work here though, but along with the other new planets, it will only do so if they really go out and market, not rely on word of mouth. I never heard of SEE or their tours of two massivly well known films before the connection to EU, which makes me wonder how good their marketing is.
  10. Even if they would pull in thousands of new account signups with the help of a movie release. How would this turn into cash for SEE in the long run?

    Will they charge cash for a ingame themed location of a movie? I can see that being fun for the first 1week and then it dies off
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    The way I imagine things is that if there will be a new release of, say, The Terminator, the planet will have an environment looking very much like what you see in the movie. There will most likely be the option to reenact scenes in virtual life, but what would be more interesting is that while in movies you only see a small part of a world, virtually, you have a lot more possibilities to explore.

    You would be able to see what's around the corner of an alley you see in the movie, and rather than walking off a set, you'd be able to continue the in-world experience.
  12. But often parts of movies are protected for the actual licensed game. For instance one of the games the new MA guy was responsible for was Terminator: Salvation. That game sucked though and had only 3 different enemies and scored 4/10 and made that gamingcompany go bankrupt
  13. NotAdmin

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    Perhaps some of the See planets will be the actual licensed games for movies. I'd not consider that an unlikely option, actually.
  14. I dont think any decent movie would do their "game" in SEE virtual world. Moviegames suck up alot of resources and cash and the moviecompany want full control over the way its done.

    I am 100% certain only shitmovies might consider it but then again..alot of the shitty movies end up as Wii,PS2 etc games so ..
  15. Chopper

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    I can see that easily happening.. When you consider MA is still in control of the loot:handjob:
    For how long are they prepared to NOT make a profit??
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