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  1. Having noticed something interesting on the map, Karl, Brat and myself set off to investigate.

    The area turns out to be surrounded by very sheer mountains accessible via a narrow valley that runs West to East along the brown area of the map that is North of the ring, see image 5. We approached from Phoenix. Sadly we lost Karl in the approach and with TP chips not working he did not bother to try and catch up. Don't blame him!

    The area contained many argonauts and many of them were hunters but there was next to no loot to be had and the mining was truly awful.

    Once inside I did a full circuit and found no other egress.

    An interesting area with an interesting approach.

    Entropia 2009-09-03 21-32-37-29.jpg Entropia 2009-09-03 21-32-45-72.jpg Entropia 2009-09-03 21-32-48-46.jpg Entropia 2009-09-03 21-32-51-74.jpg Entropia 2009-09-03 21-32-57-30.jpg
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  2. Interesting looking place. I wonder if the lack of loot is due to low deposits, so not enough going into the loot pool?
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