So a PCF admission

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  1. "Perhaps you've not noticed but I'm Australian not American. [​IMG]

    I'm well aware that MindArk's Support team is totally separated from PCF.
    I usually have to explain that to people who respond to a mod decision with 'I'm going to report you to Support' [​IMG]

    711 administers the forum for MindArk, and I expect they have some sort of contractual arrangement that covers that. The volunteer mods here are appointed by 711, and report to him."

  2. MA aquired the forum (PCF) but never called it official. Maybe because they only aquired the forum but not the user-database.

    Guilty CyberSquatter 711^NeoMaven^Vixen Incarnate^Jason Peterson travled around the world with MA (in the good days) visiting conventions and for sure made some "funny" deals with them. Hes probably the only guy that did not get a$$raped by them, as his criminal history is more "badass" then Mindarks.
  3. Mega

    Mega Chaotic Good

    You almost gave me a heart attack. Fortunately Kat was quoting and not saying she was Typhoid Mary. Phew!
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  4. Don't worry Mega - you will be banned again soon - She hates you
  5. San


    Why the fear? A little goldfish with absolute power over its little fishbowl. Let it leave its comfort and prepare the bouillabaisse.
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  6. I am petitioning for Mega to be banned again :grouphug:
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  7. Mega

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    It's just about the waiting.

    I've a better idea, watch her ban everyone else until there is just me and her left. :unsure:
  8. You so know you enjoy the humiliation by Count Serica (I do hope I spelt Count right):poke:
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