Slayem, Bowles and the reporter from the USA (2014)

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  1. Just recently a "reporter" (John Gorenfeld) from the USA was contacting various people on PCF & Entropia France, asking for Slayem & Bowles
    He also messaged me on entropia france, asking for photos and infos. Thank god Im a Entropia collector. ;D

    Feel free to also check Mastermesh's collection of the case !​

    Marcus Slayem Aurelius = Pedophile millionaire = Marc Collins Rector
    Marc Collins (Rector)
    Colonel Lee Bowles = Slayem's underage toyboy = Lee Bowles
    marc lee bowles 1.jpg
    Lee Bowles and Ripper (London meeting 2007)

    Another shot from a London Meeting :
    slayem bowles2.jpg

    Marc Collins Rector also played WOW with his avatar "magejust"
    in the guilds called :
    -In Aeternum (2012)
    -Endeavor (2011)
    -Dreamers (2011)
    His battlenet account was again "Morgan.von.phoenix"
    So was his skype name.

    morgan von phoenix magejust wow.jpg

    He also lived together with "Chad Shackley" and "Brock (Jeffrey) Pierce" (since he was 17).
    Google is your friend, if the links below arent enough. Singer Lawsuit.pdf

    Of course I was wondering why someone got interested in this "case" again after 5 years. So I started to google and remember.

    a.) Maybe because Brock Pierce got elected as Director of the BitCoin Foundation in 2014 ?

    Bruce Wagner anyone ? xP

    Or because Brock Pierce is the chairman of playsino ?

    b.) Maybe because of their past in IGE ?

    Rector blackmailed Pierce before about making his company IGE become a fail.

    c.) Maybe because avatar name "Mrs Emma Peel" (London metro police officer in reallife) "recieved" many precious items from Slayem/Bowels when they..."had to leave" Entropia ? She got those items when the whole community was already aware who was behind "Slayem".

    Ms Emma Peel2.jpg Ms Emma Peel.jpg
    Ms Emma Peel (London Meeting 2007)
    IRL name Michaela Harrison

    She tried to sell everything on her 2nd account "Laura Peel".

    Her current linkedin account (2017) :(she took it down right after I posted this)
    d.) Maybe because of Marc's failed kickstarter (2012) about european mangas ?
    He had 1 backer (himself) and got 12$ this way... (video included) hehe, maybe I cant do something with that. ;)
    marc collins rector 2.jpg
    He still looks scary...and his :O

    morgan von phoenix.jpg

    marc collins rector 1.jpg

    Or try to listen to his youtube audios for a while :

    e.) His closed facebook account
    (his..."friends" still partly active,
    for example Vincent Volpen, Rafal Feklistov, Robby Van den Bosch)
    Young men, of course.
    marc collins rector 3.jpg
    marc collins rector 4.jpg
    marc bosch1.jpg
    Marc Rafal 1.jpg
    marc vincent 1.jpg

    His "books" on amazon published as "Morgan von Phoenix" and "anonymous23"

    morgan amazon 2.jpg

    morgan amazon 2a.jpg
    Nice, a female Rector also liked that book. ;)

    His "profile" on Elance :
    marc collins rector 4 elance profile.jpg

    Need more infos like the above ?​

    Maybe the reporter can even dig out more ? Lets wait and SEE... ;)

    Here is the long awaited report from Amy Berg, about the pedohile things going on at Hollywood, Marc Collins Rector beeing mentioned more then once.

    Morgan von phoenix is/was on "pinterest" as well, had 1 follower named "Peter Clune".
    Peter Clune has Amy Berg as follower :

    morgan von phoenix pinterest.jpg

    morgan von phoenix pinteres 2t.jpg

    Here is the full story :
    Spanish authorities held him in detention from May 2002 until October 2003. He was tortured there, he told the attorney for his criminal case. Collins-Rector later told a person close to him that this torture included electrocution. His brother, Matthew Rector, visited him in prison and then contacted the U.S. attorney’s office, begging the prosecutor to hasten the extradition process, with no success. Collins-Rector made at least one suicide attempt during his time in Spanish custody.The Spanish Ministry of the Interior, the Spanish National Police, and the Spanish embassy in Washington, D.C., did not provide a comment by press time.

    When Collins-Rector returned to America to stand trial in October 2003, his time in the Spanish prison system had apparently taken a toll on his mental health. His first hearing was postponed after he appeared dazed and unwell in court, claiming that he had not been given his medication. He then spent months in a federal psychiatric facility.

    Although he would later maintain his innocence, Collins-Rector pleaded guilty on June 10, 2004, to nine counts of transporting minors across state lines for the purposes of sex. According to a person close to him, Collins-Rector accepted the plea deal to put an end to the suffering he had endured since his arrest. He was sentenced to time served in Spain plus three years of court supervision.

    With his family’s support, Collins-Rector moved to Key Largo and settled into the routine of a paroled sex offender, never missing a check-in with his probation officer. He quietly began to defend himself from the many civil suits against him, fighting default judgments that had been ordered during his years in Spain.

    In need of a job to fulfill the terms of his release, Collins-Rector founded Proteus Systems, a company that attempted to create underwater drones that could be used for anything from scientific research to prospecting for deep-sea oil reserves. In less than a year, he attracted investors, a board of directors, and the interest of defense contractors in Washington, D.C.

    With his spotless parole record, the government filed no objections when Collins-Rector asked the court for permission to travel across the country to develop his growing company. It was during one of these business trips to New York City in February 2006 that Collins-Rector collapsed in his hotel room. Tests revealed a tumor pressing on his brain. The court allowed him to travel to London in May to undergo surgery by an expert neurosurgeon there.

    After the operation, dizziness, debilitating headaches, and seizures left Collins-Rector, then 46, in need of a live-in assistant. He hired Lee Bowles, an Englishman who was 18 at the time, as a personal aide. Within months, the two became romantically involved, and in January 2007 Collins-Rector rewrote his will to include his new partner.

    By this time, U.S. authorities were growing suspicious about why Collins-Rector had yet to come home. When his lawyers revealed that he and Bowles had approached a U.K. immigration lawyer about entering a civil union, the court ordered Collins-Rector’s immediate return. Government lawyers wrote that Collins-Rector “had abused the permission he received to travel” by “engaging in wholly inappropriate business and personal relationships with teenage boys,” particularly because Collins-Rector had not been required to register as a sex offender in the U.K.

    Collins-Rector returned to Florida on Sept. 4, 2007, to spend the last 31 days of his supervised release in the United States. Once his time was up, he returned to Europe — and to Bowles. Collins-Rector would eventually renounce his U.S. citizenship.After living in London for about two years, Collins-Rector and Bowles moved to Antwerp, Belgium. Together, they often played an online video game called Entropia Universe, according to people with knowledge of their relationship — Bowles using the name “Colonel Lee Bowles” and Collins-Rector under the moniker “Marcus Slayem Aurelius.” They became prominent players, but in August 2007, members of Entropia Universe identified who “Marcus Slayem Aurelius” really was when a picture of Collins-Rector appeared in a U.K. tabloid article titled “Ty!!!! paedo on prowl in UK.” The vociferous reaction by many other players soon forced Collins-Rector and Bowles out of the game.
    In Antwerp, a diamond dealer named Marc Robeyns said that he was one of several people whom Collins-Rector befriended in Belgium in hopes they would invest in his stream of startups — and in IGE, which, Robeyns said, Collins-Rector essentially managed from Antwerp.
    Robeyns, a short, middle-aged man who on a recent meeting with a BuzzFeed reporter sported blue-tinted sunglasses and blue eyeliner, said that he used to serve as the consul for diamond-rich Liberia. But he said he had nothing to do with Collins-Rector’s Liberian passport and that he never invested in IGE. As a merchant of precious stones, he said, the notion of risking money on imaginary goods struck him as foolhardy.

    Yet the diamond dealer continued seeing Collins-Rector and Bowles socially, he said. At first, their dinners were expensive, with Collins-Rector buying fine wines for the table. But as time passed, Robeyns said, Collins-Rector’s health deteriorated and the dinners became less frequent. The last time they saw each other was more than a year ago.

    The last company that Collins-Rector appears to have started was Universus Related Holdings, which presented itself as a business consultancy. The principals included Collins-Rector and two Antwerp lawyers, both of whom declined to speak with BuzzFeed. On the Universus website, three people are listed as references, one of whom told BuzzFeed he had never authorized Collins-Rector to do so.

    The company appears never to have gotten off the ground. A private banker in Antwerp, who asked not to be named, told BuzzFeed that Collins-Rector asked him to invest in Universus, but he declined. The banker also said that Collins-Rector had a small account with his wealth management firm; despite Collins-Rector’s repeated assurances that he would soon bring major assets to the firm, the account steadily diminished. Eventually, the banker said, he closed Collins-Rector’s account.

    Collins-Rector bemoaned his fate in a profile on a professional networking site. “I continue to try and work on other entrepreneurial ideas,” he wrote, “but the economy has gone (somewhere) and I am both physically handicapped, broke, and friendless so I thought to try this as a way to perhaps make a little money.”
    Around this time, Collins-Rector used the pseudonym Morgan Von Phoenix to self-publish the first chapter of a science fiction novel titled Change Hope. The story’s titular character is a trans-dimensional entity who visits Earth in the form of a beautiful teenage boy with white-blond hair. Accompanied by two allegorical beings named War and Peace, the teenager uses his supernatural abilities to enlist another teenager — a bullied, reclusive sci-fi fan — in his mission to lead humanity through its next evolutionary steps.

    Morgan Von Phoenix also created a Kickstarter account to raise $430,000 to produce, under the Universus umbrella, a series of European-centered comics in the Japanese manga style. The Kickstarter campaign ended in July 2012, having raised only $12.
    Collins-Rector did, however, turn the Universus website into a platform for his prolific writings. In podcasts on the company’s YouTube channel and in blog posts for its website, Collins-Rector wrote musings on politics, technology, and economics. Many were collected in another e-book, this one under the pen name “Anonymous 23.”
    Collins-Rector’s writings and some of his online activity reflect unorthodox views on adolescence, adulthood, and maturity both psychological and sexual. On Facebook, Morgan Von Phoenix liked a page called “Love Equality” whose banner image includes two embracing figures, a younger-looking one labeled “15” and an older-looking one tagged “21.” (After BuzzFeed contacted Collins-Rector, he closed that Facebook account.) In an article proposing a new model for families and households, Collins-Rector wrote that “the adolescent is subject to, in today’s world, the castration of biological reality and hypocrisy of control by other adults until an arbitrary age.” “The adolescent” he continued, “is as much an adult (physically able to reproduce and mentally self-aware) as their parent.”

    During the years that Collins-Rector slipped into obscurity, the idea that he had helped pioneer — streaming video on the internet — became one of the most lucrative and ubiquitous uses of the web. His company was one of a wave of digital video companies that arrived too soon, before the widespread adoption of broadband and other technologies that facilitate video streaming. Geffen’s internet video company,, failed in September 2000, not long after the collapse of DEN. Five years later, Google would buy YouTube for more than $1.65 billion.
    In his later writings, Collins-Rector sometimes styled himself a persecuted tech visionary. In a fawning obituary of Steve Jobs, he rails against the people who “parasitically survive” off of “Visionary Entrepreneurs” — bankers, lawyers, and the like. In an article giving advice to entrepreneurs who make it rich, he wrote: “All those people singing your praises that in the back of your mind you believe may be out to get you (plus all those you don’t know that are out to get you) are out to get you so be paranoid.”y 2012, the year Collins-Rector published the first chapter of his novel, Bowles had moved back to England. Two people who knew them in Antwerp described their breakup as acrimonious.Collins-Rector now lives alone in a top-floor apartment in a neighborhood near the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in the south of Antwerp. In late May, a BuzzFeed reporter knocked on his door. Slow, struggling footsteps approached from the other side, accompanied by the thud of a cane striking the floor. Finally, Collins-Rector opened the door, bearded and smiling, and said, in Flemish, “Yes?” Upon learning the reporter’s identity, he slammed the door and refused to answer again. BuzzFeed learned from another person living in the same building that Collins-Rector often spends entire nights coughing and almost never leaves home.
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    Interesting.... I vaguely remember something about this but I didn't really know the avatars concerned... funny how you forget things... I guess a lot went on in 10 years
  3. Wistrel

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    Makes me wonder.... do we have a sort of "timeline" of entropia here? I guess I can kinda imagine it as a bar down the middle of a web page with lines coming off (at a point in time) to a single line of description that might be a clickable link to something else with maybe more detail. Wonder how hard that would be to do...

    I guess I'm thinking of essentially a time line of memories, stuff like notable events eg "apocalypso" or those epic car races we used to have or that battle royale event or things like the orbs and the AR game tie ins. Remember when we used to all be trying to decode messages on the forums? Could also put in stuff like the ponzi guy I mentioned (if only I could remember/find him)
  4. Marc Collins Rector and Brock Pierce also had to do with regisseur/producer Bryan Singer (Xmen, Superman Returns, Dr.House etc.).
    Bryan Singer gut accused of child abuse. Still an ongoing case. Bryan Singer's Obsession With Barely Legal Boys Was an Open Secret.

    They also made gay partys at Roland Emmerichs Pool. Yes that Roland Independence Day 2012 Emmerich.
    Nothing wrong with that, one should think
  5. Amy Berg released a first clip of the documentary about the sexual harrassment of underage boys in hollywood : (feat. Marc Collins Rector, ofc and DEN (Digital Entertainment Network) the hub of activity regarding sex abuse)

    It premiered as part of the NYC DOC (Gotham documentary festival) on Nov. 14th

    But might not hit public...

    Lets wait and SEE...
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  6. added one of the links you provided to internet archive's way back machine. The others already were there. Important to get this type of junk in there or similar caches since it's highly likely that the actual links will go bye bye eventually.
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  7. I was going to try to do something like that with my blogs at one point in time, but didn't get around to it too much (yet). There is a few websites that allow you to do this type of thing as a service, but they typically charge a fee after so many items are on the timeline. Better to do it by hand. The wiki here has most of the useful info. Maybe links to all of the wiki articles and various vu updates, etc. listed therein along with links to other sites like various forum urls where timeline worthy stuff is kept can be created in a timeline like you mentioned. If people do take up this initiative, please try to use the internet archive's way back machine or something similar to get a cache of the stuff you are putting in the timeline, and link to that in the timeline too since it's the best way I've found so far of making a backup of a site in case it gets deleted or changed later... If anyone knows of a better service that does likewise, what is it? Does the wiki here use same system as wikipedia?
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  8. Some pieces of ER may still be in way back machine. Hard to put the puzzle pieces together without a full archive though.*/ Wonder if whoever owned the site had a database backup somewhere?

    As far as timeline goes, digging through pcf, which used to be entropiaforum would be the place to start for now... along with some various other sites like , , etc. is the tag for historic articles on my ol blog. I might throw some of the links you've posted here over there someday when I get around to it.
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  9. I also wonder how MA decides to remove people entirely from the "Player Register", while some "known" names are still present...but their ATH removed. ;p
  10. Hahahhaha...but it reads like if someone created that account to spread sh!t (truth)...who knows...
    Ok, screenshot case someone wont believe...or it gets deleted.
    Why not rename 711 to cybersquatter now... ;)

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  11. ya that story already up there :)
    and i read that bitcoin stuff too :)
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  13. Holy wall of text ... :O

    Thats some serious background info wow. Thank you ! :D

    No word about Entropia though.
    And still no release date or stream of "Open Secret" available.
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