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Slayem, Bowles and the reporter from the USA (2014)

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Just recently a "reporter" (John Gorenfeld) from the USA was contacting various people on PCF & Entropia France, asking for Slayem & Bowles
    He also messaged me on entropia france, asking for photos and infos. Thank god Im a Entropia collector. ;D

    Feel free to also check Mastermesh's collection of the case !​

    Marcus Slayem Aurelius = Pedophile millionaire = Marc Collins Rector
    Marc Collins (Rector)
    Colonel Lee Bowles = Slayem's underage toyboy = Lee Bowles
    marc lee bowles 1.
    Lee Bowles and Ripper (London meeting 2007)

    Another shot from a London Meeting :
    slayem bowles2.

    Marc Collins Rector also played WOW with his avatar "magejust"
    in the guilds called :
    -In Aeternum (2012)
    -Endeavor (2011)
    -Dreamers (2011)
    His battlenet account was again "Morgan.von.phoenix"
    So was his skype name.

    morgan von phoenix magejust wow.


    He also lived together with "Chad Shackley" and "Brock (Jeffrey) Pierce" (since he was 17).
    Google is your friend, if the links below arent enough.

    http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/sites/default/files/custom/Embeds/Bryan Singer Lawsuit.pdf

    Of course I was wondering why someone got interested in this "case" again after 5 years. So I started to google and remember.

    a.) Maybe because Brock Pierce got elected as Director of the BitCoin Foundation in 2014 ?

    Bruce Wagner anyone ? xP

    Or because Brock Pierce is the chairman of playsino ?

    b.) Maybe because of their past in IGE ?

    Rector blackmailed Pierce before about making his company IGE become a fail.

    c.) Maybe because avatar name "Mrs Emma Peel" (London metro police officer in reallife) "recieved" many precious items from Slayem/Bowels when they..."had to leave" Entropia ? She got those items when the whole community was already aware who was behind "Slayem".

    Ms Emma Peel2. Ms Emma Peel.
    Ms Emma Peel (London Meeting 2007)
    IRL name Michaela Harrison

    She tried to sell everything on her 2nd account "Laura Peel".

    Her current linkedin account (2017) :(she took it down right after I posted this)
    d.) Maybe because of Marc's failed kickstarter (2012) about european mangas ?
    He had 1 backer (himself) and got 12$ this way... (video included) hehe, maybe I cant do something with that. ;)
    marc collins rector 2.
    He still looks scary...and his voice...man... :O


    morgan von phoenix.

    marc collins rector 1.

    Or try to listen to his youtube audios for a while :

    e.) His closed facebook account
    (his..."friends" still partly active,
    for example Vincent Volpen, Rafal Feklistov, Robby Van den Bosch)
    Young men, of course.
    marc collins rector 3.
    marc collins rector 4.
    marc bosch1.
    Marc Rafal 1.
    marc vincent 1.

    His "books" on amazon published as "Morgan von Phoenix" and "anonymous23"

    morgan amazon 2.

    morgan amazon 2a.
    Nice, a female Rector also liked that book. ;)

    His "profile" on Elance :
    marc collins rector 4 elance profile.

    Need more infos like the above ?​

    Maybe the reporter can even dig out more ? Lets wait and SEE... ;)

    Here is the long awaited report from Amy Berg, about the pedohile things going on at Hollywood, Marc Collins Rector beeing mentioned more then once.

    Morgan von phoenix is/was on "pinterest" as well, had 1 follower named "Peter Clune".
    Peter Clune has Amy Berg as follower :

    morgan von phoenix pinterest.

    morgan von phoenix pinteres 2t.
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  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Interesting.... I vaguely remember something about this but I didn't really know the avatars concerned... funny how you forget things... I guess a lot went on in 10 years
  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Makes me wonder.... do we have a sort of "timeline" of entropia here? I guess I can kinda imagine it as a bar down the middle of a web page with lines coming off (at a point in time) to a single line of description that might be a clickable link to something else with maybe more detail. Wonder how hard that would be to do...

    I guess I'm thinking of essentially a time line of memories, stuff like notable events eg "apocalypso" or those epic car races we used to have or that battle royale event or things like the orbs and the AR game tie ins. Remember when we used to all be trying to decode messages on the forums? Could also put in stuff like the ponzi guy I mentioned (if only I could remember/find him)
  4. Marc Collins Rector and Brock Pierce also had to do with regisseur/producer Bryan Singer (Xmen, Superman Returns, Dr.House etc.).
    Bryan Singer gut accused of child abuse. Still an ongoing case. Bryan Singer's Obsession With Barely Legal Boys Was an Open Secret.



    They also made gay partys at Roland Emmerichs Pool. Yes that Roland Independence Day 2012 Emmerich.
    Nothing wrong with that, one should think

  5. Amy Berg released a first clip of the documentary about the sexual harrassment of underage boys in hollywood : (feat. Marc Collins Rector, ofc and DEN (Digital Entertainment Network) the hub of activity regarding sex abuse)


    It premiered as part of the NYC DOC (Gotham documentary festival) on Nov. 14th


    But might not hit public...


    Lets wait and SEE...
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  6. added one of the links you provided to internet archive's way back machine. The others already were there. Important to get this type of junk in there or similar caches since it's highly likely that the actual links will go bye bye eventually.
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  7. I was going to try to do something like that with my blogs at one point in time, but didn't get around to it too much (yet). There is a few websites that allow you to do this type of thing as a service, but they typically charge a fee after so many items are on the timeline. Better to do it by hand. The wiki here has most of the useful info. Maybe links to all of the wiki articles and various vu updates, etc. listed therein along with links to other sites like various forum urls where timeline worthy stuff is kept can be created in a timeline like you mentioned. If people do take up this initiative, please try to use the internet archive's way back machine or something similar to get a cache of the stuff you are putting in the timeline, and link to that in the timeline too since it's the best way I've found so far of making a backup of a site in case it gets deleted or changed later... If anyone knows of a better service that does likewise, what is it? Does the wiki here use same system as wikipedia? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Timeline
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  8. Some pieces of ER may still be in way back machine. Hard to put the puzzle pieces together without a full archive though. https://web.archive.org/web/20080601000000*/http://entropiareality.com Wonder if whoever owned the site had a database backup somewhere?

    As far as timeline goes, digging through pcf, which used to be entropiaforum would be the place to start for now... along with some various other sites like http://www.mmorpg.com/mobile/forums.cfm?ismb=1&threadId=145882 , http://www.virtualmindhive.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5249&st=0&p=16812&#entry16812 , etc.

    http://entropiarelated.wordpress.com/category/historic-articles-and-interviews/ is the tag for historic articles on my ol blog. I might throw some of the links you've posted here over there someday when I get around to it.
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  9. I also wonder how MA decides to remove people entirely from the "Player Register", while some "known" names are still present...but their ATH removed. ;p
  10. Hahahhaha...but it reads like if someone created that account to spread sh!t (truth)...who knows...
    Ok, screenshot here...in case someone wont believe...or it gets deleted.
    Why not rename 711 to cybersquatter now... ;)

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  11. ya that story already up there :)
    and i read that bitcoin stuff too :)
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  13. Holy wall of text ... :O

    Thats some serious background info there..wow...just wow. Thank you ! :D

    No word about Entropia though.
    And still no release date or stream of "Open Secret" available.

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