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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Jamira, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. Back in the days you wrote to the support about it.

    I did write a lot in 2004. Just one example. Not using "MA has to..."

    Submerging support (and later the devs) with a story and feelings, of how immersive wind-sounds could be, when beeing played, while you walk through many of the deep canyons on Calypso. Days later all deep canyons had awesome wind sound effects and it added a lot of depth to the gameplay. And it felt good, seeing your idea actually getting appreciated.

    And you didnt jump straight to the forum claiming "MA used my idea wooot wooot !!!111"
    It just happened and I was happy. :)

    That was just one example and it was 2004. None of these people are left at MindArk.

    Now the standard reply you get is "Will be forwarded to the design team" aka. Trashbin. :p

    Back in the days you got rewarded for reporting bugs/exploits, up to 1000 PED, depending on how evil that bug/exploit was.
    Now rewards feel totally random at times...or there will be no reward at all and the bug/exploit, no matter how bad it is, will still be around.

    Sure, give MA something to read on the forums like "I have so many ideas". Its not a bad thing...the bad thing is, not getting appreciated for it anymore...or getting no official reply ever, because of the zero communication politics MindArk uses...since about 2009.
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  2. San


    That's why I write them all out now to put them on a public ledger. More detailed plans I only have for the outer planet partners who still find the time and motivation to at least let you know personally that it's appreciated. And something, somewhere really did get into the works ;)
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