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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Jamira, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    TBH ... why to keep all the skills (220k) when I won't play the game anymore?
    So if anyone is interested in buying skills, here is poor Jamira with a weak blade and some old secondhand clothes but nice skills:


    Even without armour and using just this poor blade I could kill many mobs without a problem.

    I am still the leading Atrox slaughterer at Entropia Life (2017-July-04):
    ... after more than three years of absence ... LOL!

    During my last time with my beloved Lion armour (1 of 2 sets ingame) and the very best Genesis Niflheim I was nearly at 100% return. Even from Atrox.

    If you are interested in buying my skills (see screenshots below), bring the chips and offer some money. Just pm me.


    Well, the 79 following skills are all below 1k and not worth to be mentioned.

    It will break my heart to lose the title "Great Grand Master". I was once so proud on it. But alas, what is it worth while not participating anymore?

    Well, the champion leaves the room ...

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  2. San


    Why don't you guys try another planet before doing something drastic? I've seen a number of those jaded and disgruntled find a new life elsewhere, where there's a very different air from the devs the way they communicate and go about changes. You two make a team and go on an extended exploration trip, and then we share opinions again. Yes?
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  3. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Man, I'm out since more than three years and I am really no longer interested in this game. I sold out already. Another planet, eh? Have a look at the big tits I got from the Arkadia clothes at the picture above, watch the apartment towers at Monria I've made. Read my report about riding the complete Universe as a tourist. Have you ever seen my sister's fashion show at Monria? Or my exhibition of pictures "Women And Swordes"? Did you ever made a picture story like I did with "Adventures of Jamira"?

    So what's your point, San? My skills are for sale because I'm done with this game. Simple.
  4. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    That's a nice set of... skills, Jamira. Good luck with the sale.
  5. Yay, lets talk about it ! Im aware what you are trying to express. I say :

    I also tried the other planets (and space), except for Toulan. Toulan...oh well...there are better single player games to actually experience "arabian nights" or "arabian"...ah, whatever...I dont SEE any great diversity in any other planet anyway, excpet for some different 3D models to click on...

    Cyrene tried in the beginning...sounded too great to be true...
    (MA fecked them)

    Arkadia tried in the beginning...I enjoyed it...really...
    (MA forced em to standardize then)

    Next Island tried in the beginning..."theeeeee timmeeeetraaavveeelll plaaneeeet"
    (its standardized now as well, nothing BiG) *lol*...but back then, it was a decent attempt to survive inside of Entropia...

    (its like a 1 level demo of DOOM have seen it all before...somehow you expected way more...but it is what it is...only 1 level...and again, you have seen it all before...and thanks to MA it got standardized as well...full of glitches since years) It has greenday, uh, St. patricks day...and MS9...and boxing rings...woOooOOooOow, what a diversity... -_-

    Rocktropia...hell yes, this really never was my style anyway...GTA ? Punks to kill ? A fecked up virtual President campaign to ride the crypto train and promise the holy grail !? Jesus Christ...seriously...and I have heard a lot of Neverdie(s) talking in my 13 years of Entropia.

    I could throw in all the planets that decided to not to join this universe...becasue of...reasons.
    All others are tied to an NDA now.

    Oh and then there is Calypso, that got fucked with CryEngine in my opinion...what is really left, except for steady lies, broken promises, missed deadlines and zero communication by MindArk since fucking ages (honestly) ? Except for repetitive events or the necessity to "be more badass then the others", by comparing phat wallets. RX units, hogglos and Eomons...and the daily grinding, to...enable your 3 seconds of fame...ahheeee...become rich, making tons of dollars to cash out on a weekly basis !

    This is not why I choosed "Project Entropia" in 2004. Slow but sure it has worn off, because the developers stopped caring and the so called official forum did not allow to write about it.

    Some friends from 2004 are still here, in our 3D chat, but most are gone by now. Not because this product is actually bad, no, but becasue it deserves way more development. Way more...
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  6. San


    Weeee, this is worse than I thought... /ducks flying dishes

    Lol, was just an attempt. Every time I poke it seems to get worse. I must be really blessed to have slept through the biggest upheavals. Good luck with the sales everybody and sorry for derailing the thread. I felt encouraged by narfi's remark in the other one.

    I agree it got fucked royally with CryEngine and all that happened around it. My own experience is just that the other devs are making an effort. To keep in touch with the users, I mean. I am actually getting good responses. That makes the difference for me. And maybe that I haven't even started shooting anywhere near the amount you guys did. Gotta live a bit longer...
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  7. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    So ...

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  8. if ESI were cheaper lots more people would buy or trade skills. maybe MA is just scared, that more would sell than buy. :dodge:
  9. with loot 2.0 is there really any more need for skills?
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  10. so you got 12.9k for sale on Longblade and McC has 4.2 k for sale... so 17k for sale between the two of you. If I had the peds I'd be buying... sadly I don't, at least not immediately. most my peds are tied up in apartments, shopkeeper, and some pricey pets... How many chips and tt value would it take to get 17k anyways?
  11. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Thats not how it works. With compression 13+4 is much less than 17
  12. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    To buy longblade only wouldn't help you very much. You need several other skills too to use them. Anatomy to name one. Not to speak of defense and healing skills and good health and armour because longblade is always close combat. I am above 250 health. So I can go out there with a weak blade, without armour and with a TT medikit. But alas ... it took nine years ...
  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    To be honest I thought they were a bit mean to you even if you hadn't done your homework. But anyway...

    Jamira I met a rich guy in game the other week. I'm going to PM him about Mr McC's skills, I'll cc you along with it see if he wants to buy everyone's skills

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  14. San


    Nah, no worries. I did underestimate how deep it must have cut. I probably worded it badly. Didn't mean to insinuate that nobody ever was out there, rather that so much has changed, and with some dev teams really making an effort to reach out, was wondering why it shouldn't be worth giving them a chance instead. I could go into details but it would only look more stupid right here. Furthermore, selling skills is less rewarding than ever. Good luck again and bump for the thread.
  15. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Well, I was far away to hurt you San. But I was really astouned about your post. My point of view: This game changed dramatically during the last years. And it lose everything I once loved. I am really out. Planet partners doesn't do a good job in my eyes - vice versa. It's just my point of view. But it's the point to say goodby finally. I'm sure I won't be able to sell my skills. Was more kinda joke since McCormick posted his 172k-thread. If I'm allowed, I would stay here for a while. Nearly nine years hardcore participation did some engravings ...
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  16. Once promsied as "the glorious way out" aka. "make some money back" when you decide to leave,
    this became just another point on the long list of fuckups by MindArk.

    Back in the days many decided to sell their skills, to get some PEDs, to actually continue playing.
    ESIs dropped a lot then.

    Now, why did they decide to turn skill-sales into "mission impossible" again ?

    Ohhhhh I know, its dy-MAnic... ;D
  17. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    This is bad. If it is no longer appropriate for them to drop in loot they should add them to the webshop or just adjust the tools to decay when transferring skills.

    It would actually be in their interest to make skill transfer as liquid as possible
  18. San


  19. I dont want to sound all negative but... ;D

    We posted so many ideas and asked for help since 2009...and usually we got silence as reply.
    Or stuff we never asked for, that got forgotten soon afterwards.

    Meanwhile I laugh at all the people repeating all the "I have glorious ideas for MindArk"...this became embarrassingĀ².
    If you cant SEE the embarassment (yet), try harder.
  20. San


    Not embarrassed at all. There is a paradigm: If you see something on the internet which you don't like, counter it with something you like. You don't get it to go away by yelling at it. Nor will you know if others like your ideas if you keep them to yourself for fear of ridicule. I know of at least one change... interestingly enough one that got destroyed by forum mods but which was picked up and finally implemented (ofc I can't know whether I was the only one asking for it). Well it's never enough of course, we want little things and we want big things and we all see ourselves first. There are some much more detailed plans which you can't publish or they would be spoiled. That's where the easier contact with other planets' dev teams comes into play. I don't know if I'd spend any money on playing if this wasn't possible.

    But there is a fine distinction. There are people who begin their sentences with "MA has to..." or something to that tune. It is revealing and you'll never see me use that kind of wording. I've taken a few fellas to the cleaners who took things out of context and tried to throw dirt to see what sticks. The mods aren't entirely useless, even if we're at loggerheads sometimes. It is also very interesting to observe whom you make angry. In short, there is always more than you SEE on the surface.

    Ever watched/read/listened to Eckhart Tolle?
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