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Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by Phunkygeeza, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. I have updated Tweak to centre and amended it's editor to reflect the style colours, which has not worked brilliantly! It only affects the frame and the buttons (had to disable the button mod). The edit area is still white and the ink still black! However it does fit a bit better

    I have also centred stuff and put the banner image in place to bring it in line with what Phunksta had done is his blackcurrant and Liquorice theme. In addition I have provided a little padding above the banner so the links stay above it.

    There is a lot that can be fiddled with in this, should be good for a laugh.
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  2. This brings us on to file access to the server as I haven't really figured out how to do that yet. You absolutely should be able to put in graphics where you need them in a style and usually this is done in a stylevar or in the css so you can use a custom class in the style where you want to. I don't know the specifics but I've seen how it's done and it's not to tricky.

    You already have images from the old site available as they are sat on the webserver, and I can always get fresh images uploaded for you whenever you need for now until I sort out something better for you all. What I could do in the first instance is download a ZIP of the site images directory and send it to you guys so you have a local reference on your machine. Should then just be a case of you working out how the paths are set (site root relative IIRC) and you will be able to use them.
    So send em in, I'll put em online then you can tag them into your styles.

    Another cool thing with styles is you can apply them to forums as defaults so in the Tiger forum you can have a custom style if you like just for that forum.
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  3. You might have seen I've been having fun with the CMS. It's quite easy, the layout controls which widgets are shown, you can add widgets then edit the layout to drag them around where they go on the page.
    I haven't quite mastered sections and categories yet!
    Have a play - via the admin control panel you can manage all the CMS stuff.
  4. Good thinking Phunksta. I was wondering about existing graphics and adverts come to that as I think they are a revenue source. A zip file of exiting images and the path info would enable us to pay a bit more. Long term the site may have ftp software that allows for configuring sub-admin accounts that only have access to specified areas.

    I have managed some changes and css type edits in the tweak profile. I will have to take a look at widgets.

    I have noticed that once you have created a colour scheme there does not seem to be an easy way to edit it! I am guessing that the way to go is to sort out the layout first and once we have an agreement on that use it as a template to create various colour schemes that can be selected or that we can implement at short notice! Go Ogle has it's graphic for the day, don't see why we cant be a bit seasonal!
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  5. OK, I've had a go at a new style that's got rid of some of the purple, and the text is more readable - no light-yellow text for instance. The style is '----nexus3' in the Quick Style Chooser, lower-left of every page. Don't know, what do ppl think of it ;)
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  6. Seems good to me Nexus, I too have been playing, Tweaked is my latest brooding colour scheme. Are we going to make people use a specific style or will they be allowed to choose?
  7. Yes, I've noticed we've all been having a go, and Anna's observations has me in stiches - LOL. I said I got rid of 'some of the purple' but obviously not all of it, and maybe now it's too much light blue. Good last point there as well about whether everyone should have the same style or be able to choose from a selection.
    I think it should be the same style for everyone selected from a shortlist of three or four styles that we all vote on. Your Tweaked one is really good...
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  8. Thanks Nexus, not sure if there are enough of us to vote :). Tweaked has a few problems, some of the text is tricky to read but I'm putting up with it until I can find time to hunt through the variables and figure out which ones need changing.
  9. @Nexus tried your nexus3 style and it looks nice and fresh. Some things have gone a bit odd like top borders of posts etc. vB seems to insist on reusing some colours too and white text is put both over dark and light backgrounds. The CMS styles all seem to end up with a white bit/bar where the background of the main section shows up. I guess this is a case of hunting down the particular stylevar for that and tweaking it.

    When I did this originally I came to a conclusion that it would be easier to start from a downloaded style template, and work up from there. I could never really find one that looked nice enough to start from though! You may remember me looking at some from the guy that supplied the original theme for vb3 (ambience).
    You guys may want to give it a try though, google up 'free vb4 styles' particularly those based on HTML5 and CSS3 and you will see there are thousands out there. These are easily installed via the admincp you now have so play on!
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  10. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Thanks Phunksta for all your hard work upgrading the forum, it is looking very nice. :ok:

    And Nexus7 nice work with your themes, I am using the nexus#3 theme and it is very pleasant to look at. :D
  11. I know what you mean - the number of regular posters does seem to go up and down a bit. Maybe if some of the less active members were sent an email telling them that they are really needed to vote on which new style should be made the common one, that would bring them back in again. Once that's been agreed on, a list of alternative styles could be given that members could use if they wanted to.
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  12. Thanks for that... I tried finding a way of having white text set to bold so that it would be more distinct on both light and dark backgrounds, but couldn't find it. Maybe I just have to experiment a bit more with the style options. I googled 'free vb4 styles' and found some possibilities, but nothing decided on yet. Truth is I'm learning about vb4 as I go along, as I'm by no means a vb expert yet. If you look at some of my other efforts, you'll see what I mean. They were terrible :eek:, so I think I'll delete them!
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  13. He He yup that's pretty much how I did it, and I no expert by any means I just have a couple more years tinkering time than you guys :rofl:
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  14. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Some things i noticed:

    -tags (bold, italic etc) dont work in signature.
    -smilies look stupid, example: :D
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  15. Sorry - very late back in on this thread, only I've been busy... So, another two years and I should be there then!;)
  16. Maybe a different font-style can be applied to signatures, but would have to look. On the smiles, I wonder if we could get the old one's back, there was a bigger selection with those as well...
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