Should I stay or should I go now?

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  1. Hi EP!

    So I d/l and logged into EU for the first time in - wow - about 4-5 years?
    Ostensibly I was going to put all my stuff in auction and cash out if I could as I'd like to build a new gaming rig.
    Before I do - am I making a mistake? Should I get back into things while I still hava bit of hunting skill and some items?
    My items are real old now, are they worth anything these days?

    I'd be happy to hear opinions from folks current in the game!
  2. go to, log in, and go to the "my items" section... there's a list of stuff there... you could copy/paste that list if you wanted. Otherwise it's hard to know if you have tt trash or something rare? If you don't post a list, just use in game auction history for estimates on each item's worth.
  3. Thanks mastermesh - I forgot about that list.
    If anyone is interested:

    A-3 Punisher Mk.II
    Abrer Laser Sight
    Abrer Laser Sight
    Advanced Cloth Extractor
    Alicenies Gel
    Ambulimax Skin
    Angelic Wings (M)
    Animal Adrenal Oil
    Animal Eye Oil
    Animal Hide
    Animal Oil Residue
    Animal Pancreas Oil
    Animal Pancreas Oil
    Araneatrox Doll
    Armax Skin
    Armor Plating Mark.6A
    Armor Plating Mark.6A
    Armor Plating Mark.6A
    Armor Plating Mark.6A
    Armor Plating Mark.6A
    Armor Plating Mark.6A
    Armor Plating Mark.6A
    BLP Pack
    BLP Pack
    BLP Pack
    Basic Coil Blueprint
    Basic Engine Blueprint
    Basic Leather Extractor
    Basic Nuts Blueprint
    Basic Pattern Pants (M,C)
    Basic Pattern Shirt (M,C)
    Basic Power System Blueprint
    Basic Screws Blueprint
    Basic Sensor Blueprint
    Basic Sheet Metal Blueprint
    Basic Stone Extractor
    Basic Stone Extractor
    Basic Strategic Combat Processor
    Basic Structure Blueprint
    Basic Target Assessment Unit
    Basic Wires Blueprint
    Basic Wood Extractor
    Bear Foot Guards (M)
    Belkar Ingot
    Bjornir Precision Scope
    Blausariam Stone
    Blazar Fragment
    Blazar Fragment
    Blazar Fragment
    Blazar Fragment
    Caudatergus Leather
    Christmas Lantern
    Christmas Reindeer
    ClericDagger 1A Blueprint
    Colonist Standard Issue Cap (M)
    Colonist Standard Issue Jumper (M)
    Colonist Standard Issue Slacks (M)
    Crude Oil
    Cumbriz Stone
    Cumbriz Stone
    Daikiba Cloth
    Diluted Sweat
    Durable Motor Blueprint
    E-Amp 11 Blueprint
    Electro Matrix
    Electronic Stabilizing Component
    Exarosaur Skin
    Explosive Projectiles
    Explosive Projectiles
    Feodora (M,C)
    Fi/Ra/Co Beast
    Fine Hide
    Fine Leather
    Fine Textile
    Fine Wool
    Fire Forge ARR 8000
    Force Nexus
    Foul Bone
    Foul Skin
    Gazzurdite Stone
    Generic Leather
    Ghost Arm Guards (M)
    Ghost Face Mask (M)
    Ghost Gloves (M)
    Ghost Harness (M)
    Ghost Shin Guards (M)
    Ghost Thigh Guards (M)
    Gift Wrapped Box
    Gullaldr Shades (M)
    Hardened Nuts Blueprint
    Hardened Screws Blueprint
    Heart-shaped Pillow
    High Definition GUI Component
    Horns - Small Bull (M)
    Inferior Cloth Extractor
    Infernal Trident
    Interactive Simplifier Component
    Iron Ingot
    Iron Stone
    Jack O'Lantern
    Jashonich FP
    Jashonich MP Blueprint
    Katsuichi Valor
    Level 1 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint
    Loughlin Cutter Two (L) Blueprint
    Lysterium Ingot
    Lysterium Ingot
    Lysterium Stone
    Maddox I Blueprint
    Make Up Remover Rough
    Mann MPH DLx Blueprint
    Melchi Crystal
    Melchi Crystal
    Metal Residue
    Mind Essence
    Mir-1 EnergyGlove Blueprint
    Molisk Tooth
    Narcanisum Ingot
    Narcanisum Stone
    NeoPsion 10 Mindforce Implant
    Nova Fragment
    Nova Fragment
    Omegaton A103
    Omegaton A104
    Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-5
    Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-80
    Omegaton Sports (M,C)
    Paint Can (Brown)
    Paint Can (Brown)
    Paint Can (Steel Blue)
    Payn-Inc Implant Inserter
    Pile Of Garnets
    Plasma Kyller Blueprint
    Radar Jacket (M,C)
    Regeneration Chip III
    Resource Extractor RE-102
    Robot Component Residue
    Robot Filter
    Robot Heat Sinks
    Robot Heat Sinks
    Robot Low-Loss Link Cable
    Robot Safety System
    Robot Weapon Grip
    Robot Weapon Sight
    Second-Rate Cloth Extractor
    Short Midastree Board
    Sjoeblom Winery Chauvignon Crystal
    Snablesnot Leather
    Snablesnot Skin
    Socket I Component
    Socket II Component
    Socket III Component
    Sollomate Opalo
    Standard Holo Module Blueprint
    Standard Lever Blueprint
    Standard Matrix Blueprint
    Standard Plate Blueprint
    Standard Rod Blueprint
    Standard Springs Blueprint
    Standard Valve Blueprint
    Standard Vents Blueprint
    Standard VisioMem Blueprint
    Superior Cloth Extractor
    Surface Hardener Component
    Surface Hardener Component
    Teleportation Chip II
    Tier I Component
    Tier I Component
    Tier II Component
    Urban Nomad Walker Shoes (M)
    Urban Nomad Walker Shoes (M)
    VSE Mk 1
    Valentines Chocolate
    Valkyrie Mk1 (C,L)
    Vibrant Sweat
    Weapon Cells
    Weapon Cells
    Weapon Cells
    Wool Cloth
    Wool Thread
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  5. rich fook - yeah I used to be close then I had a bunch of kids!

    But used to spend far too much on PEDs anyway - and so did the wife so didn't even have her to moderate!

    Well, I'll go auction diving and see if any of this stuff is worth parting with.
  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

    What is your cutoff for being large enough chunk to withdraw?
    I dont think I see 500 dollars worth on that list, and not sure its worth withdrawing less than that.

    Fireforge is probably worth a little, but old school non sib weapons are not worth nearly what they used to be so im not sure what they are worth these days.
  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Chesty rings a bell...
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