Shopkeeper at Wang's Hut

Discussion in 'Trading & services' started by WangXiang, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. I have begun to arrange the hut I won at the New Year's Next Island Celebration Global Competition :) I have also installed a shopkeeper at the entrance of the hut.


    It is located WSW of Crystal Resort Beach Lodges TP. Position is 136308, 83615.

    I will propose items I craft and loot.

    To start : Different types of Strike and Attack Chips, as well as weapons such as Breer P1a (L), Isis HL14 (L), B.A.M.F. ZK4 (L), ZK5 (L), ZK6 (L), ZK8 (L), Rock n Roll Axe (L), Brutal Rock n Roll Axe (L) and Omegaton Power Claw Cleaver (L).

    Prices are normally below mark-up :)
  2. About time you posted about it :)

    I was beginning to think you wanted to keep it a secret forever ;)
  3. Well, its amazing news about for me!
    But there is an issue towards the given link.
    Actually, its is not working properly. If you could help me!
  4. There are no web links that can be opened in the Entropia Universe client software. To go to a destination in-game you would have to make note of the given coordinates.

    Entropia Universe - Beginner's Guide
  5. And since the last VU finding said coordinates has become way easier:
    Open up your in game map and right click on the coords/add Waypoint. This way you don't have to mouse hunt for them as you come closer, since you'll have a marker on your map (and on your radar when you are close enough).
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