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Entropia News: Share System - Crystal Palace Space Station Shares

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, May 1, 2019.

  1. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Idiot

    The above. Is just same as Conpets. I have a LOT of Ark Moon Deeds. payout is 1 pec a week. 1 pec. No1 (where is Rick he has left now . When he has money to donate he will be back again to donate to MA).

    There literally is NOTHING any1 can do legally against Swedish Companies. NOTHING. THey can literally do ANYTHING and get away with it.

    Brexit Party :). Gl supporting these types of companies.

    Btw. Don't EVER expect 'darkowi' to EVER post again. He is not that guy as I said in my post last week. He is now an OFFICIAL Ma employee.

    ANd Im sure I won a bet about that Darkownie is or would be an Official employee. I won bet 100% anyway heheh pay up :) x

    Short version= Check deed payout of Arc moon deed :)

    Keep track of CP 'share' deeds.

    GL Ponzi!!!
  2. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Idiot

    WHAT the moral thing is like Mark said. Newbies (brand new players) do NOT know about MA scams PR gags etc. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. But established players will NOT complain (grits got banned for complaining about an incomplete event.... 1st time ever I agree with that guy). Ah our new PCF mod and MA official (well its now 100% both are the same no1 CAN NOW argue about THAT right :) ) banned him for complainining. AFTER he as an MA official. Ah well :)

    Guys/Ladies/sheeps. There ARE other games you know? games with 6 figure active players.

    Just saying :)

    Good luck on investments and ''taking your kids through College''
  3. upload_2019-5-8_15-25-13.

    yep you're right, didn't even see that. and on that special case regarding incomplete TEN armor i fully agree with smilgs too.

    fuck you mindark!
  4. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    500.000/1.025 = 487(,80). But with the median being 30, there's a few people who bought a fuckload. 1.025 * 30 = 30.750. My guess is a few resellers hope to once again fuck over a ton of people when they can sell the deeds at a premium (which will mean it'll take even longer to make your money back, and the offering becomes an even less attractive option).

    Why not invite the guy to join EP and tell his story?
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  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    wow 1pec so what...? about 1% ROI? and the ark moon deeds started at 50ped... not such a great investment then, and of course, because they not all sold (and now, likely never will be) you can't sell them on, even at a loss.

    Nine reasons why I avoided Ark Moon deeds:

    1. space is trickier to get to than a cave system
    2. Ark playerbase is small compared to Caly anyhow
    3. Ark were asking us to fund development that they shouldn't need funding for
    4. Ark were asking for WAY more than the actual cost to make the planet
    5. We had no idea how popular/good the place would actually be, or even if it would ever exist
    6. Deeds couldn't be bought with PED
    7. Deeds couldn't be re-sold until all are sold
    8. Deeds may never all be sold
    9. The MA factor

    I think 6, 7 and 8 were the biggest warning signs for me.
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  6. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Yep, that's the point. It's either 487.8 or it is 488, it's never 487. It's tiny itself but it's yet another instance of MA's insistence on doing it wrong even when doing it right wouldn't be any harder.
  7. San


    They always round down/truncate. I can actually imagine a reason for it.

    The ROI is just shy of 10%, someone made the calculation in the PCF thread. Caveat was that this was projected from a period with above-average activity. We'll see.
  8. I buy 5 of them each month. Income has picked up with the vu that gave some more missions on the moon.
    I agree with most points wistrel raised though, but they are still only 6 dollars each, which translates to 5,36 euro or two beers in a Dutch pub. And I have experienced first hand what Deeds could mean for a player in this game.
    So I could drink 10 beers in a Dutch pub each month or do this. Each month it gets a tiny bit cheaper to play entropia. I buy Ark deeds from profitable runs. You might not notice it at first, but it adds and adds and adds up over time. Every 23-25 ish Ark deeds I buy myself one CLD, until one day I can buy a landdeed again, or another car. Or a nice vacation to Florida. It's all a matter of perspective. Since 2004 I have been collecting scraps here and there. Before deeds existed I used to buy full tt unlimited non sib guns (there was no other kind), and throw them in inventory when they had no tt. That was my way of saving ped. I could buy a lot of CLD when they first came out from the sale of all those low tt items, and I was lucky to ride the price rise of both CLD and Aud. If entropia goes belly up, well then I can think I drank a lot of beer in a Dutch pub. It's not money I can live without, and one should never invest what you cannot miss. Now before silly willy comes in again and throws all kinds of dirt of me being an investor etc etc. It's how I play the game, and It's grown on me. I wish people would respect eachother more instead of mocking one another, but ofcourse.. this is the internet. That's why silly willy milli vanilli is on ignore (which this forum does quite nicely)
    I am sad I wasn't around to buy some crystal palace deeds. But vacation in the south of the US is nice too.
    Y'all have a nice day
  9. You support a simple pyramid-scam here, @Spawn.
    You talk and act exactly like one of those loyal pyramid-scam supporters here.

    "I could spend the money in the pub..." really ? Nice rocket science there !

    If Entropia fucks up...you spent the money on Entropia...not on some "Imagination Beer". Say what ?

    This is about one of those simple internet scams, about supporting it, about beeing proud of it
    and actually bragging about it.

    But hey, I get what you are saying. In 2004 this scam was way more charming...I wanted to live in it.
    Until they fucked up...and I realized it.

    I do understand what you are trying to express here..."I (can) make money in a video game"
    Sounds great'n stuff...until you realize, it turned into a simple pyramid-scam...you beeing the loyal supporter...denying it.

    I admit, if any epic storyline or any of their epic promises would have actually been released in the past 10 years (even partly)...I would still support this online world as well. But Mindark has lied and failed so often...what you still call entertainment, is nothing else but compulsive gambling. But I know, every sorry and PR-gag will get you back on the tracks...again and again...hell, someone like you doesnt even need those PR gags and sorries to support this...

    Welcome to generation smartphone/internet indeed...
  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Tis Space station pay day today! So we get to find out if it was worth buying the deeds (potentially)
  11. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Ark Moon deeds?
  12. San


    Crystal Palace deeds I thought we were talking about, but just re-read your post and seems I misunderstood it. The 1 pec is just the payout threshold, for Ark Underground/Moon deeds this is applied daily and for CP weekly. When looking at ROI over acquisition price consider also that deeds already on the market and traded between players carry markup and those still in initial offering don't.
  13. You drink the beer then.
  14. San


    This does not fit the definition of a pyramid scheme.
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  15. @Spawn
    Great, problem solved. Could you send me your money via paypal friends ?
    Ill even reward you 1 cent per week, for every 20 euros you transfer to me.
    Easy profit, in about 40 years !

    And every time you send another 20 Euros to me, you dont...as it gets a little bit cheaper by every single transfer,
    as you recieve 1 cent per week by me ! Then 2 cent per week...and so on... :'D

    We can add a snail-mail MMORPG on top of it. Ill send you the infos about a mob...and you send me how you will attack it...and if you are lucky...its loot will be some prettie pennies, transfered to you via paypal...

    I even offer a bonus-program for early bird investors.
    1 extra cent reward per week, if I had more then 10 beers per weekend.

    Let me insert the term "xxxxxx scheme" then...as I guess you understood quite well, what I meant :

    a.) Entropia Universe turned into a well built xxxxxx scheme (we need steady new members/investors, to be able to pay the loyal patrons)
    b.) Deeds are a xxxxx scheme (one entity recieves lots of cash, pretending to pay everyone involved)
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  16. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I remember when there actually WAS a pyramid scheme running in Entropia. It was something like, "give me some money, come back next week and I double it". iirc I put in 10 ped and got 20 back. The trick was that it relied one a steady stream of people putting in more and more money to pay the people who withdraw. It relied on people keeping their money in so it gets bigger and bigger. The avatar's name was even an anagram of Mr Ponzi.

    Needless to say it was shut down within a few weeks
  17. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I forgot to check last night actually, so what was the Spacestation pay out in the end?
  18. The cost of using Manager NPC is not decided jet?
  19. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    No payouts till monday
  20. San


    Well then why don't you insert it in the first place. These are serious accusations and you want to be taken serious, or not? Accuracy and evidence make a point, otherwise it's just drivel one is less and less inclined to even read. Everybody needs to let off steam sometimes but this here has been going down a slippery slope for quite some time. You'll become like that which you criticize if you don't watch it. You stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you.

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