Shameless Theft at AH West

Discussion in 'Entropia Events' started by Tass, Sep 12, 2010.

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    Guess what my friends ... I had a very interesting chat with Mr Johnson, only because the owner of the location where the item was stolen is a bit difficult to get a hold of. Mr Johnson has filled me in on some pretty interesting news.

    He revealed the name of an employee who has gone rogue and can't be tracked down, but ... the interesting part about this little scenario is, that Mr Johnson found some rather incriminating documents in a locked draw in the employee's desk. This information definitely shows a connection between this employee and not only the PAPD, but the recently concluded EUWBC tournament at Billy's.

    I took the time to review the data for the EUWBC that Oleg posted in his event sub-forum (Entropian Events) and discovered that this individual actually took part in the event.

    Here's what I will do ... I will donate an additional 100 PEDs and create Task #6. Following the instructions as given is absolutely key, or you will be disqualified.


    Task #6 – 100 PEDs in Rewards is Being Offered

    The following steps must be followed exactly or you will be disqualified:

    • Use your detective skills to determine the name of Mr Johnson's employee who took part in the EUWBC
    • The complete list of contestants can be found in this thread by Oleg
    • It won't be easy - so think outside the box while reading through the contestant names
    • Once you think you have the correct name
    • Send me (MS9) a private message, and give me the name of the individual


    Rewards will be given in the order of completing this task:

    1 -- 40 PED to the 1st person to correctly PM me the name of the individual + 1 contribution point
    2 -- 30 PED to the 2nd person to correctly PM me the name of the individual + 1 contribution point
    3 -- 20 PED to the 3rd person to correctly PM me the name of the individual + 1 contribution point
    4 -- 10 PED to the 4th person to correctly PM me the name of the individual + 1 contribution point

    As each person PM's me with the correct name of this individual, I will post the name of that person so everyone can see who comes in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Remember, that if you do not fall into the PED reward categories, you still have the opportunity to gain another contribution point for this task, so complete it anyway.


    Please keep in mind that learning the name of this individual does not mean that you go after him on your own. The capture of this thief must be a community effort, and there is something in place that will facilitate this happening, so remain safe at all costs. If you should run into this individual within our colony, it is best to keep a distance.

    It has been told that this person has actually tried soliciting members of our community in housing areas for items that would help gain a step up and easier access to break into homes. Some say that he even brags about how many homes he has invaded. I wonder if anyone else has reported missing items.

    Mr Johnson said that his rogue employee may be using a dagger because one was stolen out of his office and suspects that it is our thief since he found him admiring it several times.

    It is uncertain at this point what the connection is between this individual and the PAPD, but I am continuing to investigate this. Mr Johnson has been kind enough to give me a copy of the documentation he found in the locked draw, and I will share any important information that will help us capture this thief as it becomes available.

    Thank you for your continued patience and support with these efforts. Again, you will not go unrewarded, and there is a special surprise in store once we capture this thief as well.

    Carry on, and good luck!
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    BBpunisher and Eva have been hard at work trying to find the correct avatar name, but have not correctly done so yet, so no one has completed the task. Keep at it and think outside the box - think in terms of what type of person this thief might be - what lengths he would go to in his devious behavior, and what name might fit the scenario of this event.

    I'm heading to bed now as it is a bit after 1am, but if no one has correctly guessed the name by the time I'm conscious again, then I will give a clue. I said this wasn't going to be easy, but this will be the last task you will have to work hard at before we move forward.

    Keep up the effort, and hopefully someone will have discovered the correct name. When someone does, I will post their name and time of correct entry so that everyone knows which reward slots have been filled, but everyone can still do the task for the contribution point, so don't forget that. There will be prizes and a special something at the end of this event - the community still has to capture this thief, and as I mentioned before, there is something in the works to facilitate that happening. ;)

    Carry on - I am now out! :)
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    Following are the winners so far who have correctly PM'd me this individual's name:

    1 -- 40 PED + 1 contribution point ... BBpunisher
    2 -- 30 PED + 1 contribution point ... Eva
    3 -- 20 PED + 1 contribution point ... Kay Jones
    4 -- 10 PED + 1 contribution point ... : D :

    As each person PM's me with the correct name of this individual, I will post the name of that person so everyone can see who comes in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Remember, that if you do not fall into the PED reward categories, you still have the opportunity to gain another contribution point for this task, so complete it anyway.
  4. :D:


    How the heck ... ? :(
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    Don't give up ... I said it wasn't going to be easy, and that you would have to think outside the box.

    We generally come from a position of basic assumptions, but you have to sidestep that a bit.

    What would a criminal not want to happen?

    And, what would they do in order for it not to happen?

    True, there's any number of things, but only one would fit when trying to determine the name.

    I have to tell you though, that all of you who are taking this task on are doing some brilliant critical thinking with regard to the names that you are coming up with from the EUWBC participant list ... really great job in that respect. It's even surprised me just how many of our fellow Entropian's names could play into this event, but ... there's only one that fits. ;)

    Do not give up ... there's one more PED reward position left, but you can always complete the task in order to get another contribution point ... it all adds up, and there will be other rewards in the end as well, so stay with it.

    Happy detecting. :bigsmile:
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    Ok my fellow Entropians ... I know that this event has been spread out over time, and there are a couple of reasons why. I have been working hard to get the kind of information I need from a specific interview, and I can say that this information should be available within the next couple of days. Also, we wanted to give more people an opportunity to get in on this event by completing the Tasks that have been given in order to collect the contribution points.

    We have had an influx of new players lately as the result of the news about the sale of the asteroid, and 26 new Adopt a Newbie members signed up as well, so ...

    If any of the new members are interested in getting out there and completing the 6 Tasks that have been set out in this thread, then by all means ... GET BUSY ... because I will be posting the interview contents of the last remaining person necessary prior to the final segment of this event taking place where I know one of you will be able to capture this thief.

    There are prizes at stake here, other than the PED prizes that some have already won and will be handed out in the finale of this event at a big party, so don't miss out on this opportunity.

    NOW GET OUT THERE AND GET BUSY - Tass can add you to the contribution points roster as you complete the Tasks. :clap:
  7. Thanks for the update....We are anxiously awaiting the next posts :)
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    You won't need to wait too long Hon, because this is about to progress so that we can bring this event to a conclusion.

    It has been rather hectic, and we appreciate the patience of everyone who has played along with us.

    Hang in there, it will be worth it. ;)
  9. task #1 done

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    Excellent, blood ... I will make sure that Tass adds your name to the contribution points roster - keep going. :)
  11. event #3
    7 counting the one that crash landed on the roof. I hope no one was inside.



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    Good job blood - don't forget to do Task #2 of you can ... GO GO GO GO! :clap:
  13. Anything?????
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    Let me humbly apologize for the delay in moving this event forward ... it certainly was not our intention for this to drag on so long. Our plan was to actually have this completed some time ago, but many things have gotten in the way unfortunately. Without going into a lengthy song and dance, I will say that this has been discussed in the staff area, and we are deciding which direction is best to go at this point in time, because this whole event was actually going to be tying into something special with the Dec magazine issue as well, so hopefully we can accomplish what we need to in order to still have this happen.

    This is what I will do in the meantime ... while the rest of the event is being worked out (because there is more), I can meet with everyone to give them the PED rewards they have received so far, rather than making you wait until the actual end of the event. In retrospect, I think this should have been done after each task. So, if you would please send me a PM to let me know when I can meet you in-game, I'll do my best to work out my schedule so that I can give out the rewards so far.

    Thank you very much for your patience, it is very much appreciated. :grouphug:
  15. It is really embarassing that this is still going.

    Police, media, authorities, event organizers... clueless and incompetent.

    Looks like it needs another private initiative to solve this 'riddle'.
  16. Eva


    Since you are handing out prizes do you think you could post each task and who the winners are? Especially the counting the spaceships one. Screenshots with the count would be nice, that one still has me very curious. Or maybe you have that planned for the very end of the event?
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    Hey Hon ... go read your PM quick ... and also, perhaps Tass could take the time to make a list of who won what and the total PED for each person. I know it would be helpful when giving out the rewards. :)
  18. Alternatvive Task #1

    Did you ever wonder why the PAPD sent people to a remote location for solving task #1? A very dangerous location too and as far away as possible from the actual crime scene?

    Time for a change.

    The organization is looking for fresh blood. Therefore we offer an easy alternative task #1 for Entropians with less than 100 Agility:

    Find the the 3 highest Televators in Port Atlantis. Capture a photo of yourself and each televator also showing the coordinates (“P”), the time (“U”) and your agility. Post the photos in this thread.

    The PED prizes for task #1 are claimed already. The reward for solving this #1 is 1 contribution point.


    - 3 special prizes will be given away to the participants with the most contribution points-
    - 1 special special prize will be given away by draw to 1 single contribution

    To give point to our efforts for acquiring 'fresh blood' the organziation will give away another special prize to the person with the most contributions and less than 100 Agility.
  19. Are we really going to drag this out longer by adding alternative tasks? Seriously September 12th was when this started. :)
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    Tass needs to respond to this inquiry. ;)
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