Selling my Hunting loot

Discussion in 'Trading' started by psycosword, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. So, I'm trying to make a profit on hunting loot, without losing money to the Auction House. And, I don't want to go and manually shout for everything. we go.

    93 Common Dung. (Not sure on price)
    108 Pappalon (Not sure on price)
    44 Animal Hide (104% Markup)
    11 Soft Hide (112% Markup)
    4 Snablesnot Skin (130% Markup)
    3 Short Firn Board (106%)
    1 Short Midastree Board (111%)
    1 Hair Gel (240%)
    8 Paint (Green) (104%)
    2 Paint (Orange) (112%)
    2 Wool (103%)
    5 Basic Stone Extractor (103%)
    4 Mollisk Tooth (400%)
    32 Animal Muscle Oil (103%)
    17 Animal Oil Residue (102%)

    I'm also looking for a longblade upgrade from the TT longblade. Still in the learning period, but soon will need better.
  2. I'll take it all

    pm me and let me know when you are online
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