Selling F.O.M.A. Apartment

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MrGrey, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. I'm selling an apartment Alpha south 10 A please contact me with an offer.[emoji89]
  2. I will sell for cheap make me an offer but please be serious. .
  3. I also offer transportation services 5 PED anywhere ...8 PED to unlock planet TPs
  4. Fishy, I mean Dodgy no offence but with the recent scam over at PCF with the estate and the recent lock of an avatar I just don't trust any one any more in EU except for well know guys from 2001 era..
    I may be wrong about you so with all due respect good luck with your sale and services.
  5. How is it fishy ? when I haven't asked for a penny ... I just want to sell my estate deed.. and offer my services I thought that this is why people checked these postings, if yor not interested in buying or using my services then that's fine but why post on my posts to prevent me from conducting business with anyone. ... So I guess if you don't trust someone the whole community shouldn't as well.. I have an Apartment on F.O.M.A I have no use for maybe someone here would be interested if you're not then why post.
  6. For those who are interested I have an Apartment on F.O.M.A
    I'm willing to accept 250 PED if interested please contact I will entertain any serious offer.
  7. how many item points does the place have, and also would you take aud as a trade instead of ped?
  8. I'm would accept USD or PED.
    lol I never been to Australia so AUD would be useless to me.
  9. Also the apartment has 1 item point
  10. Some images of the estate deed from my storage.

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