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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by HardWrath, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. Justin Thyme

    Justin Thyme Someone With Opinions

  2. One mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist...

    and HW, it is obvious who is trying to twist things here, too f'in painfully obvious that anyone would still fall for your cheap "let's turn things 180 degrees and accuse him of what i do" trick.

    I will now refrain from posting in this thread, mommy rockchick can be very strict!! ;)
  3. Justin Thyme

    Justin Thyme Someone With Opinions

    I would not even borthwer reading that type of garbage. There is no circumstance ever where one player should have any authority over another.

    Your plan has one main flaw. YOU ARE BANNED
  4. Yea I agree with Justin here Shinobi... I just posted on that thread.

    Justin is right

    ...anyway im done with this thread. I dont have any new information to add at this point
  5. wow, looks that guys is realy skilled scammer lol, maybe u can ask from MA to bann his accounts? because as i know you may have only 1 account, cuz to have many accounts its illegal. Idk more ways how you may punish him, maybe u can ask to block his bank account if u know on what bank he opened his account, but im not sure that he can be punished in the real world cuz looks like there is nothing against the law. Visit him and beat him lol (i hope that incentive of aggressivenessis not against this forum rules, (i dont remeber rules lol ) so if its agains the rules, please inform me and ill remove this post) :)
  6. LOL couldve fooled me. Anyway the plan was concieved whilst still active long ago. Met Jon Immedietly at Nymphtown and thats where it started.

  7. Dude if I was still active in-game, I would go toe-to-toe with you in a Virtual Presidential race. campaigning;) Dude I am for the peops;) genuinly unselfishly so.

    At the mo I am like Nelson Mandella in exile;) I will let you in on something. Nelson was the leader of a group that called themselves the ANC,(African National Congress). During the appartheid era they killed civilians with bombs on busses and so on. Thats a fact. Mandella was imprisoned as the terrorist leader he was. I never bombed or killed anything but did express it in jest in public. Suppose thats just as bad. Unlike
    Mandella, my hands are NOT bloodsoaked. But for the sake of the argument lest say they are virtually bloodsoaked;)

    Who knows, if you wanna get virtuo-political with me regarding the Verse youre on!
  8. Nah, new EULA forbids to convey it in any way,ingame or out of game. If it didnt count for out of the game I could post a bunch of mugshots of "respected" players but the EULA specifies its "in and out of the game"

    HardWrath, you've broken so many rules with this thread its awesome. Hope you enjoy falling since atleast people can see you for the fool you are, something that been known to us others for years
  9. Knuckles... it sure is an interesting time for you to start caring about "rules"... you never have in the past
  10. If you actually bothered to look in the past you would see every "naughty" thing I have done has been within the EULA until they do modifications to it:nana:
  11. And that is why your account is locked right now?

    Did you forget about that?

    Silly clown, go away.
  12. I know i said i will refrain from posting... so i'll just throw in this line:

    You are both silly clowns, both trying to win the "but.. but.. i despise you more" contest, unable to notice that you both already share the #1 spot in being despised throughout the community.

    :bduh: :puke:
  13. ...said the man who always tries to get in the last word ;)
  14. Well I didnt break any rule. You however broke the rules way more severe than I did and I got all the evidence I need no matter what you edit or not.

    Screens+ saved webpage= win:deal:
  15. Knuckles I submitted all of this information to MindArk months ago including a full unedited copy of each phone conversation which included GTF giving the passwords and me accessing the accounts while on the phone.

    Have fun with your little mission though
  16. Doesnt give you right to publish information given in private to public. Hell,its also part of the EULA!

    Spin this however you want,but what you have done in terms of harassment to this kid is far worse than I have ever done.

    Now to get back on track alittle,why did you feel it was in your right to access someones email account and also forum accounts? Why was it so exciting to stalk someone and harass em with phonecalls?

    Why HW..Why:nana:
  17. Justin Thyme

    Justin Thyme Someone With Opinions

    I honestly do not believe they condone your hacking into another persons email account. But they will answer soon.
  18. It was right for me to publish these phone calls and expose GTF because MindArk failed to lock the account of someone who is a proven scammer that spreads key loggers, accesses EU accounts to clear them out, changes the email address and gets the account locked through a loophole in MA's policies, poses as a MindArk official in an elaborate attempt to scam even more people, and is involved with a multitude of things that aren’t even mentioned in this thread.

    Harassing someone is far different from confronting a thief and getting a confession. Go ahead and keep trying to make the scammer look like the victim... just think of how that makes you look.

    It was right to access his forum accounts because he gave me permission to do so. It was right for me to try the password he provided on his MA locker email account to find out if it worked or not. Having a phone conversation is hardly stalking someone. In total we placed three phone calls to Stipe, after the first phone call he asked that we call him back. After the second phone call he knew that we were going to call him back again. There was no stalking, there was no harassment, and there were no unwanted phone calls. The last two phone calls were the ones that were recorded.

    Your efforts to taunt and upset me are an epic fail as usual. Your -rep message asking me if I "feel the burn" is a joke. I don’t know what you think that you posted that would make me feel a burn but go ahead and keep living inside of your little delusion. When my posting slows down or stops, it doesn’t mean that you have won anything... It simply means that whatever you have said isn’t worth my time.

    What you fail to realize is that everyone else can also read the rest of the thread, not just your posts. When this happens they see that it is in fact you who spin and twist things around to suit whatever little attack you are perusing against someone. Knuckles, people don’t automatically think what you want them to think, they make up their own minds. Given you history in EU, you have ZERO credibility with anyone who matters.

    Knuckles you live for forum drama. You are the worst case of a petty, quibbling, scamp, of a forum troll that the EU has ever seen. I would tell you to stop trolling the EU related forums and actually go play the game for once however your account is currently locked for harassing people. Oops.
  19. How often do I troll forums? How frequently? When is the last time I posted anything on EF or EP that was trolling for instance?

    Then take those numbers and compare to how many times you been trying to harass people that dont agree with you.

    I am just happy you have exposed your true nature.

    We should focus more on the topic of the thread though. You breaking the EULA,trying to cover some of it up and then trying to justify it saying its not as bad as toying with MS9
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