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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by HardWrath, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. No idea how long it takes in the usa till theft becomes time-barred, but over here, it is enough when the authorities bring charges against the offender within at least 5 years - if this elapses w/o action he "got away" - for hacking at least 10 years btw...

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  2. In the telephone conversation, he never told me that I should get out of his email account. By giving me his password, I assume that I had permission to access the account. Technically speaking he never admitted to owning the MA locker account... in fact he very clearly said that he didn’t create it. I guess the account doesn’t belong to anyone then?

    When laws are created to protect virtual property from theft and give average people a reasonable means of recourse then there wouldn’t be cases of law abiding citizens feeling the need to take matters into their own hands to protect themselves against thieves.

    Regarding this thread being on topic: I only respond to what is posted. It’s up to you guys if the thread gets back on topic or not. It’s my thread and personally I don’t care how on or off topic it is. In my opinion most of these posts are related to the subject matter. We shouldn’t micromanage the topic of a thread. Instead it should be allowed to run its natural course.... but hey, it’s not my forum. It’s your toy, not mine.
  3. I'd sure love to seee a judges opinion on that... almost too cute seeing how you try to talk your ass out of this...

    HW, you are not allowed to enter anyones email box/forum account w/o explicit permission. You entered (at least) all the double accounts w/o permission, that you had the password/permission to read for another account doesn't matter. He doesn't need to tell you to "stay out of there" either, this is CLEAR when you are not explicitely allowed to do so.

    You better go hide under your bed and pray that this thread won't be bumped a lot...
  4. EMW


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  5. The more I see this kinda thing happening the more my idea of EPS becomes nececary. Ye one thing EU needs is an Entropia Police services. Run by players and MA in conjunction.
  6. You bring up an interesting point with this. Aside from a couple of isolated cases around the world, law enforcement agencies dont take this kind of thing seriously.

    Travis CEO Byers told over $2,000 USD from people and there wasnt one police station that gave a damn. Not mine, not his, not anyone's. Then when you start to get into international situations it becomes even more difficult. On top of that, you have victims that dont want to come forward because if the embarrassment of the whole situation. Frankly why should they come forward? If they do they have NO recourse.

    Even if you do manage to get past all of the legal jurisdiction issues, you still face the reality that technically none of us "own" these virtual items.
  7. You misinterprete the eula, you don't "own" the item - as little as you "own" you windows vista (all you own is the permission to use it and a CD) - but you "own" the value tied up in the item, and for sure, you "own" the market value above TT of that item.

    As for your "nobody gives a damn" - if people file a lawsuit on their own, authorities are forced to act, simple as that - and that nothing happened yet doesn't prove anything either: sometimes it takes up to several years till in such relatively minor crimes finally some action takes place. I had recently an invitation to give evidence - over something that happened like 2 years ago and i almost forgot about it.
  8. I have tossed this idea around myself.

    How could you make it work though? In the end, the players couldnt even do as much as MA can and we know that MA cant do very much.

    What would be the point? What would be the benefit?
  9. I think that I have made myself abundantly clear on this point.
  10. I think you have abundantly posted lame excuses trying to justify your behaviour - if it's not to save someone from severe bodily harm or death it is not allowed to do what you did (read: illegal) no matter how you try to twist and misinterprete and play down what you've done.

  11. Here is my last comment about the legality of accessing GTF's email with the password that he provided for a different account...

    Sometimes you have to just say "fuck it" and fight the good fight :wise:
  12. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    i wont bother, its quite evident. now, i really dont care, just pointing out that you lose any moral high ground in this endevour and are no better than the scammer you claim to be fighting. enjoy yourself now.
  13. Thanks for your opinion :tiphat:
  14. Justin Thyme

    Justin Thyme Someone With Opinions

  15. I bet you're all in for lynch law then, too - civilists trying to take law in their own hands is exactly what no civilized country wants...

    Heck, who needs courts anyway, who needs proof and evidence:
    Let's just burn GTF, Travis and whoever had the questionable luck to interact/disagree with you... :thumbup:

    Sheesh, HW - grow up.
  16. Dont twist things out of context and jam words in my mouth in order to fuel your own desire for a lynching or anything :bduh:

    I have said what I have to say in this thread. I dont see any point in continuing further.
  17. {Mother mode} Will you lot just stop it or I will send you to your room :argue:
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  18. My plan is outlined in this thread:

    This same forum. Go through it and then come back to me. you may also chat ND bout it, he is up to speed on this matter for ages. And supports it;)
  19. Mommy thanx for giving birth to me and loving me. I love u 2;)
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