ROCKtropia team speak 3 skin

Discussion in 'Entropia Tools' started by Billy, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. I am happy to announce that I have finished version 1.0 of the ROCKtropia skin for team speak 3

    To preview and download visit here


    I am also considering doing society skins so if your soc uses team speak and you would like a custom skin send me a PM.
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Very nice looking skins, both your rocktropia one and your calypso one :)

    Do you know anything about skinning mediawiki?

    It has been mentioned that it would be nice to have a skin for the wiki here that matched the forums better.

    Also, my soc site uses mediawiki and it is functional but not very pretty. I would be interested in skinning it to look more like a "gaming" site like you have with yours. I have very little time though and that is all above my head.

  3. tbh,
    I have never done it but I am sure I can figure it out easy enough. I will check it out and see what file type it uses and let you know.

    EDIT: yes I can do it and I have started working on it for the wiki here but I really don't want to go any further until I know it will be used or that this is really something that is wanted. I will start a new thread asking if this is what the owner of the wiki here would like and then get some idea of what they want. As for your web site let me know what colors you would like and give me a idea on some gfx you would like to see on your soc site I will look at it then let you know what I can do.

    Oh btw I really hope your not killing my Dragons ,-)
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I have looked at that site before and like both the dusk and the tech skins they have, but had issues with both of them. Dusk was too narrow, there ended up being lots of stuff that ran off the main section into the sidebar. Tech has the extra advertisement column that I dont want.

    As for gfx I dont need anything fancy, maybe an image of a proteron, trox, or drone, and the image of the wastelanders is always a good one.

    Does that seem simple or dooable?

    thanks for your input ;)

  5. sure it's dooable :) I would have to do some PHP changes for either of the 2 skins you mentioned to remove the ad's or change the layout. But I can do it, may take me some time to get it done because its not all that I do. If you are willing to wait for a bit I can come up with something you might like.

    Do you have soc colors?
  6. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Awsome I appreciate it :) take your time of course.

    if you were curious its for

  7. ummm do you have soc colors ? Or what colors do you think would be good for your soc ?

    Better yet lets take this to a PM thanks.

    Now back to the Team Speak skin for ROCKtropia :)
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