Robot War is really getting hotter.

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    Like most of you, I received this e-mail today,

    Entropia Universe Event

    The Fight For Calypso
    A dark shadow has fallen over the cities of Calypso: robot mother ships have appeared in the sky. Startled colonists have gathered watching the ominous steel hulks. Fear has spread through the colony as it scrambles to prepare for a fight.

    3 Times as many Skill Points
    Join the battle now and receive 3 times the normal skill experience gains between December 5th and 21st. Enlist today and help recover new robot technology that can give the colony an edge. Miners and crafters are needed to supply the troops on the front line.
    The Government will reward colonists that can salvage all the pieces of new technology with 15 complete sets of Protector of the Empire armor.

    Calypso needs you now!

    So the robot war is really upon us now. Blabberbot should be seen as a spy and not trusted. hehe
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  2. So no change there then :).
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  3. Well, that might entice me back for a bit. :D

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  4. 3 times as many skill points, 3 times as bad loot. But I'll be there.
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  5. i'll be there 00:01 tonight starting earlie :D
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  6. Oh god, people gonna grind like never before! :D

    I think the e-mail still leaves us with some unanswered questions. I watched a thread about this on EF where a few people from the Mindark staff answered questions, so I thought I could explain some stuff here for you who don't have an account on EF, or don't feel for browsing through all 25 (and counting) pages of that thread... ;-)

    As I have understood, you get 3x skill gains during this period from absolutely everything you do. Be it crafting dampers, taming animals, mining enmatters or crushing bots. 3x skill gains on everything, and no matter where.

    About this new robot technology mentioned; more than one part will be needed to win one of the 15 Protector of the Empire armors. These parts will drop from crafting, mining and hunting bots (all bots will do, don't have to be those from the new spawns around the newly arrived spaceships, but other creatures than bots won't drop them). It is still unknown how many parts will be needed, but it seems you can not get enough parts from only hunting bots, or only crafting, or only mining. So my guess is the 15 new owners of PoE armor after this event probably had to buy one or more of these robot technology from other players. Of course it would be possible to find all parts needed yourself, but I think it's highly unlikely.

    To sum up;
    Robot technology will drop from crafting, mining and hunting (but only from bots).
    More than one part of this robot technology will be needed to get a PoE armor set.
    3x skill gains from absolutely everything you do, and everywhere you do it.

    We will probably get more info during the day. Yesterday they said they don't want to give away everything day one, and that they already had said too much ;)
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  7. thanks for that una are the bots there now (at the ships i mean?)
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  8. Haven't been ingame today so I'm not sure, but they weren't there yesterday. And a few days ago MA avatars hinted that things will start happen tomorrow (Friday).
  9. woohoo i can feel a illness comin on and i think i might be that ill i cant go to work tomorrow *cough cough* :p
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  10. That is such a shame :) I do hope you recover soon :).
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  11. interesting... might even get online *shock*

    +rep una for the digest of the ef thread
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  12. Well I got 3x skill gains, but also 30x (slight exaggeration) the ammo expense - never got any damn bot technology though lol. I managed to get a screenshot at Hads C where it was absolute chaos, with every kind of robot including things I've never seen before outside of the mob charts, like spider-bots and flying bots.

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  13. spide bots? scaaaary!
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