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What is going on?

  1. Tomorrow morning servers will be down, and MA tells that robots destroyed Calypso, see ya'll, thanks

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  2. Robots will bring CE2

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  3. MA ran out of money and another robot war is here

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  1. Anna

    Anna Master of the Universe

    Okay... No official news have been launched, which indicates robots killed all news ppl.

    Robots are here! Attackers varying from lvl1 to lvl10 have attacked at least Nus Lull, Cape Corinth and fort ithaca.

    What is going on? Vote!
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  2. It's retribution for inciting protest at the conventions :), Ithaca and Corinth are where I mostly hunt.

    However I have not been on-line yet so I don't know how much lag has been created, time to find out :).
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  3. Just had a little look, lots of people standing around waiting, there was one attacker in Corinth which I could not have a crack at as it was out of range of my shortblade :).

    I suspect the truth of the matter is that there is not enough lag as people are not changing their clothes often enough, so do droids have been manifested to slow down the servers.
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  4. Choose the cynical option? Me? Never!
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  5. I've gone for 'MA ran out of money....' In the early hours of Sunday morning, I was on my way toward PA and as I got near to where Nus Lull is, I was suddenly set upon by three attackers and lots of those pesky little spider-bots LOL. I got all of them somehow, but did I get any loot for them? Nope!:rolleyes:
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