RIP Next Island?

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  1. I too will be very sorry if NI goes or changes much. Being taken over by another PP, or by a player, is probably the best option, but I wouldn't want NI to become a clone of another planet.

    Congrats to Meg and Harold, I hope their life together is and will be full of happiness :yay:
  2. Well I can think of quite a few design changes that would be possible and make the planet more exciting. Has anyone ever watched the tv series Sliders?

    It will be interesting to see if 12.8 brings any NI content...I guess that will be the major indicator if NI will make it or not.

    I wonder if Mindark charges for additional map space. This could have been one of the issues of expanding NI. It seems to me, a planet based on alternate timelines requires a lot of unique content. This would make the planet massive over time. Right now I'm thinking a time travel based planet wasn't such a great fit for the Entropia Universe platform.
  3. i think the idea was great, the planet just didn't get enough attention from the developers and they didn't listen enough to the players. In some aspects it is/was way better then the other planets though. (achievements, missions, the aincient greece idea). Just a shame that 3/4 of the regular servers are pretty much useless.
  4. Let it gooooooo...

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  5. Wistrel

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    "That planet was our last hope..." ;)
  6. NotAdmin

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    I'v seen people suggest that MA could just sell off Next Island, which I would think is not the case. MindArk most likely will only have received the rights to use the PPs assets in-game (as that is necessary to maintain in case of a PP going bankrupt or if they for any other reasons cannot meet their contractual obligations), but I would doubt they also recieve the Intellectual Property (IP) to the storyline etc, which would be required for a sale.
  7. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    If that's the case MA should change the contract at the earliest so they do have full rights in such a case. MA simply won't have the time to develop the planet so will for a long long long time be a "dead" planet.
  8. Aha! I see your plan, George! Planet Venus! AWESOME!
  9. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    But that would also mean that the contract would be totally unattractive to any aspiring planet partner. Imagine that Cyrene, who have a lot of other little projects, like the iPhone game, going on. If Cyrene would lose the IP to their planet, that would mean MA would suddenly also own the iPhone game? I cannot imagine anyone being interested in such a deal.
  10. I dont know who the reliable source is , but there is planet partner content released for Next Island this VU...who has spoken to David Post lately here ?

    You aware someone impersonated David Post on his his twitter account saying these rumors, but david post has said strictly on the record that Next Island is currently in Media Blackout and any so called official information unless from David Post or a Mindark administrator directly should be treated with a grain of salt. Some people are saying Mindark have taken control of Next Island, wheres the proof, cant quote reliable source unless it is post himself or a adminstrator from Mindark please dont sever NI's reputation and im very upset that EP has taken this stance in this manner.
  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Hi Agis,

    Unfortunately, I cannot reveal who our source is.

    What content was released for NI exactly?
  12. Im just upset that David is finding a buyer for Next Island , and you are all saying this is the end for Next Island. Thats why there is complete media Blackout atm. The content has been included for Next Island, according to the Content Submission papers , and no announcement that Next Island is in the hands of Mindark now.
  13. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Hi Agis,

    That's not what we said. We said that the Planet Partner contract states that new content has to be released every so often, and that considering the entire NI staff was let go, it's highly doubtful that NI will be able to meet those goals. This gives MindArk the option to step in and unilaterally take over control of Next Island.

    I would imagine that MA might cut Mr. Post some slack and allow him an extension to try and come up with the funding or a new partner, but I highly doubt that will be allowed forever.
  14. I have read the PP contract and yes it does state that , but there is procedure that must be followed between Post and Mindark, and saying that Next Island is finished is not the way, look at his past , I dont see he will fail to adhere to the terms of the agreement, Mindark may grant an extension ..yes it may happen ..and yes mindark under the planet partner agreement (unless your source is a Mindark administrator) can do a hostile takeover if they wanted too (therefore terminates the contract between MA and Post under that particular clause) but I dont see MA doing that.

    David post was meeting financial obligations to Mindark (SEE was not). So, he fired his development team. If a hostile takeover (what you are saying in this artical may occur or has occured already in secret) it would look bad on David Posts profile in buying and selling future companies. He bought this company cause it was his dream, his vision as a child.. unfortunately his vision has dwindled over the years and maybe , just maybe this source has confirmed Post is not interested in finding a new home and MA may takeover under the Planet Partner agreement.

    I just dont see him with his past and how much he put in when he announced his vision in 2007, ive been following since then and I dont see him giving up this easily. I apologise for my comments but its what i believe. Maybe losing Neverdie Studios made it diffucult for him to keep going. As they were involved from the early stages in 2008..just maybe your source is right..:)
  15. NotAdmin

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    I think that Mr. Post might not have fully understood the whole concept of exactly how video games, and particularly Entropia Universe, function.He also didn't buy NExt Island LLC, but founded it.

    As for giving up easily, nobody said anything about giving up easily. But the fact of the matter is that NI has been struggling to find investors for quite a long time now.

    I'm also quite sure MindArk will cut the man some slack, but exactly how long would you think they will allow a planet to remain stale and without any new content before they pull the plug?

    I truly hope that Next Island will somehow survive, as I really love the graphics, and I think that the last months, the growth they went through showed real potential. I just am not convinced there will be investors happy to fund a project that has been financially struggling for months, and without a team to back it up.
  16. Lets just see what happens, I hope Next Island will stay alive. I forgot to review what i said about financial obligations, yes Post founded NI.
  17. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    Just took a look at (another of David Post his companies) and it is shown as 'under construction' and back in 45 days. To me that is weird, I mean why would a company remove a website for that long just to build a new one, why not leave the old one up and build the new one in the background.

    Something is going on here, I'm sure of it.

    Info about the domain
    Owner Name: Katlean de Monchy
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  18. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    24 Aug David Post@davidpost
    Exciting nw prospcets BUT Next Island in MEDIA BLACKOUT I cannot discus plans or futrue

    21 Sep David Post@davidpost
    I have put Next Island into a transaction mode. That means that I hope to sell it as it is or partner

    22 Sep David Post@davidpost
    trying to sell or partner Next Island MMO. We took it as far as we could and now it is someone else's turn MMO is working

    23 Sep David Post@davidpost
    I may be selling the MMO but I ain't letting it go for nothing.

    24 Sep David Post@davidpost
    What can YOU do to help sell the Next Island virtual world MMO? Game play for everyone and the right group can make it GREAT.

    25 Sep David Post@davidpost
    Next Island will always be around in some form and the players will be fine.

    26 Sep David Post@davidpost
    I have done all I can do for Next Island. people should be thankful for the game play they got.

    26 Sep David Post@davidpost
    no not again. these tweats are not me. NOT ME. i love the players and such. nver siad bad stuff. email me at (guess he's not talking about the above posts, or he would have removed them I'm sure)

    And then he goes on about crowd funding, still not sure whats going on with David's twitter account, this last post suggest he got hacked again, maybe he needs to use a better password or get his computers checked for bad software.
  19. MindStar9

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    Katlean at Nextpert is actually David's wife.

    I did an article on her and his other marketing guy in the Sep 2010 EntropiaTimes magazine.
  20. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    I know she is his wife MS9, just think something is going on there. There are to many weird things happening :cautious:
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