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    It’s good to be an Arkadian newbie right now, or someone who has yet to experience the newbie quest line, because the Arkadia HoverPod has been aesthetically modified to showcase the well-recognized Alienware logo that is sure to also appear on the eight (8) Alienware X51 desktop computers up for grabs during the first annual Arkadia Gold Rush of 2012.

    It happened by chance that Syer and I ran into a friend of ours (Jane Daggerthuggert – Atlas Haven Radio DJ) and newly-acquired Disciple (Sain Cryptic Haali) at the Resolute Firebase. Sain was sportin’ his new Alienware Mod Pod (as I have coined it), and I had to get a photo – couldn’t let an opportunity pass us by to showcase this little beauty.

    Syer being the visual and graphics director of MSM (as well as our sound engineer), he suggested that we head over to the IFN Supply Depot and make good use of the green screen option at the Media Centre. We both agreed that it was a brilliant move on Arkadia’s part to develop something like this inside of EU. We will definitely be utilizing this feature, because it makes Syer’s work much easier. Once Syer launched his chopper, we all hopped in and headed for the Media Centre, and while Syer was getting the graphics, I took advantage of the moment and did a little interviewing.


    Jane and Sain met as a result of Sain looking for a Mentor, who used the in-game search system to find one. It just so happened that both of them are Danish, and after Jane accepted Sain as a Disciple, the communication began. It seems that Sain was fresh off the ship (so to speak), and joined Entropia Universe after hearing about it in another game that he played (City of Heroes). Jane has been playing EU for about 3-1/2 years, while Sain had just began his EU journey this very day.

    Here are the “Alien Mod Pod” stats:


    It was nice running into Jane again, and definitely a pleasure to meet a brand new Entropian. We wish you the best Sain, and much success with your Entropian experiences – you are in good hands.

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