Reveal a scam and offer proof

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by Jennson, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. Hello all,
    i'm still amazed how quiet about a scammer which was recently revealed the community is.
    Well after i got several PMs demanding proof i guess the info spread over whole was not so obvoius to find as it was for me. So i take consideration of human lazyness ( no offense i'm lazy human too lol ) and compiled a list with all threads and screenies with proof.

    For me personally it's a concern to stop this scammer, but i'm not a person who makes witchhunts. So just be careful who you trade with and allways demand colleteral if you lend someone an item. I hope this scammer won't scam another batch of 10k PED from someone.

    Still some info which i won't make public, since even a scumbag like him deserves protection of privacy. This info will be of more intrest for legal authorities when the person who was scammed decides to take legal action.
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  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Thanks for sharing Jennson, I have the link on my soc site now so that it wont get lost. I think times like this are a good wake up call for soc leaders to discuss issues like this with their socs and warn them of the potential dangers of trust even within a soc.

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  3. Agreed I am saving this as well. This is good information, and great detective work. That skype ID coupled with the screenshots posted by the user should say enough to anyone right there. The posts on hack forums are only icing on the cake.

    Thank you for sharing this information. Have you sent this along to MA? This avatar should be immediately removed from the EU service, IMO.
  4. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    if i'm not mistaken this person is a serial scammer. Scammed under other avtar names before they were banned so highly probable if he is banned again he'll pop up under a new avatar
  5. narfi

    narfi Lost

    oops double post, sorry
  6. Thats too bad. Well.... just means folks need to be aware.
  7. leeloo

    leeloo cOloRmAnIaC

    thank you for the compilation Jennson.
    I knew it when I found the thread called "give up on socmates.." or something

    Funny thing is I always disliked Chery Lady since she popped up in EF, never had any proof or incident but always the bad feeling about her/him. Must have been the style of posting/writing or something that made me suspicious

    only problem is when one avatar gets banned they come back with a new one :-/

    Only thing we can do/try is to help others not to fall for scams by publishing the methods.
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  8. I never like / trusted it either. Dunno why... had no reason other than a gut feeling. There's another involved in all of this that gives me the same feeling..... again.. dunno why.. but will just watch and see. Time will tell I guess.
  9. Glad I never meet her.But yes I see a lot of ppl ingame getting scammed. Swamp Camp is by far the biggest place to get scammed. The unsuspecting newbies doesnt know. the old "hey I upgrade your armor"scam is outdated and nobody falls for it anymore (or atleast i think) But scams like the reverse scam, trust scam and I may add a new one the "i-hope-makes-a -mistake-with-trade-scam "

    Wish MindArk makes something like a ingame vote when you trade stuff with ppl like on e-bay.
  10. Hi, Ive only just seen the 'Hardwrath' thread where he ousts a scammer,I was going to post but it seems it has been closed.

    I am quite confused why members of this forum gave him such a hard time,I dont know the bloke,so Im not sticking up for a friend here.

    Anyway, I thought he did a good job, even ringing the guy up?!! Awesome!

    The 'scammer' can plainly be heard saying "I cant remember who else I scammed" Hardwrath gave up alot of his time to gather alot of info in order to help the community by ousting this dirt bag, and it seems people seemed to concentrate more on Hardwraths actions..rather than the scammer..

    Why? Real question, Im confused and would like to know :headscratch:

    Ok, Im a fairly honest person, as much as most people, but well you wont like this, I can be a bit nasty as well, and would condone violence in certain circumstances.

    So, with this in mind, why not oust a guy thats stolen money, why not track him down, why not knock on his door.. why not give the biggest hardest kick in the bollocks?

    Why the hell not? Provocation is within the realms of the law also.
  11. I can agree that often times people will side with an accuser over the justice seeker when they are not the same person. Why? Because seeking justice is often boring to read due to its matter of fact nature. People on the internet by and large are here to be entertained not to engage in serious activities. This gives an accuser or a person with dramatic style of posting an edge over someone who simply wants the facts aired. People simply get what they want with one, and not the other.

    Does this make it OK? No. But it does make it whats happens more often than not.

    As for why people dont all organize and go over to meet out some justice to the perpetrator --- thats because legally doing so is classified as conspiracy to commit a crime! The severity of the punishment for this particular thing varies from country to country, but punishment is never pleasant, and often times far from inexpensive.

    The forum, those that run it, and so on and so forth up the legal liability chain would be held accountable for such actions. So it is not done.
  12. You obviously haven't had the pleasure to meet Hardwrath yet :) If you did, you would understand the reason why that happened:) But you could easily be right also :)
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