Request for images from Planet Arkadia in Entropia Universe

Discussion in 'Deathifier' started by Deathifier, Jul 6, 2020.

  1. Dear Entropia Universe community,

    It would help me if I had a few images of different types of content from the current version of Planet Arkadia in Entropia Universe.

    Since MindArk terminated my account I am not able to obtain this myself.

    I am therefore asking the community for assistance with at least the following:
    1. A current map of Planet Arkadia with all of the overlays turned off (i.e. just the base map), which can be verified as being from the current version (17.2.2a I believe).
    2. An image of the quest log from Planet Arkadia showing one of more of the following missions:
      Archaeological Society Missing Persons
      IFN Challenge - Beladoth
      IFN Challenge - Huon
      IFN Challenge - Kadra
      IFN Challenge - Kamaldon
      IFN Challenge - Kiana
      IFN Challenge - Korwil
      IFN Challenge - Madana
      IFN Challenge - Oro
      IFN Challenge - Otorugi
      IFN Challenge - Oweko
      IFN Challenge - Scoria
      IFN Challenge - Teladon
      IFN Challenge - Yuka

    For the IFN challenges only one is needed and the stages do not matter, so stage 1 would be fine.

    It would also be helpful if someone were willing to stream a walkabout on Planet Arkadia so I can view different content, such as the older estates in game, as it is hard to describe what I specifically would like to see and record.

    As the material will be used as part of ongoing legal proceedings do be aware that MindArk may not look favourably upon those who assist me and I will do my best to maintain your anonymity unless instructed otherwise.

    Kind Regards,
  2. homer popcorn.jpg

    So, I guess Mindark just terminated your account and did not pay you any "compensation" ?
    Looks like it is not just about Arkadia/8-Coins/Scoria-Texture...

    Creating a new random avatar to start on Arkadia (at a friends house) is considered a "criminal offense" already then ?

    ...anyway "nice" to SEE you havent given up ! =)

    This is truly getting out of control though and we wont need lots of popcorn it seems.
    Damn and I thought this case is closed.

    Good luck man, I hope you can sue the sh!t out of these amateurs, left at the company. :)

    Id love to "help", but I wont log into this fucked up and rigged casino anymore.

    I can already SEE Dobson/MindArk going to forbid to share maps and stuff... ;D

    You are not the only one who made "art" for Arkadia...unpaid...without any gratitude...
  3. The matters relating to my account termination and assets are separate to the matters that the request for images is for.

    It is not criminal however MindArk may argue that it is in breach of the End User Licence Agreement and, for example, argue the breach was intentional, and then attempt to use this to discredit me on other matters.
    It does not matter if the merits of such arguments are baseless, it would still distract from proceedings and probably cause delays.

    I doubt they can prevent it from being shared however they can certainly retaliate if they choose.

    I am not aware of the details of such claims.
    In general a realistic outcome of taking up such claims would be demanding the content be removed. Damages and such may be possible but probably unlikely unless the amount of content was substantial and there is a clear way to prove MindArk and others profited from it.

    - Deathifier
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  4. In short:
    Individuals who did work for Arkadia "for free", have absolutely no interest entering the public anymore and want to stay anonymous.
    Also because of this court story.

    They had high hopes to enter the videogame industry this way...but got heavily dissapointed, SEEing their work going ingame...uncredited.

    And of course, or sadly, people dont have any interest going to court.
    Also because Dylan and Dobson were such friendly...pals. ;)
  5. I am saddened to hear that they had an extremely poor experience however without details there is very little I can do.

    - Deathifier
  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Hi Deathifier

    Good to hear from you but sorry you are in a difficult situation. Alas I'm not on Ark for many years now and, with the small amount I play, am unlikely to be heading back there (it's been "on the list" to go back there since the I scarpered for the CLD sale all those years back - likely it has all changed though as regards the newbie mission chain I was on).

    That said though, I may have folks on my FL who still operate from there. If I see anyone I'll poke them in the direction of this request.

    Good luck
  7. Thanks, however I now have what I need for the time being so there's no need to specifically direct people here.
    If I need additional material I'll post the details.

    - Deathifier
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