Real Life: What did you do today? (one liners)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by narfi, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. narfi

    narfi Lost

    4yr old son isn't feeling well so he crawled into bed and was snuggled into my back all night leaving me about 0.5 inches of the side of the pillow and side of the bed for myself no matter how many times i pushed him back into the middle. My back is killing me now :(
    Gona make bacon and eggs and head to work.
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

  3. Oh wow, 3 cups would send me flying only to return at some point of which I would then be bouncing off the walls and ceiling for the next couple of hours lol.

    Today: Woke up at 7am (7:30 now), felt a bit groggy this morning even though I only had 3 light beers spaced out over the afternoon yesterday (Can't drink much or the heavy stuff due to heart), felt like a change so now I am having a cup of tea but it does not seem to have the starting kick effect coffee has on me :S
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  4. Seems I really do need that starting coffee, replied to the Star CItizen thread, then went off to look up something on Youtube, for some reason, thought one thing but typed another (My last thought which was ewok). Came out with this and almost pissed myself!

    Off to a flying start to the day I guess.
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  5. Took a while this morning (11am now), had a nice breakfast ... but it still did not cure the grogginess.
    Listened again to AvB live set again ... (Rapid recovery, he is truely an amazing DJ!)
    ... while reading more info on Star Citizen and a whole lot of info on Elder Scrolls Online.

    Watched the rest of AvB in fullscreen mode and up quite loud (Room Rumble) as reading got tiring.
    I am fairly into immersion of senses when playing games, watching movies and the rest of it, so you can imagine, I have quite a setup for PC, sound and visuals. Here are some pics of the old system from a few years back that I recently upgraded to give you an idea of how crazy I am on this stuff.
    p1020018hmmm.jpg p1020027.jpg

    Now thinking again more intensely about what sort of character I want to build in ESO ... still undecided.
    It may take a few attempts until im comfortable with something new.

    Forgive the one line, it really is, just defocus your vision a little and you will see ;)
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  6. (5:20pm now) Had an interesting afternoon, looked through some of my old favourite djs recent mixes, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyke, etc. Found some new mixes in Trance that I feel may be suitable for the sancturaries project in Planet Explorers and made a shortlist, more genres to do still though.

    Replied to some very interesting posts by MindStar here on EP about her MSMedia website that is up and coming. Of course I had some fun with these posts, I was in a cheeky MindSet at the time lol.

    Replied to some other interesting topics here on EP. Found a SeXza & stylish DJ and posted her in the music thread!

    Now I am in the midsts of making a lazy dinner, SpagBowl :) Nom nom nom, though I can only eat a small portion of it as it is not exactly on my diet planner.
  7. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Watched some episodes of White Collar
    Really enjoying the series
  8. 10:30pm now, fell off my rocker! Laughing my arse off at the MAD concept!
    Thanks Peter for a good laugh! Night, time to sleep *grins*
  9. Woke up (9am now) had breakfast and all that good stuff. Now for some ESO :)
    Fairly excited about the crafting system and its diversity in ESO!
  10. 10:30 Waking up; Watching Gangnam Style (HardStyle remixes) :rofl:


  11. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Bacon, egg, n cheese wraps with excessive amounts of Franks hotsauce.
    Walked my son to preschool. He is one popular kid, everyone has to stop and say 'hi' to him :P
    Then to work and the grind....
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  12. Just past 4pm: Downloaded ESO update for the US Megaserver and several other updates on steam which I left backed up for a few days. Posted a few videos on another favourite DJ in the music thread.

    Searched the jungle, tested my ROAR! on a BOSS and she passed the challenge! ...

    Been a slow day, popped out the back and fired up the BBQ, had a nice rump steak ... Oh freakin juicy the steak was .. Nom! (Yes I know bad for the heart, but F it, we only live once)
    Now having a small glass of red wine :wine:and ofc,
    Listening to no other than um ... :afro: (couldn't find the dreadlock emote)

    Finally I can now start playing ESO :tongue4:
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  13. 1:30am Friday: Read a whole lot of stuff in general, organised some stuff RL.
    Caught up on the ES Lore as a refresher from ShoddyCast!
    Now off to bed, 1:30am lol, these late nights are starting to become a little too routinel
    But damn, so much exciting stuff on the not too distant horizon ... G'nite
  14. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    I kissed my little girl on the head and she gave me a hug. My day is now epic. :hug:
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  15. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Love it ;)
    Wife was out for the evening, so the little guy and I played some board games, and now getting ready for bed. (gota have our before bed chocolate milk since moma is gone first though :P )
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  16. A fair bit done today, but not in terms of what I had planned.

    Not complaining though, helped a few, dealt with a few on various subjects, offered insight to an unsuspecting one which I didn't see coming, but should have.

    Never the less, I do not take BS from people, especially those with a darker purpose at hand. Period!

    Played very little ESO today, but that is ok, I am out of the starting area now and have collected some nice pics to share later on.

    Made contact with several (6 so far) game reviewers from around the world and expressing interest to get them involved with Entropia Planets Forum ... interesting time ahead, hopefully!

    Thinking of what to make for dinner ...

    And grats alien! (post above) That is lovely :)
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  17. 7pm, dinner, nothing exciting, wasn't in the best of moods at the time, but feeling a bit better now.
    Off to play some more ESO.
  18. 9pm, more web based research, not in the right gaming frame of mind to play ESO at the moment;
    Withdrawn ... may call it a night soon.
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  19. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Spring must be here, the runways are dusty and the bobble heads have dug out their hondas.
    This is a similar sight to what I saw while walking to work this morning. (I live next to the grade school, so all the kids comming to school while I walked to work)

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