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Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by Wistrel, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Wistrel

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    2 kinds.

    Kind 1. - Planet Based Smuggling

    Missions where you are given something and need to take it from A to B on a planet. The mission will have the ability to specify and determine how you transport it if needed. i.e. can say if vehicles or TP chips are allowed - simple excuse for this, "need to keep it covert, any emissions/EM signals will be detected". Travel by such methods would then either:

    a) be disabled for the duration of the mission
    b) not be disabled but result in mission fail/requirement to start over
    c) be disabled or result in fail if used within a particular map area that encompasses the mission locations.

    It might be possible for the mission to specify a highlighted region on the map through which you are required to travel, this is to avoid people going round the edge of mission areas. Once you enter the area, leaving it would end/fail the mission.

    The idea of this mission would typically be to take the avatar through an area where either there are environmental dangers (falling? any others?) or mobs or maybe even pvp. It would be up to the avatar to find the stealthiest route through or maybe enlist the help of others to get themselves through.

    Kind 2 - Interplanetary smuggling missions.

    Similar deal but here you need to acquire and transport resources from planet to planet. For example: "NPC gives you a letter (mission item) and tells you to show it to named NPC on another planet. The job is to smuggle 5ped's worth of Lyst for example. You need to aquire this yourself and of course it can be looted while you are in space. It may be possible for the mission to specify/lock down the transport methods e.g. no mother ships. When you get there you pass the letter and lyst to NPC for a reward of equivalent value related to cost of the mission. For example the mission reward could be based on an expected failure/lost loot rate of 2 and oil consumption of a semi direct route. Therefore if you do it first time without pirates getting you, and via a really direct route you benefit the most.

    A side effect of this mission would be to put more people in space and generally get it being used a little more.

    OK, thoughts? Plot holes? Exploits? Improvements.


    PS this post is an experiment to see if it is still worth posting these kind of posts here (or anywhere?))
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  2. wishlist threads on pcf probably get watched more than stuff in here...
    but back on topic..

    interesting ideas, but I think your 5 ped lyst idea for the interplanetary smuggling is too low of a ped value and lyst is too generic of a stackable... smuggling should be about moving stuff from one place to another that is not easily available in the second location. Lyst is way too common everywhere. Maybe move some Rocktropian Kegs to other planets to stock the illegal bars as an extension of the bar mission on Caly that integrates all of the planets. Do similar with stuff from other planets in moving them around.

    The ideas here remind me of the Progess episode of DS9... lots of possibilities for Mindark to do something like that multi-planet...
  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Yay! I inspired someone to think of a DS9 ep. Used to love that series (yes I know I'm in the minority). I don't recall the ep so watching now - nana visitor just had some pointy sticks poked at her :D

    Yeh I know I was being a bit uninspirational with 5peds of lyst. I think the amount and the resource would need some thinking on. I like the idea of the RT kegs or other alcoholic beverages. Such a mission would work out well for all. I can envisage field trips to RT for new players to pick up the kegs to sell to people who want to do the smuggler mission. Kinda like the idea that there would be a TT resource on the destination planets that would be limit stocked on the basis of the amount of contraband coming in via the missions.
  4. Tass

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    You got the basic element in there that imo makes a game: the challenge. That is implemented by limitations, like going somewhere only using a specific means of transport, finding a place without having a map, finding something small in the dark, getting through an enemy infested area without options to fight them, doing something under time pressure in general, or having only a small number of tries to complete a sub-challenge before going back to start, etc etc etc

    The options are manifold but unfortunately MA obviously wants us to only engage in challenges that decay equipment and consume resources in tiny doses, consequently requiring to repeat the same boring action ten-thousands of times to make you pay for the "game". Although, with a little bit of creativity there would be ways out of that situation.

    I guess inter-planetary missions are not really an option due to the PP concept. Would be nice to have more stuff in space belonging to planets, for example "Howling mine", space stations, abandoned ships, etc etc (but no space creatures :alien: please).
  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Hmmm but couldn't they talk partnership deals on such things with PP's? It must already happen for example the welding wire is made from items from several planets iirc?

    Sure for example if there were smuggler missions that went to/from every PP that wanted to be in on it then no one would object. The main difficulty as always would be balancing as as some planets are more likely to have pirates than others.... that said... if such missions were introduced, that could change fast!

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