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Entropia News: Quote|MindArk Formerly "Darkaruki Dorkaruki Kakiro" now works for MA

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by narfi, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Idiot

    The SADDEST part of all these things is sir = the same suckers (clapped on by ''I put my kids through College thanks to Mindark'') will keep on depositing (and gambling = EP4) same as always.

    IF this game was hosted ANYWHERE but ''liberal Sweden'' (NO OFFENCE MEANT TO SWEDISH PEOPLE) it would have been shut down a LONG TIME AGO.

    Still ''there are always suckers''

    There is an advert on THIS FORUM about a game site = LOOK AT IT it offers cheap good deals on PC games :)
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  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I do not know dark/quote, nor do I know his situation other than what I have read in the links provided.

    I would guess from the pcf thread that in his former life as a streamer he said things that were not PC and that has come back to haunt him. There are well known and popular streamers who have lost contracts and endorsements for the same thing, so it is not that uncommon in an industry where it is required to be entertaining, shocking, and edgy, that it is often difficult for people in that position not to cross the line from time to time.
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  3. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Wow. I feel for him. Moving half across the world, and then this. @Darkaruki - If you're still in Sweden, you're be welcome to drop by my place in Denmark for a few drinks (I have a guestroom you'd be welcome to use).

    I know/realize a few of you have very strong feelings against him for whatever reasons, but fucking hell. Imagine yourself in his shoes. Gloating over someone getting fired (or leaving what was deemed to be his dream job) after such a short period of time, especially if you do not know the circumstances, seems a wee bit over the top.
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  4. Just because we know and keep repeating, that things can go beyond fucked up, when getting too close to Mindark...doesnt mean you arent allowed to still try it...but we have discussed the consequences so often...if you still believe you can live your dream at a company like Mindark, then it is your own fault. Honestly.

    Either gather some (more) informations about a company...or dont...and suffer from the consequences...dream job my ass...
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  5. somebody post the "you can't handle the truth meme"
  6. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Idiot

    Time for Mr ''I Put my kids through College thanks to Mindark. Invest in us'' to shut the f... up :). PONZIIIIIIIIIIIII
  7. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Idiot

    What I say AGAIN as free good advice = read 'other topics' on THIS forum (about other games) and click (on THIS forum) the fanatical game sale website. STOP doing EP4 just buy a new good PC game (CIV6 GOLD its been on a sale a LOT). Hearts of Iron 4 (that game takes brains its NOT buy from tt and just gamble). If you WANT to gamble? why not gamble on sports (football (soccer?) save your money up. UK Football new Season starts September. Better odds betting on football games (is only 4 outcomes win/draw/lose/match abandoned). Stop wasting your money on Unlicenced Casinos :). Their fanboys HAVE to protect their investments because ''it puts their kids through College''.

    Pity about the victims of the ''winners'' eh :(

    Play a different game. Buy 1 via this forum (then your giving a bit back to forum in referall fee ehheeheh) :)
  8. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Idiot

    Edited - for the record. Sure the CP deeds are 10% ROI. That does NOT include the withdrawal fees. If you want to put your kids through college or buy a new car - you WOULD have to buy $100k USD a LEAST worth to make it worthwile. I strongly advise any1 to NOT do that and to put onto 'ignore' any1 who tries to encourage you to 'invest into EU so you can put your kids through College''.


    Enough said cheers
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  9. Darkaruki sent me this photo he took, after leaving Järntorget 8 that night...

    darkaruki last smartphone.
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  10. Great Initiative !
    Get him completly drunk so he writtes and signs his full confessions !
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  11. Liu


    It's another fucked up story.
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  12. darkaruki twitch gone.
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  13. Not needed to fuckin leak information. His career not lasted to long. This coward even deleted the twitch video we all want to see.
  14. San


    How do we know if it was him, of his own volition or forced, or the platform itself?
  15. roflcopter...

    I want to SEE you, after signing a Mindark NDA, just to get fired...you would crawl under a rock as well...never coming back.
  16. mystory1.


    mystory USA.


    My story, where I'm going
    Hi, I'd like to tell my story a bit.

    My earliest memories around age 4 are of playing early PC games, Super Nintendo games and Pokemon Blue on the Windows 95 computer in the Winnipeg home's I lived in until I was 7.

    My father was a computer science professor who knew the early internet well and thought he could be clever and save money by downloading ZSNES and pretty much every Super Nintendo game ever made instead of just buying me and my brothers an N64.

    As a result, me and my brothers ended up playing almost the entire Super Nintendo library and eventually he still had to buy us a PS1 and lots of games to keep us busy, later a GameCube, and later a Wii and 360.

    During this time I also played a large variety of games on the computer as well, I was massively invested in Runescape as well as Ragnarok Online, and tried out almost every single MMO I could. Entropia Universe was one which took a week to download and mystified me.

    Starcraft Brood War and Warcraft 3 were also huge favourites of mine and I spent thousands of hours playing a huge variety of custom maps growing up.

    I spent a lot of time on a large variety of internet culture, gaming, and art communities and spent a massive amount of time for a year or two participating every day in a flash-based synchronized YouTube chat which exposed me to even more culture.

    Towards the end of this time I also spent a large amount of time playing CS:S, TF2, and MW2. I played these games just for fun, spending a large amount of time on Jailbreak, funmaps, and some micspam servers like 4chpv and weeabootique, I was even only originally interested in TF2 because I heard on /v/ about Xenon making TF2 maps.

    Things changed a lot for me around age 12 when I bought Starcraft 2. I had just recently finally gotten my own computer and didn't need to share with my two brothers anymore, and although I expected to just play the singleplayer, have fun, and then play customs until I got bored, I did something different.

    It turns out the customs sucked, but I really wanted to keep playing, so I decided to try ranked ladder. It was my first time playing any ranked ladder or taking any game seriously. I ended up playing thousands of matches, perfecting builds, waking up at 1am to watch Korean professional play, and reaching GM (top 200) around age 13.

    My playstyles were unconventional and largely self taught, I was way too young to make anything out of it but there was a passion there that I wanted to follow, to compete in strategy games professionally.

    It wasn't long after reaching the peak of my play that I noticed something very important: Starcraft 2 was not growing and League of Legends was exploding. I decided it was time to switch and that League of Legends would be the game where I made my mark.

    I sucked at first and spent the entire first season just playing normals for fun with my brothers and friends while continuing to play Starcraft a bit. Eventually, in Season 2 I began to play ranked and started my path towards achieving proficiency in LoL.

    I mained Nocturne but played many other characters as well and steadily climbed but struggled around 1900-2000 until I picked up Skarner who was broken, began to climb higher, up to around 2100-2200, and then just spent a bunch of time boosting because the pro dream seemed so impossible.

    I quickly became disenchanted with boosting and LoL to a degree by connection and decided I never wanted to do that again and after a break I started a fresh account with the name Super Metroid, to prove my skill and find a way to reach professional play.

    My massive time investments in video games and the internet also began to more severely affect my performance in school, where, despite being praised by many teachers as brilliant and considered odd by most classmates, though still having some nerd friends, I only got average grades.

    The cause was that I almost never did homework, was constantly half asleep in class, was very frequently late to school and even regularly missed school entirely. I was tested several times for psychological/development issues but I was by all accounts either gifted, above average, or normal. My mind was just somewhere else.

    Around the end of season 3 and age 16 or so my attendance got so bad that my teachers got bored of chasing me around and helped me transition into alternative schooling through online work which I never took seriously and as a result finished high school in pretty lackluster fashion.

    It didn't matter much to me because I wanted to focusing on chasing my passion and spent a large amount of time reading all sorts of scientific papers and non-fiction literature just for fun anyways, a habit I picked up in middle school since I had nothing to do in French class because I knew way more than the teacher.

    From season 4 onward I went all out, but continued to be crippled by my timeless desire to do things the way I wanted to and my inclination towards repetition. I barely reached Challenger at a point but my champion pool was limited and unconventional.

    In season 5 I expanded it, began to play a lot of meta, reached a very high rank and was invited to play with a team. I lived with them briefly in LA. My team was very strong and we performed very well but some of my habits showed and they had planned to replace me with an import player regardless, which was demoralizing.

    I was still able to reach the top of the ladder after that playing seemingly whatever I felt like however I felt like, but things felt a lot worse when my ping went from 15 to 70 and I became pretty discouraged with playing professionally.

    After this, I initially went and got top 300 in both ranked and normals playing ranged carries in HotS (Raynor, Valla, Sylvanas) over about two weeks and then decided it wasn't worth my time, I then relocated to Ontario for a short while to try to alleviate my ping situation but this was my first time living independently which proved very challenging, and I ran into a lot of issues as well.

    I was invited to another team, but I then was just rejected at the US border, insulted, and accused of trying to steal jobs, and just generally treated like shit. I was pretty sick of everything and at age 19 decided I would try seriously at streaming in season 6.

    With streaming, the progress was slow at first but it was steady and the work was hard but it was honest. It felt really promising for a while as my viewer averages increased, but I lost track of my life pretty hard when I got greedy thinking I could fit a relationship into my life.

    My streaming at that time was composed of grueling 10-14 hour sessions basically every single day and it felt like my body was falling apart slowly as well from lack of exercise and improper diet.

    Things became much worse around this time because my parents also got a divorce which meant that I needed to do a lot more to properly take care of myself as well, mainly cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping, which my dad completely refused to do.

    I broke down a bit around this time and started to distract myself by spending more time focusing on the difficult relationship I had entered, which involved nonstop discord calls and left me feeling tremendously guilty if I was ever unavailable in any way, but what I really did do during this time was something completely different.

    During my massive amount of time spent streaming I played through a large amount of great singleplayer games, many of which I had played previously but wanted to re-experience and share with viewers. I also spent a large amount of time grinding in MMOs.

    The main two MMOs I grinded in were Runescape and Entropia, remember the game from the beginning? It's a very strange and often confusing game but I was so captured by it as a kid and so pissed that I couldn't figure it out after a week straight of downloading it, I wanted revenge.

    I spent a huge amount of time documenting large quantities of information on this game in my spare time before/after streaming and the occupation of being in a relationship was the perfect distraction for me to justify fully focusing on that, so long as I remained available while doing it.

    At the time of writing, I've contributed 30,778 edits to the game's wiki which I eventually came to administrate and make a large number of complex backend changes and improvements which involved identifying and solving many problems which I had extensively taken note of during my time working on it.

    At the same time, I worked on several other community projects including many game mechanic tests and an exhaustively detailed spawn map which many players use, these projects tested and developed many of my organizational, mathematical, and design skills.

    I also, as you can imagine, participated actively in the game's community and was even made a moderator for the game's official forums and administrator for the game's discord. In a relatively short span of time, I became someone that a pretty significant amount of active players knew and respected, despite none of them knowing anything about me outside of the context of that game.

    As mentioned, I was less active with streaming and League during this time, but I was just active enough to maintain decent ranks most of the time and keep people from forgetting me completely. This was season 7 and season 8 for me.

    During this period of time my unstable internet relationship seemed to be coming to an end. I was affected pretty deeply by this, but something did remain of the work I had created in the last two years.

    I was invited to Sweden with a large amount of the trip paid for to meet the people behind that game and playtest some upcoming changes to the game which were in development, an opportunity I took of course, in this game the developers were notorious for being quite mysterious and aloof.

    I had an awesome experience there and while casually discussing lots of different things, like my background in LoL which they didn't even have the slightest clue about, I mentioned I might be interested in working with them in the future if I fully decided I didn't want to participate in that sphere anymore.

    They were interested and told me if I ever felt that inclination that I could get in touch with them and that there was a possibility there which they would be happy to discuss.

    There was an issue though, because around the exact same time, Riot and Twitch were making a great case for me to continue focusing there with the League Partner Program and the amazing time I had meeting all sorts of people I had known for years at Twitchcon which I went to almost immediately after coming home from Sweden.

    I felt more inspired than I had in a long time, but also very burdened by the responsibilities I had picked up in the other game during my time largely away from League and, at this point, was starting to become pretty disinterested in LoL and streaming despite everything.

    I didn't feel the same level of competitive drive anymore and I never greatly enjoyed the nonstop, shallow, and mentally taxing attention I received from being a streamer. The LPP and my pride as a player were pretty much the only things keeping me there, but I wasn't happy, moreover, it wasn't healthy, nor was I having enough success to justify it.

    I decided a little over two months ago to get back in touch with the people from the company in Sweden, seeing it as a healthier way to channel the passion I had for games and an interesting new direction for my life.

    I should mention I had it brought up to me several times over the last few years that if I was interested in it, there were opportunities for me at Riot Games in their Live QA team. I was at first more interested in proplay, then more interested in streaming, then not that interested in LoL anymore. I'm also not really a fan of US politics, policy, or culture and I'd much rather work elsewhere.

    I'm grateful that due to my French parents I was effectively a European citizen, because the hiring process would have been very complex for me as a Canadian. The passport acquisition took an additional six weeks following some exchanged e-mails and an interview that went great.

    I wasn't sure if I would continue to play league at this time, as things began to fall into place I decided I should begin to make an attempt to train my mind to think in ways more in alignment with the work I'll be doing, and to grow my knowledge base on the subject of game design. They also implemented Vi changes I didn't like the direction of, so even though that had little to do with while I left league, it was an excuse to stop there.

    As of a few days ago, I've signed my work contract and NDA and I'll soon be relocating to Gothenburg and will begin working in early April. My job will be as a QA Analyst and Assistant Designer. I have high hopes that I'll be able to create a lot of value and have great experiences with my time there.

    Thanks for reading, I appreciate all of the support I've received over the course of my time streaming and playing League and I'm grateful for all of the unforgettable experiences and incredible people I met during that time.
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  17. Damn Akbar, you beat me to it, I was just browsing "juni". :p

    So he was "sexually assaulting" young girls since years on twitch.
    Twitch reacted.Riot Games reacted. Mindark reacted.

    Case Closed.
    (everything downloaded and saved for further discussions)
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
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  18. for some privacy reasons i had to delete this post.
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