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  1. The same could be said about the Hyde Park debacle that they put on, was it actually popular anywhere? Seems a bit strange considering Star Trek has a huge number of fans.

    I must admit to never having gone to the exhibition myself, took my view from reviews from people who had, and information from friends in the industry who worked on it.
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  3. I am not willing to pay 100 peds for a pig in a poke. No charge for this link.
  4. Do I get a cookie?!?

    And you expected something different?!?
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    Silence is golden, but my eyes still SEE
  6. I want to see verifiable facts, not speculation based on assumption!
  7. @Lykke -- Yes this is the country I am referring to. Good researching/remembering.

    @Airboy -- If in fact Romainia has since changed their policy on depositing/out of country xfers, then I am unaware, and the info I had was outdated. Not real surprising, as I live approximately 10000 miles from there or more, and my knowledge of the Romainian alphabet is limited to google translate.

    @aridash -- yes I do, its a corporate Dunn and Bradstreet reference account. For those of you don't know what that is, it is kind of like financial gauge of corporations. "The fortune 500" which more people know of, is determined by the top 500 companies in average profit margins in this list. Searching the global index for SEE Virtual Worlds or SEE Digital Studios for negative hits brings up nothing. I don't know if there is like a public version available with reduced features, but considering what my company pays per year for access to this, probably not. If there is, I doubt if it has the same capability.

    @AlphaGeek -- If they didn't have money and/or assets it would show up as such. If it has developed as of recently, I don't know how long ago that convention was, but the new quarter updates should be up sometime in the first week of august. Not every corporate entity is updated, but the info on them may change.

    @everyone overall...

    I came here offering my resources of knowledge, and personal life dealings in very similiar corporate settings, freely to share what I have learned and the knowledge I have with the community because I was consistently told it was a great place and a far cry better than PCF. So far I believe I have received about the same type of responses in here as I would expect to receive on PCF, just less of them in total. I am not that impressed, although the admins and some others have been cordial, and I do thank them.

    In this specific thread, (for those that haven't figured it out) I have mixed some facts in with my own personal knowledge of corporate settings, as well as observation and opinion. They don't pay me what they pay me at my RL job because I speculate incorrectly, or often draw incorrect conclusions. This is what is called an assessment. They are done to prepare for virtually every possible scenario, and to fill in holes with guestimations to knowledge that most of us probably will never have the exact answer for, except for what they decide to put in a press release, which are often true... (remembering star wars) from a certain point of view, while at times they can be a twist to save PR.

    My post was meant to spark further discussion with some new insight from someone who lives in that sort of world higher up on the food chain, not to insult, not to irritate, and not to result in some of the comments that have been made. Yes, I will admit that my response to the askance for links may have been a tad bit harsh, but it also came very quickly after I made my first long post. I do not endorse laziness, nor care for anyone that skims through life in general, or would in any other fashion benefit from someone else's diligence, without at least attempting to do their own first. That's like asking for a gun and some ammo in twin peaks. Some people give in and give it, but I think that is total laziness of the avatar asking for it. I know that avatar won't be around long.

    Anyway, as a result of everything that has been posted because of my insights, I will not contribute further to this thread. I would ask that the admins delete everything from my first long one up to this last one, as I do not wish to taint the discussion further, as my insight has generally only provided the resulting discordant responses. Either way, whether it is left up or deleted, I will not be posting in this thread about this subject any longer. My initial target goal was missed, and I can live with that. However I will not sully the thread any further so the conversation stays where most people would like it to, in a manner that they are accustomed and expecting to deal with.

    Thank you all for your comments.
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    ... A damn shame for those of us who does appriciate your posts and different views on things :(
  9. Aren't SEE Digital Studios and SEE Virtual Worlds just minor subsidiaries of SEE Global Entertainment Group? that seems the suggestion from their website.
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    i apologise for my capricious sense of humour, all i can say is i mean it all in jest. I removed post on the other thread as it was after examining again quite out of order.

    My apologies no sarcasm involved

    As for your input here i think any information is helpful in helping to figure out what happened with the SEE/SDS/MA deal.

    My greetings to cashman and starfleet

  11. That would certainly seem to be the case.
  12. So.......they are not talking?
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    Some fuel for conspiracy theories:

    Eric Thelander, Senior Animator for SEE Digital Studios, uploaded a showreel to vimeo (on June 28, 2011) indicating that he was working for SDS on both Planet Calypso and Next Island. He's stating the same on his linked-in profile.


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    Nothing has reached us yet. I was promised that when they can talk, we;ll be contacted directly, so that;s what we;re currently waiting for :)
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    Showreel doesn't work for me. Do you have a web link to it?
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    Nothing special besides the fact I reported:
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    We just received a mail from SEE, which informed us of a press release that will be issued at 6 AM Eastern Standard Time. The mail contains the actual press release, but we cannot post it until said time.
  18. It is now 8:56 EST. Cough it up already!
  19. Lykke TheNun

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    It IS up ... also the article :D .. look at the front page
  20. I really should look at the headlines before responding to alerts here. LOL

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