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? QUESTION: how do you time travel?

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Sidxx, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. hey has anybody figured out how to time travel yet?
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  3. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    I doubt there will be any time traveling
  4. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    I don't know where it was exactly (on what forum, because Peter told me this morning), but didnt' someone say he/she found a time travelling portal somewhere ?
  5. It was found but not used yet. The owners facebook page been busy lately though XD
  6. I'm still very skeptical about the whole "time travel"process, for two reasons.

    I found the "portal" that was shown in another thread and, although it was glowing and sparkly, was unusable and set off from the road. The person who photographed the portal was agis, who, in a previous post identified himself as a liaison avatar for next island and was rebutted (see top post in general discussion. It's locked there.) by the administrators. so I don't really know if that's the portal or just some kind of decoration, since next island made it a point to announce he was in no way affiliated with them.

    Also, the only place I have heard news of time traveling is in the clips produced by neverdie... Which makes me wonder how integrated into the island time traveling will actually be. Since neverdie claims to only have done work on his "theme park" (which takes up almost 20%of the entire planet... Awefully big theme park) will time travel only occur on his land? Either that, or his influence is much larger than next island has let on...which worries me.
  7. http://www.nextislandlife.com/geography/264-time-travel-portal-ancient-greece.html


    you guys have very poor forum habits, and you spreading around subjective information is not helping things much.

    its been already stated that this is a pre bug testing release and is not the real next island release.

    the neverdie land area is the main focus because they are running things right now and doing the bug testing.

    when next island opens up the neverdie land area will be just a theme park to attend when your not playing on the next island continents or in the other time eras.

    you guys and your rumor mill over at FPC forums are blowing this way too out of proportion.

    not to mention the few select people over there with a neverdie complex.

    im not a uber, i havent been playing for 10 years, but the thing i do know is that i know how to read and work forums properly and get information from them.

    its getting pretty sick lately with all the rumors people are starting with people that havent even been to the planet yet and all the crap they talk, please do your self a favor and stop with the negativity, its not helping much, and specially not helping your self.

    i am in no shape or form speaking for neverdie, or his company, i am just a lonley player of this game and i think you people that are acting like this are doing this game a injustice.

    but hey im just another concerned player with a investment not afraid to speak out about the shameless commenting that is going on around the entropia forums.

  8. The inability to use the portals is most likely the same reason why the PvP rings do not activate when entered. The two day earlier release is a trial essentially. Missions are not currently active due to bugs (ND told me directly) but are coming asap. Id say this is why other NI items are inactive atm and a pending update will active these aspects of NI.

    ...and what CodeMonkey said...
  9. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    The 'game media' unvieling is today in L.A., 5pm pacific time I believe. I'm hopeful that more of the main content may be activated for that occasion. We do have already as part of our initial download some content for ancient Greece, so let's cross our fingers we can maybe travel there later tonight if we have the right crystals. Also hoping the starter missions monkeys might get 'turned on' lol.
  10. The whole point of NextI is timetravel, so it would be shocking if it is not in game, lol. But you have a point. There is no freaking info.

    The posts so far have been far from illuminating. I do not understand why there is not a plain english post from MA post stating exactly what is going on. Maybe some of you vets are used to being left in the dark, but us new players expect better from a company. How is it possible not to find out if today is really the launch? If I paid 80ped to get my wife and I there to beta test for the next month, I'll need to know how to get a refund for our 80 ped and how to teleported for free back to Calysto (any ideas? is there a way to call a GM in game? I have not found instructions how to do so yet)

    I have been a part of soft launches for over a decade now, and as a rule they are early released for existing players fully functional, unless specifically for a beta run. More often than not, to test real load on the servers before the media comes to see. In a game that uses real money, far more than any other game, you would think if the world is incomplete and it will cost u your cash to get there, they would make a announcement or 2 with a huge banner on all EU related websites warning u in ADVANCE.
  11. Well I had hoped that the time travel would have been integral in the island as well, but I can only keep my fingers crossed.

    CodeMonkey found another interesting device that my be used for time travel (who knows? there really is little info. at this point.) but its just strikingly odd that the other proposed portal, on Neverdie's land, is near Time Traveller's Bar. :P

    And I think you missed my point, CodeMonkey. Yes, I am fully aware that this is only a beta phase. Yes, I know the remainder of the island is unpopulated and unfinished. Yes, I know that this section is supposedly the only "Neverdie" Section. (and yes, i have been to the island. all of it.)

    But as I stated before ( although I am getting off topic on this forum, so did CodeMonkey so call this a reply. Then I'll get back on topic) that island is almost twenty percent of the planet. thats like saying the entire east coast of north america is one big theme land. :P thats massive, no matter how you cut it. And, although I may eventually come to enjoy the rest of the planet, i'm holding true to my last statement. Either the rest of the planet is so wonderful and fantastic that it betlittles the neverdie area, or that "theme park" will be the prominent area and will thus dominate the minds of the players, just like it is now. If that happens, beta or not, its safe to assume from the backlash on the forums that theres a lot of business to be lost.

    Now. That being said. Those aren't necessarily my personal opinions. theyre just observations. Now to get back on topic.

    If the teleporter is on Neverdie's land i worry it wont be integral to the entire island since when others mentioned neverdie working ont he rest of the planet in other forums, they got attacked.

    If it isnt, then, well, i'll shut up since the point is mute. :p

    I mean, come on. Am i Crazy? because I think I'm just being rational.
  12. Yep, guess we'll just have to wait and see. Keep your fingers crossed that time travel isn't a let down :)
  13. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Interesting tidbits from the article done by the Wall Street Journal here

    "The most interesting feature is the ability to time travel. After finding the right crystals, players can voyage back to ancient Greece and prance around in laurel leaves or run errands for Apollo, though somebody has already complained that the gods don’t pay well."

    Last night ND was ingame and when a newcomer asked about time travel he simply said something like 'it's a mystery you have to discover'. Without knowing if it is active yet are not on the live servers vs the one the article writer got to look at, I'm going to gather some more crystals and experiment lol.

    "Unfortunately, players can’t take an HK submachine gun back to Athens and change the outcome of the Peloponnesian War. But they can purchase or loot items from the past and show them off at Club Eruption, a present day tiki hangout. They’ll even be able to bend reality by making calls via a virtual to real world telephone transfer."

    Interesting as well, era area specific items and weapons, hang onto those noob clubs for now I guess :D
  14. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Well again last night, ND gave the same sort of answer ingame when someone asked about time travel. Here is me assuming it isn't available yet but hoping the update tomorrow might bring it (can't believe it's live and no one has found it or told us about it).

    Being the silly woman I am I had a go at dropping some crystals on a portal (and doing a dervish dance and mystical chants etc lol) but no go. I thought the portal looked very pretty however lit up and glowing as the evening moved in, and at one point the 'sparkles' that you see on the teleporters seemed to be joined by a glowing mist as well, and the glow seemed to be 'throbbing', making me think for a minute I'd actually achieved something doh. One crystal however was not allowing me to drop it on 'this planet', so very curious which planet I can drop it on ;)

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  15. maybe that's your return ticket?
  16. So Far I have found two of those portals both I believe had the same image.
  17. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    lol what the bugged crystal, maybe, actually the thought occurred at the time that it could only be used in one of the 'eras', so maybe that is exactly what it is (now if only my goldfish memory told me which of the zillion crystals it was)

    yeah, the one near Shermans and the one at Time Travelers Club, identical (cept I've not checked Sherman's at night to see if it lights up like that), and then the futuristic pyramid. Not yet heard of any others. Really looking forward to tomorrow's update, I want to go "prance around in laurel leaves or run errands for Apollo" :clap:
  18. yeah i did everything under the sun with the crystals i have, i even took the descriptions and tried to map them to world locations and such, the best that i came up with was water ways and waterfalls, wich i found a bunch of caves in the process, but nothing in the caves, so maybe if time travel was supposed to be here too, that was a sync issue with the mobs that didnt get a chance to sync from the test server to the live server, but yet this is speculation by me.

    wont know till after the update.
  19. I wonder if there's a device for time-travel that hasn't dropped yet (like a chip), or a "travel-agent" Papoo @ the portals - something into which we load the crystals. MF (if they're sticking to that theme) has always required a chip whenever raw materials need to be used, right?

    Re dropping crystals on the portal: can they be picked up by other players? If so, that sounds like an unlikely interface..

    Good stuff tho - following this with interest :)

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