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Question about Next Island ...

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by MindStar9, Dec 8, 2010.

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  1. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Agis ... with all due respect to whatever your relationship is with ND or David Post or this whole operation ... this is David Post's planet ... please tell me why Neverdie needs to exploit himself yet again with CND-2 on a planet that isn't even his, and do it before the planet is properly launched? It makes absolutely no sense to me, and the marketing and PR of this was very poorly done.
  2. Even though i'm certainly not Agis, i really can't understand why you're pursuing this with such passion Mindstar9.
    Neverdie likes to see his name in neon lights. We all know it, and it was obvious from the moment he named the rock by his nickname, way before the other planets. And, guess what, he'll continue to do it in every opportunity he has. Now that he sold the Rock, he bought another server to move his CND there, probably making it closer to what he wanted to do with the Rock but couldn't.

    Keep in mind, that Neverdie's island is a theme park. It's not related to the rest of David Post's planet, think of it as Disneyland in Europe, while there is another Disneyland in the US. It got the first publicity, but i really doubt that's the only reason for someone to visit or avoid Next Island - exactly like Disneyland.

  3. Sadly, yes, it was to be expected. I think what MS9 and lots of others wonder is whether Mr. Post was actually fully aware of this as well.
  4. David Post certainly doesn't seem like someone that would let a 'tiny detail' like this slip through. let's not forget that like MS9 reminded us all in one of the PCF threads, this was not the official launch of the planet, but the beginning of the beta testing phase. The official launch is still some way to come, and David wants full media coverage to get into a different playerbase.
  5. wow, i mean seriously wow....

    place hasnt even been out a week and already the people are yelling and screaming.

    well i found tons of places where its stated that the neverdie influence is only on his little land area.

    and to help explain why neverdie COULD have his name all over the place is the same as all the future based
    colonist movies with the corporations all going out to try and colonize the planets.

    in these movies all the weapons and products are BASED on what the name and meaning of these corporations are.

    got weapons? sure they are omegaton, genesis star, neverdie, and soon to be michael jackson weapons and items.

    are you going to be showing the same bias tward michael jackson items and such?

    also how come you never had a problem with omegaton and genesis star being plastered all over the place, because
    they are essentially the same thing neverdie is when it comes to story and colonization in this framework of planets.

    so if you have a problem with the way things are done here, then maybe this game isnt for you...

    duno, but i see the stuff that neverdie has done as part of the theme of the game type. also i have successfully walked all over
    the west continent and not seen a single thing that was to do with neverdie, or his company.

    so all of you who prematurally talked bad against neverdie for playing the game, then shame on you....

    hate the game, not the player.

    when you have 2 mil to shell out for a planet lets see you not plaster your name all over the place.

    but anyway, im trying to not be negative with this post, i believe things are the way they are for the sake of neverdie being just
    another corporation that is colonizing planets, and so what if there are neverdie stuff on other planets. you dont have to
    like it, go back to calypso and keep up with the same old boring crap.

    neverdie has vision, we are seeing that vision, and next island will blow calypso out of the water.

    peace out.
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  6. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    CodeMonkey ... you're missing the point. Next Island is David Post's planet, not Neverdie's, and on ROCKtropia, there's absolutely no issue whatsoever for ND to name whatever he wants after himself, but ...

    To do an early release without it being an actual full-on Next Island release, but rather a Neverdie island release, which is on a different server, yet still on David's planet, is just over the top. This is about David Post's vision, not Neverdie's, and this planet is supposed to be all about David Post's vision that began when he was about 9 or 11 years old with the story of Elysium, and growing into Next Island, not about a sub-island on an attached server filled with Hollywood-like content ... do you not get that?

    It just made it feel like yet another extension of ND's attempt at promoting himself, and nothing about Next Island. Why would a sub-island now taking on the name Club NEVERDIE on the Next Island planet with globals and hofs showing up in chat with that name, be released before the actual, and official planet itself that was created by David Post, and not Neverdie?

    To me, the right to present a newly created planet belongs with the creator first, and not some extension of another planet partner with his own planet who just can't get enough of himself.
  7. For flip sake, are you going to be posting this is every forum!? One is bad enough...

    What makes me laugh the most is that its a direct clone of your thread on PCF... What do you expect to gain by posting it on every forum? Attention?

    Congratulations, you found Neverdies Island! Neverdie owns an island on the planet, but he does not own the planet... how obvious does that have to be?!

    also... why has this come as such a surprise?! Even I knew 2 years ago that Neverdie was getting his own Island here!

    Now you may have noticed there is another much larger island to the west, that is Next Island, no Neverdie to be found there. Either go there, or go back to Calypso if it upsets you that much!

    Its a real shame that 'players' who spend more time on the forums than in game have to slate Next Island this badly, so early in to its existence. Idiots who actively choose to pick out the bad points, and turn a blind eye to the good. People who CHOOSE to take exception to anything and everything. PCF is bad enough, but now on here as well?!

    ND has named stuff after himself? So what?! That doesn't affect your game play does it? NO! Unless you choose to let it. It doesn't reduce loot, or mining claims, or reduce the beauty of the scenery. It doesn't make you gain less skill, or get a bigger decay bill, does it? Its only a problem when you choose to make it a problem! How about stop whining on the forums, and just play the game!
  8. That's not entirely true.

    Take the TP to Crystal Resort Beach Lodges, and enter the bar there. Then look at the sign right next to the door.

    "Visit Island Girl Spa at Club NEVERDIE".
  9. from what i understand, neverdie bascially made a deal to help the guy get the planet going and possibly help with the upkeep of the planet.

    now i do not work for neverdie, or speak for neverdie company, but from what i been reading on the forums and such i believe that they are
    helping the guy get this planet going, and the neverdie theme park island was there to help get things tested out before the main release was
    to come out.

    in game development there is multi leveled game testing, and this premature release of next island was to do MAJOR bug testing and bug fixing
    it just so happend that they did not want to do a major release on the next island specific content till they fully tested what they had out, and on
    neverdies part as a business man, he chose to have a land area there since he was helping get the place going.

    i dont see a problem with the neverdie land area, and what neverdie is doing, because he is helping the guy get things going.

    and from what i can see, next island just by it self, the landscape, and the eye candy, even with out the nextisland mobs that this
    place is already a great place to be.

    this place will only get better with the addition of the next island specific content.

    and i really dont like having forum accounts for this specific reason because of posts from people such as your self mindstar9.

    ive seen that your a writer or a dj of some kind, not sure what your calling your self these days, BUT, with all journalism, one
    must be objective, and not get as subjective as you are getting with this particular subject.

    so please mindstar9 end this foolish subjective game your playing in your mind, and let things be.
  10. Well I'll say this; i've been putting NI through its paces the past two days and I have to say the Neverdie took it too far with his name, regardless of how you look at it. Even though only the east island is his, when comparing this to the rest of the map, thats almost 20% of the planet... which is, in my personal opinion, an absurdly large tract of land, not only for a theme park, but for what is essentially a large advertising banner for Neverdie.

    Yes, people are yelling about it, and yes it can get anoying. But these are the people who will be playing the game, and using this planet. These are the people who, if the problem is serious enough, can choose to not play the planet, and that is something that Mr. Post should take seriously, regardless of how annoying the players get on a forum.

    That being said, I was taken aback by the amount of Neverdie advertising on the planet as well. I went to the planet, expecting to see a world unfamiliar compared to the other planets; a world that was to be measured on a different scale from calypso and rocktropia, but now its frustrating to see that it is not.

    It is in my opinion that one of two things will happen here; either when the remainder of the planet is released, the cities will be so grandiose that they will make Neverdie's area feel like what is "supposed" to be, a theme park, or it will remain the most well developed area on the planet, be one of few places of interest, and thus cause the complaints to continue.

    I'm worried that the result will be the latter.

    p.s: Agis has been chastised on other forums, as he announced himself as a liason for Next Island when he is not. So... yeah :) Just figured i'd throw that in there. (Not trying to bash anyone. Just solidifying my point)
  11. What I find strange is that neither Neverdie, nor David Post has made any kind of comment in any of the threads. You would think with all this controversy one of them would come and set the record straight.
  12. True, I would have thought so too (a part of me was hoping that would be the case)

    But I think the heart of the matter is relatviely clear. Those who are upset, are upset because of Neverdie's over-advertising... those people who aren't are just arguing because the people who are upset "are taking it too far" in the forums. Which, given, is probably a valid point :p but still doesnt change the fact that you don't really hear the "no way! i love Neverdie's advertising! it fits right in with the scenery!" argument.

    Hopefully they will read this and take it into consideration :) after all, Spielberg didn't get famous by naming all of his movies after himself :p
  13. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Some get it, and some don't ... it's that simple.
  14. Thank you for simplifying that. :palm: i can get wordy. lol
  15. Jenny ferr

    Jenny ferr Guest

    This is the exactly only reason I will never visit NI again, sure the west part looked nice, except you see ND is involved in putting TPs on stupid places just like on RT

    People complain when she post on PCF, telling her to post on NI forums and now you complain about it here :confused:

    The NEVERDIE crap is the only reason I will never visit this place again, and if I would have read the names before going there I would have saved 80peds +the ammo I used.

    He can plaster ROCKtropia with his name all he wants but he should keep his CAPS LOCK away from other peoples places!!

    And where are the official comments on this huge failure?
  16. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I have to agree Jenny ... I can't believe that there hasn't been some type of official statement regarding this mess.
  17. http://www.nextislandlife.com/next-...en-until-10th-january-nd-theme-park-open.html

    you guys are killing me with these redundant posts, if you would just read around the forum you would have gotten your answers, but i am under the assumption that you are out to do more harm then good here when the information is so out in the open.

    it was stated that they will come out on the 10th and try and answer as much questions as they can, so why the hell are you still posting asking redundant crap.

    please go learn how to find information on the forums before you speak.

    for crying out loud this is getting old.
  18. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    I am going to close this topic. It has turned into a bashing arena and has gotten a tad off topic from just wanting answers to the original questions posted.

    When and if David Post and Neverdie are ready to make a statement and or post info. Need not worry it will be blasted on all our NI outlets. For the time being please just enjoy what is currently open on Next Island. And if you are not visiting Next Island please enjoy which ever planet you are on.
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