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Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by cantbe, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. I am sure i am not alone in thinking it would be nice of MA to turn off the PVP from time to time so everybody gets a chance to explore the new areas and kill new Mobs.
    Does this ever happen ?
  2. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    When you died, if you didn't press YES to go to the revive terminal, you used to be able to move around as a ghost, and could explore safe from any attacks. That is about the closest thing to your exploring idea, and was removed from PE some time ago. :-(

    Inside the new pvp4 are at least 3 safe zones:
    Grave of Generations 9300, 3450
    Mulhaag Tilfen 9490, 2680
    Tressute 7880, 1920

    If you use a TP chip you can jump into these safe zones, and have a chance to view/hunt the new mobs there. The mobs still attack you but at least you are safe from other players.
    Or, if you place in storage any ores, enmatters, skins, wools, fruit, dung etc to protect them from looting, then you can run around inside pvp4 and at least know that if/when you are pK'd, you won't lose any items. You need a toxic shot from the TT to enter the pvp3 and pvp4 zones, but this only needs replacing if you are killed by another player in those zones. If a mob kills you, you don't lose the toxic shot and can re-enter the zone again.
    One tip if you think the green dot approaching on radar is going to pK you - run into the mobs and let them kill you first. That way your loot and toxic shot remain safe.
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  3. Thanks for the excellent ideas and the coords of safe zones, i have been in PVP 4 but was killed and looted after kiling my first mob , lol.
    With your advice i will try again , soon as i get the Safe Zones on my map i will be able to TP to them, so with a bit of luck i will be hunting in PVP 4.
    Thanks Again Burgerman
  4. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Cheers and good luck in pvp. The safe zone for the attacker bots is close to the new TP, and they are quite easy to shoot down. The mobs at the other safe zones can be quite nasty and mean. :Beaten:
  5. Tried again twice , just got too the safe zone but the 30 second rule got me and i was killed, so i did not get the entry on the map.
    Think i will leave for a while now and hopefully the novelty will wear off for the pkers.
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