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Discussion in 'Professions and Skills' started by khaos, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. Well, i didn't say shoti is innocent, actually i said pretty much the opposite... ;)

    And, a lot of the "top players" who withdraw on a regular basis do shit like that... (not all tho) - if shoti played unfair, let's hope instant karma's gonna get him!


    Nuff said!
  2. I completely disagree.

    Regardless of the reasons a person has, (personal dispute to LA owner, LA owned by soc mate, allergy to taxes, etc.) they must be able to go, or avoid, any location they wish.

    MA has no say over who hunts/mines where.

    Some will avoid the LA associated with this issue. Others will not. That is life.
  3. I said that, too...

    However, i think organized "blocking" of someone elses business IS something MA/FPC should not allow.
  4. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Reminds me of when certain people blocked other people's hangars because these other people refused to join their "union" of pilots. It made a very very nice guy leave the game in disgust, so in a way, I do hope that MA will ensure that will never happen again.

    Refusing, out of principal matters to shop at a certain location is one thing. Physically hindering, blocking, or preventing others from doing so is harassment, and should be acted on by the authorities, just as it is done in the real world.

    You're free not to shop somewhere in the real world, and even to organize a facebook or whatever form of collective propagating exactly that. However, if you start blocking or threatening people from entering other people's business, the police will come and remove you.
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