Project Ion, a glimpse in the past

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  1. There it is, a 2nd episode in a series of multiple planned video´s by PigBenis covering the new ins and outs from Project Ion.
    Enjoy this new episode and make sure to put a thumb up.

    As said in the topic before, he is covering a lot of new games lately, in different genres.
    Might supply him later in this series with some give-aways so subscribe on his channel if you have not done yet. :ninja:
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  2. Cool stuff....I'll have to log back in...been awhile since I played. :) cya soon!
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  3. Actually, had you been paying attention you'd know it was open for testing only, and everyone knew it would be wiped. These guys were good enough to open their alpha, give gear and Pid for free for testing purposes and you're crying you lost you stuff...really?
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  4. dalewj

    dalewj StoryTeller/Nerd/Gamer

    some people just shouldn't test games. Its sad when they don't know that.
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  5. Hope that the game will work better now with the fixed networking issue.
    Wiki still needs a huge amount of adds and no storyline yet... just saying... :bigsmile:
  6. Put on your boots and take a walk on the wild side with another video in the sequence of episodes covering Project Ion game-play by PigBenis.

    His video's proof to be a great add as it brings a lot of new and old faces to the project.

    We invite those who are interested to join us in a team hunt later this week after the weekend, most likely around Wednesday.
    As said in the video, we will do our best to supply everyone with a weapon.

    For more details you should keep track of this topic or just download the game and start build up some PID already.
    Will when i meet people looking for some PID show them the rig and the underground were free uranium can be found that can be converted back to PID.
  7. No one except those who donated did get their donation rewarded again in just PID and pretty sure they still tinkering/brewing up a nice give-away system, similar like we know from PE/EU at Christmas times and such, it just has no priority yet over other development that is going on.

    Speaking about that, the first screens from cars were shared by the internal testing team and it becomes safely to assume a update is near.

    Besides that we were also spoiled again with another video from PigBenis, this time covering the crafting @ Project Ion.
    He will follow up with some other videos, one will be a give-away, he mentions it in the end of the video.




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  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I actually created an account for Pion recently... I even have an Avatar/Thing
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  9. The new vehicles actually made it into game Sunday morning...very cool, can't wait to try one of those bad boys out.

    On another note, I have to say I'm having a lot of fun in Project Ion, and since the devs or someone from the team is almost always on, it's easy to get answers or support. I'm amazed how far this game has come in such a short time!
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  10. Nice to read this, welcome Wistrel!
    PigBenis will hold a Give-Away from 500 PID one of these days, think it will be in the upcoming video might be a nice add up. :naughty:

    Agree on that and vehicles are looted so far on Drone Warriors, Drone Commanders and on Mech Elite that I know from.
    Hope with the upcoming mining event today and tomorrow they will also be rewarded as prize for it were the prizes also in last Sundays hunting event.
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  11. Posted almost two days ago now, the GiveAway video by PigBenis.
    Upcoming Tuesday the winners will be rewarded.

    Extra prizes have been added and will be added for those who will be on-line that day and participated in the Give-Away, so make sure you a subscriber to his channel and left your in-game name in the comments section on Youtube.

  12. I saw that someone has been playing this on Twitch a lot, looks interesting. Tesla, do you by any chance know Bank from afterworld?
  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I'd completely forgotten I'd signed up lol. Glad I have this forum to remind me of such things!
  14. Fire it up :D

    After a break from 3 year i came back to take a look again, don't mention the Fps... i on a Probook4530s :D

    Today another update so sharing the message again :)

    2019-06-12 (26).png

    2019-06-12 (49).png
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  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    and again....!
  16. And Wistrel? Again? :D
    Guess it's time for another interview Razer. So much has changed since the last one in the ever growing world of Project Ion.
    For more information about the current state of development, to download the client or to find the secret key towards the official PION discord then people can visit

    This is a small fragment showing a Behemoth.

    While with this development rate most video's are getting outdated fast, this last video still reflect some of the nice development changes Pion has undergone lately.

    Prior to every new update the developers open the test-server for all people who have a registered account. They will be able to log in and find them self with a wide array of tools, weapons e.c.t. There is no better way to get a good taste from it without having to spend money and time.

    So in case you not registered but have a slight interest then feel free to create a account, it's free of charge!
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  17. Sorry for not returning for testing by now, but Im fully cashing out now here. Very annoying process.
  18. No rush m8, you be with us anyway in heart and mind! :)
    Hope Jelle is aware of the content-of-oblivion for it holds much of the forgotten promises that will find a home elsewhere. ^^

    Stay strong and visiting the Discord from time to time would be awesome already.
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  19. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    oh yeh Pion :D Amazed it continues development. Nice mechs.
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