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    On October 11th, Eri Kindari from EBN News sent out an alert that they had received many reports of large, spiny beasts appearing on Calypso. According to wildlife expert Lys Magsun, the sightings can only be attributed to disease or radiation-induced disfigurement in known fauna, because the vague descriptions did not fit anything already known.

    Unfortunately, any attempt at contacting the Calypso Defense Force for a statement was futile, because their spokesperson refused to give any comments. In the meantime, it was learned that the Imperial Zoological Scouts would make an official announcement about this situation the following day.

    Apparently, the situation was dire enough that the Imperial Zoological Scouts made good on their official announcement. The next day on October 12th, they solicited assistance from Calypso’s population to help rid the wilderness of these beasts.

    It seems that these beasts are extinct ancestors of the Longuxenosoid, and were revived in a laboratory using illegal cloning technology. However, when the laboratory was shut down, a large number of these known Primordial Longus had escaped their confinement. As these creatures have no known natural enemies, it was considered a national environmental disaster.

    It became of utmost importance that the Imperial Zoological Scouts learn more about this addition to the contemporary fauna, and therefore offered rewards to Calypso colonist for handing over Primordial Longu Claws and Spikes. Also, in an effort to reduce the escaped creatures, the Imperial Zoological Scouts sponsored an Iron Challenge which was hosted by the Calypso Firearms Association.

    Calypso colonists came through, and the Imperial Zoological Scouts are incredibly pleased with the collected samples of the mysterious Primordial Longu. The following list of colonists were fortunate enough during this event to loot a Primordial Longu Claw, and are being rewarded with one part of Unlimited (UL) Lion armor and must contact the support department for the exchange:

    • Titof Greenwood Aries
    • TheRock Animalcommander RockY
    • Bigfot Tomten Painkiller
    • Snake Slither Hellfire
    • funkyfishy bangfap lootswirlie
    • Kamonpach BKK Empress
    • Durakk Durakk Jung
    • Mo Mo Irons
    • Joe Mr-Joey Force
    • Praug Praugster Redbear
    It appears that those who recovered Primordial Longu Spikes are being rewarded with an EWE LC-200 Scout (L), pre-tiered to Tier V weapon. The good news is, these individuals will receive this reward for each Spike recovered, and the exchange will be handled automatically without having to take the time to contact the support department.

    Congratulations to those who succeeded. If there’s one thing that could be said about the inhabitants of our universe, it’s that they can be counted on to come together in time of need.

    I wonder what else might escape a laboratory on Calypso, they have some mad scientists on that planet.

    Credit for banner photo goes to “Cee”

    Banner created by Syer
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