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prices in game

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Shearer, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. as some of you will know i aint played in quite some time, its only been the last few days that ive started to get into the game, there are loads of changes and i feel like a noob all over again

    one thing thats supprised me is the price of certain things in the game,,,, a101 amp tt +100 when i last played they were no where near this . same for vigi helmet +500 glad i bought mine when i did, plus loads of other stuff i aint gonna list

    ive got loads of stuff in storage and in my apartment and most of it i cant even remember what its for :rolleyes: basic strategic summit or other???? ha ha

    any way thats about it for now, sort of looking for foot gaurds for ghost and vigi but aint in a hurry, if anyone got some lying about gimme shout and we can sort summit out

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  2. "EU is dynamic" ;)

    Vigilante foot guards used to drop a lot from Gradivores. When they just had implemented foot guards I looted 5-6 pairs in about 10 days from Gradivore Young-Old. Haven't tried the Gradis for a long time now, and the drop rate might have been lowered, but you could give it a try at least :)
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  3. They also dropped a lot from Kerberos. I looked quite a few pairs back when they had a really nice markup.

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