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Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Louise Ranavolana Brooks, Jan 19, 2022.

  1. It seems sad that there has been nothing posted about NI Missions, or in fact anything relating to NI for a long while.
    I found newer posts in Planet Calypso Forum, other planets section - but nothing that was of assistance to me at present.
    I am hoping if anybody can assist me here with information that would help me finish a particular mission; The Magical Flowers Bonus Challenge - to obtain a BP to produce these flowers. What I need to finish is Azurite- I have asked on official NI Discord, was advised that Yellow & Grey Papoo young drop it - a common loot - also that mutant Boar Young do as well.
    I checked out Wiki, which advises the same.
    However info is not right, Azurite is dropped very rarely now from them.
    Can anybody assist with up to date info re Azurite drops please
  2. Which wiki did you use? Anyway, Brown Papoo, Papoo King, Male Screecher, Pirate Skeleton, Mountain Boar & Island Shark may also loot azurite.
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  3. entropiawiki: Main Page This one. Papoo King, Pirate Skeleton Mountain Boar, Island Shark. Haven't done enough tests on these yet.
    As for the rest MAY is certainly right - if it drops at all is uncommon
  4. Well I found this page on same wiki after searching 'next island creatures drop azurite'. Sry if it wasn't much help...
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  5. Yes, I found as well :) the shade of red indicates level of uncertainty re the information resulting from VU's
    So from that, for example, Mountain Boar Young often dropping Azurite cannot be relied upon at this stage.
    Grey Papoo young however, dropping Azurite as a common occurrence should be reliable.
    Sadly I have not found this to be the case. Things change over time I guess and one cannot expect to be spoon fed information.
    I was just hoping to finish a particular mission so I could continue with my overall plans
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  6. Yeah snap! ;) Anyway, so a darker shade of red means less certain it will drop azurite? And there was me thinking it was just to make it look nice. Hope you loot the azurite you need.
  7. Yeah it tells you what mobs to go after, how to get the BP and how to make the flowers, but I suppose the real trick is having the right wpns, skills, etc, to take on the mobs.
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