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  1. We’re not sure what’s happened with yesterday’s content, but we are finding many problems in live. After extensive testing on the new missions, our best guess is that we seem to encountered some issues in the publishing process. We’re working with Mindark right now to diagnose what could have happened, and then to solve it.
    Most importantly, if you are in Greece, and unable to work the teleporter to return to Tropical Next Island, please post your full avatar name on this forum thread to request a transfer back.
    Next Island put a lot of work and effort into yesterday’s content, and right now, we’re working to have everything resolved and working as designed. Personally, I’ve been really particularly looking forward to releasing Dark Lysterium and the Island Shirts, and I hope to be able to share these new items with you very soon!

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  2. I have dark lyst 2 new shirt bp and 4 new component bp love them all XD
  3. Do these new components have any uses in other bps yet that we know of, or are these to come later? I know the lesser Elysia has a use, but the others?
  4. cent

    cent Discoverer of the Island Shirt ;)

    Well, you might wanna check the water in AG for toxic waste... since the VU I have killed a 13 headed Cyclops, a 2 headed Minotaur, and one Mino with 70 horns! lol Crazy drops now for parts.
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